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Chapter Twelve

Bittersweet Aftermath

The Two days later . . .

"You should look on the bright side of this" Bronze said with a smile.

"Bronze . . . I'm in a Mental Hospital . . . trapped in an eight by eight foot room . . . with a straight jacket on" He said, bitterly, "how should I look on the bright side of this"

"You should be happy that your trial ended with a plead of 'Not Guilty" by the reason of insanity and ended up here than five years in prison" she said, leaning against the padded wall of Erik's room.

Erik sat there, bitterly, while trying to scratch an itch on his side through his straight jacket. "Man, I hate this thing" he said, "why did they put me in this thing in the first place"

"It might be from when you were kicking and biting the doctors while screaming "I don't belong here" from the court room to here" Bronze said, slightly snickering to herself from remembering Erik struggling to get away as he was dragged out of the court room. Who would've guess, Erik could scream like a little sissy girl.

"What's so funny" he asked.

"Nothing" She said then went back to the main subject, "but like I said, your sentences could've been worst . . . I mean with all the charges you had"

"This is unfair, I didn't do any wrong yet I'm here in this (censor) place" Erik said.

"Didn't do anything wrong" Bronze asked, rasing her voice just a little, "Erik, you were charge for car theft, disrupting the peace, damage to property to both the hospital and the bus, crashing a stolen bus into the Robot, literally confessing your crimes to your victims and tried to harm them . . . not to mention causing the Mental Hospital to go into an eighteen-hour lock down which I still haven't forgiven you for since you made me late for both school and my job" Bronze said, counting all the charges with her fingers.

Erik said nothing for a second and stared at the padded wall, "like I said I didn't do anything wrong"

Bronze sighs and started playing around with her ponytail. It's typical for Erik to be this stubborn.

"Just be happy you're not back at school since that little bus stunt you did made headline news" Bronze said, "I know a least five of my friends' friends' friends recorded it and put it on their Myspace profile"

"You're not helping this situation" he said than added, "by the way, did you talk to my parents about getting me out"

"Yes, but they just laugh at me and told me it's better for you to stay here till your eighteen birthday" she said.

There was dead silence in the air. They could actually hear one of the patients running by while screaming "I love pancakes" at the top of her lungs. Erik puffs a few strands of his hair out of his eyes and stares out to nothing, "and they wonder why I hate them" he said.

"Yeah, parents aren't exactly the greatest people in the world. One minute they're there for you and the next minute they leave you a note and leaves you to the point of no return" Bronze said

The two teen lower their heads from the sudden mild depression and stayed silent for a minute or two till they heard a voice over the intercom.

"Would a Bronze Scrapperton please come to the front desk. Your tiger is scaring the patients . . . again." The guy on the intercom said while Haya screams in the background.

"Darn it, Haya" Bronze said, getting up and walking over to the door.

"Hey Bronze" Erik said.

She turned around and looked at him, "What"

So many things he wanted to tell her mostly that involves feelings and advice to get rid of the Devil's spawn she loves and adores. Why can't I tell her how I feel he wondered but under the odd circumstances it's best to keep it a secret like always.

"I was wondering if you found the CD I had in my laptop before it got smashed" he asked.

"Why would you need it, you can't watch it here"

"Because when I get out that CD will come quite in handy" he said, flashing her an insane smile. As the dark circles started to appear under his black eyes, his smile widened enough to let a single strand of drool to roll down his chin. For a minute, Bronze thought she was looking at Gyrus Krinkle and had too much pity for the poor teen to tell him that he looks like his Uncle.

Bronze sighs, "just get some rest and let me deal with this whole "getting back at the monkeys" thing" She said, opening the door and walking out of the room.

She could hear Erik laughing in the background.

Haya looked at her in disbelief, "are you serious" she asked her owner who was busy unwrapping a large box she'd gotten from the mailman a while ago.

"Yes, and I don't care what you do with it just leave the green monkey out of it" she said.

A single tear of great joy and happiness falls from the little cub's eyes. Her wonderful owner gave the CD her insane friend recorded during the Monkeys' rapid mood swings and permission to do whatever she wanted with it. Oh, she could just imagine the hits her website would get, the blackmail, the money if she put it up for sale with this type of dirt.

"So I can do anything"

"Yup, let's just say it's for revenge for sending Erik to the nuthouse" Bronze said, with an evil smirk. She couldn't help it, after all, being somewhat of a villain runs in her family.

Haya smirks, "cool, now if you excuse me, I have some work to do" she said, running in the back where the computer was at.

Bronze shook her head as she pulled out a large punching bag from the box. She raised an eyebrow and questions why would anyone send her something like this with a bunch of handwriting on it. There was a note stuck to the item that read:

To: Miss Bronze M. Scrapperton

As promise here's my half of the trade from last week Trading Convention, please enjoy this one of a kind punching bag that has been autographed by every single greatest fighter in the cosmos.



"That cheapskate, I give him a rare crystal and this is what I ended up with" she said, looking at the punching bag before putting it in next to the window in front of her store. Oh, well, she has other things to worry about than an old punching bag: like finding a babysitter for Haya before she leaves town in less than two weeks.

One Week Later:

During the past week, the news of the boy that went insane and crashed a bus into the Super Robot started to die down and everything went back to normal . . . or as normal as it gets in the city of Shuggazoom.

