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Ok, I am going to try this one more time, the sotry kinda bombed, so I am going to rewrite in, in the ame style, and motly ame way time place and such, only different.

The memory was really quite vague to her, trying to look back, it was a little dim. The night when it happened, he promised her that he would beat Voldemort, they would get married. Live happily ever after… Happily ever after doesn't exist. He was gone faster then he had come.
Then there was the battle, though she really didn't remember much of that either. The whole thing felt as if she had been going in slow motion. She would have died that day if Malfoy hadn't jumped in front of her, what fueled him to do that she didn't know. Though he was cursed with a permanent limp, no magic could heal.
She remembered Harry casting the final blow, he had done it to save her. She had not seen any attacks come at her. She remembered him hugging Ron and Hermione, as they danced. Then, she vaguely remembered him coming to her. How badly she had wanted to run into his arms, but embarrassment ruled over her. There was no way she could face him after what they had done. So she ran, and she never came back…

She awoke with a jolt, hitting her head on the shelf above her. "Damnit!" That dream kept coming back to her, it was really more of a memory. There was no doubt in her mind that she still loved him. Though she couldn't go back now, what would they say? She could imagine it now:

"Ginny Weasely, how could you go off and do such a thing!" She could hear her mother's voice in her ear. "I never want you to associate with this family again!"

And her father…

"I'm disappointed in you, I thought you knew better then that. I have no daughter…"

That wasn't all that was stopping her, in fact he highly doubted her parents would shun her, but they you ask questions. Who when why what where? Questions she wasn't ready to answer yet. Then the last thing holding her back was Harry. Not only would they be angry at her, they really would shun him.

"And I'm still in love with him…"

She slowly walked over to the stack of letters on her table, all from her mother and father, pleading to know where she was. She decided to write them one letter, just one.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I know it has been a month or two, but don't worry I am fine. I decided after the battle, that I didn't want to face the magic world again. I am living in a muggle town now, it is very peaceful out here. Please don't send anyone after me, I truly am fine. I do believe all that blood has me scarred for life. I love all of you.

Your baby, Ginny

She really did hate lying to them, but it was for the better. It really was. Being the girl she was, she had to leave at least one hint. She wondered if her parents would catch it, as she tied the note on to her owl. She highly doubted it, her parents weren't that smart. On the other hand of cores, the hint wasn't for them.

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