Hey Guys. This fanfic seemed a little unresolved. So, I decided to finally get off my anthill and write this. Also I don't own Teen Titans. That belongs to DC Comics (I believe). Also maybe Warner Bros. Not totally sure.

Dappled sunlight shone indulgently, on a small toddling figure pulling up tiny daisies and dandelions. Clenching them like a victory torch, the small toddler presented them to the figure sitting in the shadow.

"Pwity fwowers for Mama" he lisped sweetly.

"Pretty flowers for Mama indeed!" Raven exclaimed. She took them, smiled gratefully at the small figure.

Raven pulled her young son onto her lap. He squirmed happily.

"Mama!" he protested.

Raven managed to plant a small peck on his cheek.

"Love you Bubba."

"Wove you Mama"

Little Bubba toddled off to the sandpit where he plopped down and started to draw clever designs with his miniature trowel. Raven watched him, little bouquet clasped in her hand.

A green arm wrapped around her waist, startling her out of her reveries.

"Penny for your thoughts?"


Raven tucked the little bouquet into her sash and wrapped her arm around her husband.

They sat in peaceful silence, watching their son attack the village of the sand ants.

Raven stood up reluctantly.

"I better go put these in water." she gestured to her wilting flowers. Garfield chuckled.

"In a few years, he won't go near flowers, y'know."


As Raven walked up the sun washed patio steps, a glint of sunshine caught her eye.

She turned.

There, just behind Bubba, a small girl around eight years old, insubstantial as the wind, was standing.

Raven froze. Her breath hitched in her throat.

The girl was happily watching Bubba. She was dressed in a short white dress. Her hair fell in shining black waves, inconsistant as a shadow.

The girl looked up. Impressions of two small white wings glinted in the sunlight. She stroked Bubba's short blond hair with a pale transparent hand.

Bubba looked up to see a pair of violet eyes, identical to his own. He giggled and clapped his small hands in delight.

The small girl laughed and flew into the sun.