Christofer's Story - Part four.

I sat on the couch silently, my head spinning. My parents.. How was it that I had no idea who they even where, but these random teenagers knew their whole history?

I listened to Fiona's story. Six kids. Jake, Cassie, Aximili, Rachel, Tobias. The Animorphs. Five human kids... one Andalite. An alien that looks like a blue human/deer. The Yeerks. Parasites that take over people's brains. Those kids were the resistance. They tried to hold on to earth. They failed. Only Rachel, Tobias and Cassie escaped.

Rachel and Tobias were my parents. Their ship was blown up, but they had enough energy for me to escape.

That voice. It was the Ellimist. He was some omnipotent being against the Yeerks. He couldn't do anything to stop the Yeerks, but he often aided the kids... the Animorphs.. in their fight. With a cost, of course. He was the one who brought me here. He kept me alive in space, shifted time so that I could be here right now, assembled a new resistance.

But what would the cost be?

I was introduced to the others sitting on the couch. The excited twin was Ashley. Her sister was Aimee. The boys were Greg, tall with brown hair, and Mark, short and blond.

The story was over and Ashley stood up. "The sixth member is here... guys, it has to work now!"

Fiona stood up. "All right, guys. Let's try." They all started moving to the back of the room.

This was insane. Impossible. Time travel? Humans turning into animals? Body snatchers? I was out of here.

But as I tried to turn to leave, my feet wouldn't move. What was going on now?

"Come on Christofer. We need you over here." It was Aimee. She started leading me to the back. As I got closer, I saw that they were all waiting by the wall. On the wall there were six small holes. Fingerprints, almost.

What was that above the fingerprints? Animals. I looked closer.

Tiger. Fiona was standing in front of that one.
Gorilla. Ashley was in front of it.
Hawk. Mark was in front of that one.
Elephant. Greg.
Wolf. That was Aimee's spot. I could tell by the way she stepped right in front of it. She smiled at me and pulled me into what I supposed was my spot.

I looked at the wall. Above the little fingerprint was a grizzly bear.

Fiona looked down the line. "All right guys, now." They all pushed their fingers against the fingerprint on the wall. Aimee looked at me. "Just touch the wall."

I definitely was not sure what was going on. I also was not sure I wanted to touch that wall. What was this? bYour destiny/b, a voice inside told me.

I touched the wall.

Immediately a burst of white light illuminated us. iThe light again/i, I thought.

We were standing in what looked like a white room. A very white room. As in so white that you couldn't tell wall from floor from ceiling. A table sat in the middle, with a small sky blue cube resting on top.

I looked around. The others were here, too. Fiona walked up to the table. The rest followed: Ashley looking excited, Aimee looking exasperated at her sister, Greg looking sullen... why? And Mark. I couldn't read his expression. I followed them to the table.

[FINALLY, YOU HAVE ALL MADE IT.] The Ellimist! I knew that voice by now.

"We have, Ellimist. It is time." Fiona answered the voice, while the others remained silent.

[CHRISTOFER. IT IS TIME I GAVE YOU BACK WHAT IS YOURS.] The light grew brighter for a moment and suddenly... I remembered. Memories tumbled into my mind, all jumbled up. In a second, they were all sorted out. I remembered my childhood. The pod. Erek, my surrogate parent. I remembered the stories he told me of my parents and their battles. I remembered the films he showed me with his hologram. I remembered their war. My parents. Not their real selves, but the images Erek would show me. How he would change his hologram to resemble my mother when I was upset. Kind of like I was right now.

I looked up, meeting the gazes of the others. People I had only met an hour ago, and look where we were now.

"Wow." I said, softly.

The blue box levitated off the table slightly. Fiona gave everyone a significant look and they placed their hands on each side of the box.


I knew what the Ellimist meant. I placed my hand on the top of the box, feeling the tingle.

I was giving them the power that was in my blood. My parents' blood. I was an Animorph.

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