I'm looking at your back, and for a second, I forget where I am.
I don't get it, but you've grown so suddenly.

I made fun of your height, teased you, and lectured,
and called you a child. 'Til now, that was true.

I'm crying on the ground, at a loss, after you explain
my hands are those who give life, begging me not to shoot.

I said I didn't like guys who were shorter than me.
You left, telling me nothing, and I was all alone.

You just sit there holding me while I wail.
The gun has left my hand. I feel so small.



Next time we meet,
You won't be crying in sadness
You won't be worried any longer
You will see our bodies back to normal
You will see us complete
You won't need to wait anymore
You won't need to fix us again
Next time you cry.
You'll be weeping for joy!
And you'll never again have to say goodbye.

A/N: If you've read Ch 44 of the manga and beyond you'll understand the reference to Ed's back in the first poem. These were mainly about two of my fav Ed/Winry moments! I know you're out there, so please review! If you do, I'll write more. -NB-