These are a collection of mainly one-shots I edited out of the final version of No One Else. They contain glimpses into Caliko's stay with Top Hat and Tribe Circus. Warning: Some of these are very violent and some what graphic, but I think it gives you, the reader, a better insight to what exactly Caliko faced as Trinkett, Top Hat's 'favorite play-thing'. I am playing with the idea of possibley compiling and adding-to these edits and making them into a Prequel if you will, of Caliko's stay with the Gaian's. But only time will tell.

I know somewhere in my notebooks I have more of Caliko as Trinkett. As I find them and transfer them to type I will add them.

I hope you enjoy and may they bring to you a better understanding of Caliko in No One Else.

Again I must warn you that these edits tend to be very violent and graphic.