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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Instant One: Crossing Lines xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Ooh! This one, this one!" She pointed, a childish glimmer in her doe brown eyes.

He grinned, nodding at her. It confused him enormously really. How this girl—he watched as she pumped an enthusiastic fist in the air, giggling—could have possibly been an evil space ninja…ever.

The young man gazed at his companion, amused as she fumbled through her odd-looking purse for the two tickets needed for the ever-popular Tilt-A-Whirl ride.

Content flashed across her delicate features as she'd finally dug deep enough to locate the two measly neon colored stubs.

The question ran through his brain once more: How the hell had this girl—she stuck a tongue out at him, teasingly waving her scraps of paper—passed as a dark side supporter for so long?

She was way easy to read.

And for some unexplainable reason, he couldn't stop smiling.

"Dustin!" she gave him an incredulous look. "Why are you just standing there?"

Her easy tone was probably not as scalding as she'd wanted it to be.

The yellow ranger chuckled. "Coming, Marah." He caught up with her strides easily, walking leisurely beside her. "What's the hurry? The ride's not going anywhere."

"Yeah—" he noticed how the edge in her voice had escalated to something remotely serious. This time, however, her brightening smile betrayed her words, "But if you don't move your lazy butt, we're going to miss the next round!"

In her efforts to hurry him along, she then grabbed his hand.

He felt the slight heat on his cheeks.

And Dustin didn't know whether or not it was okay to relish in the soft warmth of her palm.

How could being with a warrior of wickedness feel this—Marah's excited orbs turned upon him and she winked flirtatiously, giving his digits a light squeeze-- nice?

After handing the tickets to the stand overseer, they boarded one of the many circular booths.

And they dabbled in a bit of conversation, before the ride began.

Random things really, but he couldn't really care less.

Something about being in the girl's company—her auburn locks fell in waves as she laughed, flippantly punching him on the shoulder—put him at ease.

The rest of the world somehow stopped mattering all that much. Light and dark. Good and evil.

Power Rangers and Evil Space Ninjas.

And the line that divided them.

Their secret friendship was something Dustin couldn't quite explain. Least of all to his fellow rangers and sensei. (Probably not Lothor or any of his other enemies bent on ruling the world either)

But it was there.

And as the machines whirred, a signal to the ride's passengers that the spinning was to commence very shortly, and Marah happily squealed something about the fun-ness of Earth mechanisms, all that really made sense in the moment was he and she.


Dustin grinned when the brunette's hold on the safety bar tightened ever so slightly. And even more so when the centripetal force of the ride pushed her against him.

Deep, deep down, probably, the Earth ninja knew.

He knew—she cheered an animated "Woohoo!" and he felt compelled to shout a fervent "Yeah!" in return—how Marah could have ever been an evil space ninja.

Dustin looked down upon their hands, fingers still lazily intertwined, as they'd never let go.

Inside, she never really had been.


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