Author's Note: Hey everyone, due to boredom, I came up with this story that's a little bit funny and crazy at the same time. This story is nearly oc free and it takes place before the dark worm. I hope you like it.

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Erik Krinkle

He was the laughing stock at his school for having an insane, totally obsesses Uncle, who went to the nuthouse after he dressed up like Chiro and tried to destroy the moneky team because he couldn't be part of the team.

Everyone, even the nerds, made fun of him even though he had nothing to do with the monkey team or his Uncle going to the nuthouse. But he had to have the same last name, the dreaded Krinkle.

His name is Erik Krinkle and he hated the monkey team, he hated them so much especially the little green one. Why the green monkey, well, it all started two weeks ago on a warm sunny day.

There was a festival to celebrate the first day of spring with food, games and contests and he entered himself in one of them. The New Invention Contest was to see who can come up with the weirdest, craziest invention and he thought he was going to win. He had these colorful stones that can change a person's mood by the mere touch. And to make them look more creative he made tiny robotic bugs with the stones use as their bodies that will attach themselves to anyone they see and let the stone take care of the rest.

These colorful stones were past down from generation to generation. They were small, oval shape with a smooth outer coat and each stone represents a mood.

The blue stone: a lovely blue shiny color with the mood of sadness. Those who touch it will be overwhelmed with melancholiness and believed hope is lost. It will turn the toughest guy to a whiny sissy.

The Green stone: a dark-green stone that matches the envy emotion it has. Once the stone feels the slightest bit of jealously in a person, it builds up to the point the person will go to great lengths to get rid of the jealously deep inside. This stone should be handled with great care.

The Purple stone: the stone of laugher, the slightest thing will amuse someone that will cause them to laugh and laugh and laugh and can be proved deadly if they hold on to the stone for so long. Deadly as in laughing til you stop breathing.

The Yellow stone: a pretty color that shines in the sun but those who hold this stone will have every phobia in the known history. Everything will bring fear into their eyes and there no place for them to run.

The Red stone: This color would think it would represent love or to be loved, but no, it's the color of boiling anger. Like the Envy stone, when it feels the slight bit of anger, it will build up into something worse.

The Pink stone: the beautiful stone for love, once it's activated the person will feel a deep, deep love to the first person they see.

The Light Blue stone: a lighter shade of blue that the opposite of the blue stone since this is the stone of joy. This stone will bring happiness to the one that's holding it.

The White with orange swirls stone: Like the color of sugar, the person will be very hyper and will have a craving for sweets as if they weren't hyper enough.

The Black stone: it's best not to have a grudge if you're planing on holding this stone. The Black stone of revenge is no laughing matter.

The last two stones were the Gold and Sliver stones. The gold stone of truth, the one who holds this will be compelled to tell the truth no matter how bad it is. It's best to have the sliver stole since this one will only tell lies.

The people were amazed and fascinated by the little colorful robotic bugs as they flew around the crowd. "I call them the Emotion Bugs" Erik said "once they land on somebody, his or hers moods will change"

"That's impossible" one guy in the crowd said.

Erik smirked "you look angry, maybe you should hold the purple bug" he said.

Being activated by his voice the purple bug flies over the guy in the crowd and landed on his shoulder. Someone else in the crowd sneeze and as if the guy was struck by a small shock he started laughing. The people around him back away a little as the guy fell to the floor, clutching onto his stomach, turning bright red from the laugher. Once the guy started turning blue from the lack of air, Erik order the bug to fly back. The purple bug flew off the guy's shoulder and landed on the table where the others were. As the guy grasped for air the rest of the crowed started clapping and telling him what a wonderful invention he made.

(That's it, I am no longer a freak) Erik said, smiling from happiness and he didn't even need the light blue bug.

Then suddenly the clapping stop then all at once, the crowd turned away from him and his colorful bugs and started cheering and clapping. He pushed himself through the crowd and noticed it was the Monkey team they were cheering and clapping at. His ears were covered with the cheering and people screaming "it's the monkey" and "oh we love you" crap.