As for the Hyper Force . . .

Chiro woke up one morning with a sharp pain in his mouth and had to go to the Dentist for a check up. It turns out due to all the sweets he ate under the Hyper bug spell, he ended up with about six cavities and went under the drill. Antauri was there for support as Chiro scream in terriable pain of the drill cleaning the holes in his teeth. The Black monkey tried his best to calm his young leader down but it was over power by Chiro's screams and the buzzing sounds of the drill.

Speaking of Antauri, he didn't suffer much from being under the Laugher bug's spell, he only suffer a sore throat which was quickly cure by a couple of cherry flavor cough drops. On the other hand, the Love bug cost him a black eye thanks to waking up one day to Sprx's screams.

Unknowing to the black monkey, Sprx got an e-mail from an unknown source and his curiosity to the better of him and click into it. His pride and dignity shattered when the e-mail turn out to be a clips of him caught on camera crying his poor little eyes out over little things like getting his feelings hurt to candy. He raised an eyebrow when the next clip of the video show Antauri and him talking then him running away from the black monkey only to be pinned to the wall and . . .

Sprx screamed . . .


Nova placed an ice pack over Antauri's left eye, "Ok, tell again what happened between Sprx and you" she asked.

"Like I said, I heard Sprx screaming and went to check on him to see what was wrong. When I found him he destroyed the computer, punch me in the eye and told me never to come near him ever again then just left" Antauri said.

"That didn't sound like Sprx at all" Nova said.

"You're telling me" Antauri said.

"Do you have any idea where he went" Nova asked.

"No, I try contacting him, but he won't respond back"

"Hmm, I wonder why he destroyed the computer" Nova questioned.

End of Flashback.

Nova continues to question Sprx's sudden behavior as she walked down of the streets of the city to clear her mind about Sprx and Otto's fight and the whole thing with the bugs and the crazy teenager. She thought it was best not to tell the two what they were actually fighting about when they were under the Bugs' spell. That would just bring more problems and more uncomfortable moments that she didn't want. While on her walk, she was also looking for Sprx who hasn't been seen for a while but her goals of finding the red monkey and to clear her mind disappeared when her bright pink eyes caught the sight of a punching bag in the window display of the "Rare and Unique Items" store.

"Wow" she whispered as she pressed her face and fingers against the window. Bronze looked up from the magazine she was reading to see the yellow monkey staring at the rare item, smirked and went back to her reading.

Otto spent the week sleeping, the Envy and Revenge bug literally drain him to the point he couldn't stand after they took Erik to the court. The minute they were all sure home and relaxed he just crawled into his bed and crashed. Once and a while, Antauri or Nova would come into his room and try to wake him up so he could eat something but Otto didn't stir or move.

After a while, they gave up and let him sleep but they never thought he would sleep for an entire week and beyond. Well, at least he was healing and rebooting himself so it was all good. On day four of Otto's slumber, Chiro also crashed in order to escape the terrible pain of his sore teeth. With a white bandage wrapped around his cheeks, he fell asleep for three days.

Gibson spent most of his time lying down on the cold metal floor. His back pain started to subside after popping it back into his perfect posture and he did read in books that lying on a hard floor helps out with back pains. Both he couldn't relax due to Chiro complaining about his sore teeth and Antauri needing more ice for his swollen black eye.

The colorful stones that use to belong to Erik Krinkle were now in the hands of the Hyper Force. The stones were safely stored in a pickle jar and tucked away in the display room (where they also had Sprx's Man Hands, Mandarin's glove, etc. etc.) with a "Do Not Touch" sticky note stuck to it.

During all this, none of them really care what happen to Sprx or his whereabouts.

At the Mental Hospital (during a support group session)

"Now, before we get started on our session I would like to go around to room and ask each one to stand up and tells us your name and why you are here" the female doctor said with a big creepy grin on her face.

A redhead teenage girl stands up and introduces herself, "my name is Alex, I'm seventeen and I'm here because I'd babysat a demon and was never the same again" she said shaking, "I thought she was a cute cub, but I was wrong, I was so wrong"

"Hi, Alex" the others shouted.

"It's ok, Alex, we have a support group session every Sunday for babysitters like you" the Doctor said, "who's next"

Erik stood up from his chair still wrapped up in his straight jacket. He had bed hair and the dark circles underneath his eyes stood out from his very pale skin. He was miserable. "My name is Erik Krinkle and I'm here because I tried to destroy the monkey team by releasing robotic bugs into the robot then crashing a bus into it" he said, then added, "oh, and my life stinks"

"Hi, Erik" the others shouted again.

The doctor gave him a nervous smile, "alright, it's your turn"

A red monkey stood up on his chair with a much paler complexion on his face. "My name is S.P.R.X.-77 but you can call me Sprx and I'm here because I saw a video of my second in command leader kissing me and I can't remember it" he said, tearing up.

The others stared at the red monkey with a confused expression on their faces since they didn't understand him, but Erik, on the other hand, started to smile. Sure, his life is ruin and he's going to spend the next two years in this place but when he saw one of the monkeys here as well, tearing up from something he knows he did . . .

He felt like he got his payback and a Winner . . . his own sick and twisted way.

The End

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