A childs laughter wafted up into the air, joyous and bright, before being abruptly silenced. A young demon lord resting under a tree, opened his golden eyes and sniffed at the air, while gazing at the surrounding area. Sensing no aura, he closed his eyes once again against the harsh glare of the day. He was not worried, for their had been no scream, and he did not tense for their was no scent of evil upon the air. There was also the guarentee that his ward was being watched by his henchman as she searched about the woods for her evening meal and wood for a fire. A smile graced his lips for the barest of a second.

"Silly Rin..." He mumbled softly under his breath, before resuming his faux sleep.

He had no idea that not investigating would be the worst decision of his life.


Mmmkay...So I know that this is really short, but there is much more than this later, I guarentee it. I'm a big fan of big stories and long chapters, because that is how I write. Reviewing on this chapter is unnecessary because it's so short and it's the prologue...

Since Iwas not able to put all of the summary on the little summary thing, I'm going to put it on here. Bear with me, I suck at these, as I have discovered.

Characters: Sesshomaru and Rin, there will be others along the way, but not 'till later.

Summary: Rin is kidnapped and sold into slavery by a group of rogue slave traders. She is bought by a madam at a whorehouse, but a couple takes pity upon her and manages to buy her off the madam in a series of payments that last years. Ten years later, Rin, taunted by the memories of her blurry past, sets out to discover why she cannot remember anything prior to the whorehouse except her name and the figure of a pale man with long hair. Sesshomaru, having searched for his ward for the past ten years, is shocked to discover she is alive, and between a stubborn demon and a headstrong young human, romance blossoms.