Author's note: This is my Spirited Away fic, it might be a short one, or not, I don't know. Currently my obsession is this movie, and I bought it two days ago, and I have probably watched it at least thirteen times :). This will take place two years after Chihiro and her parents were freed form Yubaba and the bathhouse. Some of then names might be different, because in the Japanese version, Lin's name is Rin. But I am going by the English version, because I in fact live in Canada, and do not speak Japanese...unfortunately! Enjoy!

Chapter One

She fiddled around with the sparkling purple hair band in her hands, going over every detail of her voyage into the spirit realm. It saddened her to remember, but she knew it would be far worse to forget. She was soon alerted to the end of her class as the school bell rang. She tied her hair back quickly with the band, grabbed her books, and walked quickly to her next class. English. This week they were writing fantasy stories, but for Chihiro, it was a non-fiction piece, but her teacher didn't need to know.

She walked through the crowded hall, trying to push her way through. She felt a prickling sensation in the back of her head, a sensation she had not felt for a long time. But as soon as she tried to identify it, it went away. She shook her head out of those thoughts, and kept walking. She finally reached the class, and took her seat. Once the rest of the class arrived, the teacher handed the stories back, and told them to start their work. It was not long after, that Chihiro's pencil broke, and she stood up to go use the class sharpener. Once she turned around, she stopped breathing. Sitting in her chair, was a black cloaked figure wearing a white mask. Its name was No-Face. As soon as she saw it, her chest constricted, and she could no longer breathe.

"No-Face?" she whispered under her breath. He nodded his head. She looked around the room, but it was clearly obvious that no one else saw what she was seeing. She looked back, and he was, if he had a face, smiling. Seconds later, she blacked out.

The first people to notice yelled for their teacher, and some ran over to Chihiro's side. After a few moments, the whole class was crowded around, not listening to the teacher's commands to get back. Chihiro's eyes squinted open. The faces around her were blurry, but soon came into focus, but the one that stood out, was a girl wearing bright pinkish orange shirt and pants, and had a blue apron around her waist. She had her long, dark brown hair tied back at the bottom with a red string. It was Lin. But once again, her classmates seemed oblivious to the strange person in their mist. Lin smiled, but it soon faded. She leaned over and stopped once her mouth was at Chihiro's ear. "Sen. It's coming! Run," there was a pause, "NOW!" Then she was gone. It took a few seconds to take in what just happened, but by the time she did, she was being lifter off the ground, and people were feeling her forehead.

Chihiro pushed them away but there were too many of them, and no one would let her get away. "MOVE!" She yelled, and a few people shrunk away. She took their moment of surprise as an advantage, and parted the crowed around her. She quickly took off down the now empty halls. She made it just out side the front doors until she realized how dark it was. She looked up to the sky and saw what appeared to be a flock of birds coming straight at the school. From personal experience, she knew she needed to hide. She figured that being in the school now, was her best chance. But as she ran back to the door, it closed, and locked all by itself. She screamed in frustration, as she pulled and kicked it.

The "birds" were getting closer, and she could actually hear them. But of course they did not sound like birds at all; they actually sounded a lot like paper caught in the wind. They were about two hundred yards away, and she was now positive that these were replicas of the white birds she had seen so long ago, chase her Haku. She knew they were made of paper, and she knew a few tricks to dealing with them, but she wasn't sure if it would work seeing as how they were magical.

She ran around the corner of the building, and, not wanting to turn her back against the beasts, felt along the wall. The birds were now coming at an alarming speed, and were almost upon her. When she finally felt what she was looking for, she prayed to God that it would work. She pulled the handle, and squeezed the clutch. A burst of water shot out of the end of the hose she was holding, and it hit the "birds" just as they were descending onto her.

As she hit them with the water, she could feel them recede a little, but the ones she did hit, were still rushing at her, and the soggy paper splattered all over her face. In a matter of minutes, she was blinded. She knew she couldn't hold this up much longer because no matter how much water she used, they kept coming. But these weren't as easy going as Zeniba's birds, they actually had some ferocity to them. It didn't take long for them to clog the hose, the soggy ones flew straight into it and with Chihiro still blinded, and she dropped the hose and ran for her life.

As she ran, she took the time to wipe her eyes, and she stumbled a few times. The paper birds were flying around her, scratching, cutting, and pushing her around. She could tell this was only a tease, and she would feel real pain very soon. She grew tired from running around the yard, so she finally fell to her knees, and curled her head up against the ground, covering the back of her neck with her hand. The birds kept on pelting her.

She could barely endure any more pain, and she was getting weaker by the second, until she could hear a strange noise. She could have sworn she felt a ripple in the air, and when she heard an almost deafening roar, the birds ceased to attack, and she could not help but look up. The birds were now following something else far up into the sky, then when they started to descend, she could see the form of a large, silver and blue, reptilian thing. She recognized it immediately.

"HAKU!" She yelled getting up and running closer to the direction it was in. When she saw it was getting closer, and was still being followed by the black paper birds, she realized that she was still in danger, and took off in the other direction. She ran around the other side of the school, and found a suitable hiding spot. A dumpster. She jumped up onto the box beside it, and hoped in.

She closed the lid, and thanked the God up above, that this was the recycling dumpster, and it was only filled with cardboard. She stayed in the dark silence of her hiding spot, and waited for any sign to get out. She lost sense of time, and what could have been ten minutes, or fifty, she heard the voice she most longed for to call her name. She jumped out of it with surprising speed for someone who was as badly injured as her, and ran over to the boy in the white shirt, and blue pants.

"CHIHIRO!" He yelled at her in joy, and ran towards her, in a human like speed.

"OH HAKU!" She yelled, as they finally reached each other, and embraced each other in a tight hug. As soon as the two finally embraced, Chihiro's body felt his healing power work. In seconds she was fully healed, and feeling better than she had in her life. "I've missed you so much!"

"I have missed you beyond belief Chihiro! But now we have other things to deal with, we don't have much time, and you need to listen closely. Here's what I need you to do...


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