He grew very bitter as the team of colorful monkeys and the boy wave at them as if they were embarrassed while the green one was holding something he made for the contest. Of course it's bad enough the team were heros for saving the city every single day, they had to be what girls would call "adorable," why else would the crowd abandon him and surround the green monkey and the others. The green monkey that was named Otto stared at the crowd with big blank black eyes as they all started asking the boy questions about what his monkey made.

To make a long story short, Erik got second place in the weirdest invention and was defeated by a robot monkey and his little gadget that can pre-chew people's food. (Wow, didn't see that one coming) he thought as he stood there with an ugly, gray ribbon that the number two on it.

He stared bitterly at the green monkey as he was holding the large blue first place ribbon while his "siblings" clapped and he even got a little hug from the yellow one. He turned away and gritted his teeth (now, people are going to make fun of me for losing to a monkey) he thought as he carefully scoops his robotic bugs into a box and walked out of the tent to find an exit out of this crappy place.

Already he can hear his school mates whispering and pointing at him and laughing when he walked past them. The news spread fast when it comes to the monkey team Erik thought as he tried to hide himself by covering up his face with his hood.

When he got home, he went straight to his room and tried to relax a little bit. He turned on the T.V. to calm his nerves but even the T.V. wasn't nice to him, every channel had stories about the Monkey Team saving the day. Every channel and he had more than two hundred channels on his T.V. Finally after three hours and going through ever channel, he turned off the T.V. "Why do I even bother" he said, tossing the remote.

"Erik! What are you doing" he heard his mother calling.

"Nothing, Mother!" he shouted.

"Then get off your butt and get down here, it's your turn to visit your Uncle" she shouted.

"I don't want to mother" he shouted back "All he talks about are those damn monkeys"

"Watch your mouth young man and GET DOWN HERE NOW!" she shouted.

"FINE!" he shouted back.

He grabbed his box of robot bugs and ran downstairs to come face to face with his mother. She handed him a ticket that will allow him to take a rocket bus out to space to visit his Uncle at the "nuthouse."

"Do I have to go, Mother" Erik asked.

"Yes, since your own father doesn't have a heart to visit his brother" she said.

"Well, Uncle Gyrus is pretty crazy" he said.

"He's just sick and didn't know what he was doing when he invaded the Monkey Team's robot" she said. "And as family we have to be there for him and help him get better from this obsession"

Erik rolled his eyes "whatever you say, Mother" he said, stuffing the ticket into his pocket and walked out of the house.

He walked down the street to the bus station thinking about the conversations he and his Uncle are going to have. Like about the Monkey Team and the Monkey Team and after that more stuff about the Monkey Team then he probably asked him to do some role playing with him as the Monkey Team. He started to grind his teeth again til he felt particles on his tongue and soon found himself near the robot as if his subconscious mind made him walk over to it.

He stared at the giant foot of the Robot and growled "It's all your fault I'm a misfit and for my Uncle's insanity" he shouted at the Robot and kicked it with his foot.

Of course hitting solid metal wasn't the best idea when he grabbed hold of his foot and started jumping around from the pain. He hit the floor with a thump and noticed he dropped the box that had his Emotion Bugs in it. The bugs crawled around in the grass a bit then as if sensing their creator's hatred for the Monkey Team, all of them flew off over to the Robot.

He got up from the grass and brush the dirt off his pants and stood there for a second. At this point he wishes he had his laptop so he can see the monkeys' moods changing when they encounter his robot Emotion Bugs. "Oh what the heck, I have time to get my laptop and catch the bus" he said, running back to his house.

The Emotion Bugs flew around the Giant Robot til they found a very, very tiny hole in it, too small to noticed but big enough for them to squeeze it. They flew around the air vent for awhile then separated.

The pink bug flew down the air vent and found an exit point and stop to see which room it was in. It looked through the vent to see a Blue monkey working on his daily experiments in his cozy Lab room.

Let the mood swings begin . . .

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