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Warnings: Spoilers to the Half-Blood Prince.

A little fic, finished a minute before midnight. Total weirdness, but as Adi-sensei put it, this is the same 'Funny, Serious (Sirius?), Cynical Yellow all the way through'. So I guess it's all right.



When it came down to it, it was Harry who killed him.

It was easy to blame it on Snape. Snape was Evil, after all. He was so dark you needed a lumos charm just to see him. He was an overgrown bat, looming in the depths of his dungeon… It was so obvious that he could not be trusted.

And yet, Dumbledore had.

So basically, it was Dumbledore's fault. If he had not so blindly trusted Snape, then none of this would have happened. Snape would not have been there, he would not have just walked out and killed –

But then…

It was also his fault.

Harry's fault.

It was the same thing… same thing as with Sirius.

Harry had not been the cause, but he had surely been helpful enough.

Sirius would not have come if Harry hadn't thought he was in trouble.

Sirius would not have died that night.

But it was Sirius' fault that he came.

Dumbledore… He was the strongest wizard alive. No puny bat like Snape could have killed him if he just had been strong enough to fight back.

But he wasn't.

Because of Harry.

Because of the poison Harry had made him drink.

Never would he have thought that one of the strongest wizards in this world, the only one to cause fear in the greatest of the dark wizards, would spent one of the last moments of his life as an suffering old man who whispered in fear and looked pleadingly at Harry… Who hold on to Harry like a child lost in the big bad world.

And Harry had just continued to poison him, never questioning the reasons behind it.

Perhaps he too was a trusting fool.

He had trusted Dumbledore… Like Dumbledore had trusted Snape. So, in the end, that too was Dumbledore's fault. If he had just –

But Harry could have made it stop.

Instead, he just continued to poison him.

The reasons twisted in his head, making his mind spin and him feel nauseous. Dumbledore, Harry, Sirius, Harry, Dumbledore. All guilty.

In the end, it was so much easier to just blame it on Snape.

After all, Snape was evil.


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