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c", inspired by the title of Utada Hikaru's song, Sanctuary, OST from Kingdom Hearts two. Just inspired by the song. Now, let me slip through, please. Pardon my writing, this is the first ItaSasu I've ever made. This is Itachi and Sasuke bordering on brotherly love and something more.

Cherry Blossom
I watched a small bundle of joy shoot right passed my feet towards the sakura grove road, the whole lane covered and coated with cherry blossom petals. The air was heavy with the scent of sakura and the petals drifting aimlessly to the ground.

A smile graced my face as I watched little brother play with the sakura petals, gathering them from the ground and throwing them above his head. His pure, untainted innocence and laughter sounds like a sweet song in my ears.

He's the only innocence left in the family.

He's the sole surviving soul inside the clan.

And to top all of that off, he's perfection.

My eyes narrow as my father and the other fellow clan members eye Sasuke with distaste. They do not like the innocence, the cheerfulness, the happiness that radiates from him. Somehow, they can see that he affects me more than anything. And they hate that.

I walk towards my little brother, beating them to it.

I crouch down into a sitting position, brushing some stray petals stuck in his soft hair, making the little boy smile in complete glee.

"Aniki! Wai!" he exclaimed, immediately latching on to my torso and hugging me like there's no tomorrow.

A small smile slipped through my façade as I wrapped my arms around the small form latched on to me carefully. He was so small, I felt like he'd break if I held him too hard!

I patted his back gently and he replied by wrapping his legs around my waist, his arms slithering around my neck. I stood up and supported his weight with one hand, another simply holding him by his back. He was too gentle, too fragile to be in this family. In this brutal clan. In this harsh reality.

I sigh as he snuggles into the warmth I provide him, walking wordlessly past my father, mother and the other members of the clan and ignoring their utterances, even though I could hear them loud and clear.

"…seems so caring of his brother, how sweet…"

"There's nothing sweet about that, he gives that useless kid more importance than the clan!"

"…is a disappointment from him, I admit, he doesn't realize his priorities."

"Such a smart boy as he is, should not laze away and waste his time…"

"…brother is not worth a glance, that kid's trash!"

"…not an ounce of potential."

I seethed in anger, biting my lip painfully to prevent myself from lashing out at them. How dare they. They don't know anything. Anything.

They should be thankful they are older than me.

Then again, maybe not.

Because that fact would make them look even dumber as they are.

They deem themselves worthy and experienced in life…

I smile slightly as little Sasuke placed a soft kiss on my cheek and snuggled into the crook of my neck. "I love you, nii-chan."

when they themselves cannot see Sasuke for what he is.

I smile fully this time, delighted to hear those words from my baby brother's mouth. My father and the other family members look curiously for my reaction and are shocked to find a full-fledged smile on my face.

I walked past them and opened a shoji (sliding rice paper door) leading into my room and set a dozing Sasuke gently on my bed. I sat beside him for a while, mussing his hair with one hand, smiling slightly.

Then I leaned over and gave my little brother a peck on the cheek.

"I love you too, otouto."

Sasuke may be a boy, but to me, he looks like a gentle sprout in spring, a delicate cherry blossom needing and deserving guidance and protection.

And I am going to give him everything that he needs and deserves.

c", Oot. Just fluff for now. Actually, this whole story is all fluff. Bordering on brothers and something more. Soon, the fluff will be heavier than before. There will even be hintings. XD

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