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They went home together, amidst much rejoicing. Jaken had been greatly worried over his Lord Sesshomaru and his friendly nemesis, Rin, and was so relieved to see them return that he threw himself at Sesshomaru's feet and wailed his joy. This earned him a swift kick in the side. The servants were all glad to see the girl return too, and spent many days fussing over the girls injuries. It was difficult to walk without a limp the first few days, but Rin managed. The wounds healed nicely too, even though Sesshomaru's robes had to be burned and thrown away. Strangely enough, he appeared the very day after their arrival in a matching set. It was almost like he had more than one of the same outfit, which was impossible, of course. Sesshomaru was too dignified to favor certain clothing to the point of having matching sets.

Rayar was released from the wall, no longer an example of what a woman's wrath is like at the first sign of mutiny. He and Kanashimi both decided to take their relationship slowly, since he was still rather young as a demon (barely fifteen in human years) and she, even though literally years younger, was in great need of healing from the life she had left behind. She finally told Rin the news about her brothers. The youngest, Hiroshi, had decided to become a doctor, and their parents sent him away to go study. After that the village was attacked by bandits. Most everyone was killed. One survivor was Haku, who had managed to kill a few but was currently missing. The rest of the family was dead. Rin was sad for the news, but she knew her brothers would find her someday. They were smart, and fairly tough.

It had taken a while, but everything had finally settled down. On the last day of the month, Rin and Sesshomaru were wed. Rin was still not entirely too sure how he had managed to pull everything together so quickly, but one looks at Sairiah's blushing face when asked about it made it all clear. Rin had never been more impressed with the demoness.

The wedding was held at midnight, under a full moon and a sky filled with stars. Paper lanterns decorated the gardens all around, making it seem more like they were all in the sky themselves, rather than standing on the ground. Sesshomaru wore white, much to the rolling of everyone's eyeballs (the only difference was that his gi lacked flowers), and Rin wore red. The moment the vows were finished Bronislav grabbed Sairiah by the hand, pulled her up to the altar, and demanded to be next. She smacked him.

When finally left alone, Rin and Sesshomaru stood in what was now their shared bedroom and smiled at each other.

Nine months later, to the day, their first child was born.

The end.


O_o So it's kind of a rushed ending, and yes, it's short, but overall, I kind of like it. I still hate my bad grammar and too short chapters, but at the same time I felt no need to try harder. After all, fan fiction isn't near as dear to me as my own fiction.

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