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A blood curdling scream as the blade was removed from his chest, taking with it his very soul. This man would have no eternal joy, would never be reunited with those who had long since gone from his life. Now his life force fed hers, as he fell to the ground a devilish smirk appeared on her face. Flashing before her eyes images of war, of pain, of death, before "hey! What the fuck's up with you?". She opened her eyes and was met by a pair of burning crimson torches in the darkness. She flinched and with drew as he came closer.

"What's wrong?" he said with a highly concerned tone as she withdrew further from him.

For a few moments they just stood there silently, she lowered her head and shrugged her shoulders refusing to look at those shining red eyes. A cold armoured hand stretched out and ran its inhuman fingers gently down her face. She withdrew no further, finding reassurance in his soft metallic touch.

"Saber," she whispered as he cupped her chin in his hand and with the other began to fiddle with the ends of her hair.

"Sorry I…"

"I should have known better than to just walk in here like that, especially at this time" he said his voice filled with sadness.

He released her chin from his hand whilst continuing to play with her smooth long black hair, she fell into deep thought. She for reasons unknown to herself had come to trust him immensely, but still sometimes felt uneasy in his presents. Saber who by now would have normally detransformed continued to remain in his tekno armour, he had learnt pretty quickly that unlike everyone else she was more intimidated by his human form than his armoured self. He stepped back from her, folding his arms and staring blankly to his left. She herd a deep sigh and looked up to see him standing there motionless.

"What's up?" she questioned curiously.

"Nothin, just tired that's all." He continued to stare blankly at the wall to his left.

"Come on" she smiled "not even those free dozy friends of yours would believe that. So don't try it wiv me." She raised her eyebrows at him.

"That traitorous wanker!" he snarled, "I'll kill that little fucker if it's the last thing I do." She looked at him cocking her head to one side, a mischievous smirk appeared on her face.

"your time of the month or something?" she questioned her smirk bursting into a wide grin.

"Where's my brother!" Blade snapped glaring savagely at axe, "how the fuck am I supposed to know, he's always sneekin off places when no one's lookin." At that point Blade lost it completely launching himself at Axe who moved quickly out of the way allowing Blade to punch the wall apposed to himself.

"I swear/"

"You week, disgustin, vile little insect." Saber hissed as he landed behind Blade.

"I ort to wipe the both of you off the face of the earth right now." He said the anger in his voice turning to pure burning hatred.

"Woh! Jesus Christ, some one needs a tampon." Blade and axe said simultaneously.

Saber growled "mental note, kill the author for this crappy piss takin fuckin dialog."

He burned his thrusters and flew towards Blade with his lance ready to strike him in the chest region. "Oh fuck! Better hurry up and transform before I get impaled like some medieval which." "Teksetter"

A blue light court Saber's eye stopping him in his tracks. "Tazer" he whispered. The blue light faded to reveal a blue and black armoured teknoman.

"Who are you?" Blade said as he stared transfixed on this new possible adversary.

"I am teknoman Tazer…", "and that was alliteration" Axe commented "wow! They were actually schools at the end of the last ice-age." Tazer retorted.

Saber, Blade and Axe continued to stare at the less than pretty teknoman.

"It's female!" Blade remarked in surprise. "I'm not that old" Axe sulked.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Saber barked narrowing his eyes at her. Without any warning Tazer fired her thrusters and charged at blade, only to be stopped by Saber.

Telepathically "What the hell! why'd you stop me?"

"Go back to the ship and wait for me their." He commanded. She just looked at him a defiant expression on her face.

"I'd better be off now, it's happy hour in my local." Axe muttered to himself before firing his thrusters and heading to the nearest pub.

"You're alive! But how can this be? I, I, I, kkilled you." "Apparently not." Interrupted Tazer. Saber spun his head round as if he'd forgot that she was still there. "I thought I told you to leave." He gave her a stern look, she ignored it. "Please, I'm not in the mood for you to test my patients." She sensed his growing frustration and for the first time ever decided to obey his request. Her thrusters flared and she flew off.

Tazer flew over the city of Paris, she had decided whilst leaving Earth's atmosphere, that there was no way she was leaving this planet without levelling at least one major city. She landed atop the Ifle tower, much to the shock and horror of some of the tourists.

"Cool!" he broke free of her grip.

"Richard!" she screamed as he ran towards her.

"Look! Tekman!" Tazer turned her head to observe the small boy running towards her.

"You a spaceknight?" He beamed up at her as he grabbed her long armoured tail and…

"What? No! what the! Gerroff ya little sod." began to smack it off the floor.

"Radam" she hissed. A long blade extended from the end of her tail.

"Richard! Richard!" she broke through the panicking crowd which had blocked the stairwells. But it was to late.

"Momma!" he shouted as Tazer swung her tail blade at him.

"No! Richard! No!" she fell to her knees, her face paled in shock; tears drown her cheeks, as she watched the blade slice cleanly through her child. Splitting him in half. His upper torso was sent a couple of feet into the air, showering Tazer, and the people on the street below with crimson anguish. Before plummeting to the ground along with his lower body. The first peace of falling human degree hit a couple of pensioners to slow to move out of it's way. The force killed one and the shock coupled with the blood and entrails had the same effect on the other.

Tazer chuckled softly, before heading down to the panicking crowds below.

"Hmm, just how I like em, a bit runny." She drew her jet black lance and along with her bloodied tail blade began to slice and hack at any human in range. How it would have been easier for her to volt tekka the lot. But she enjoyed the death and destruction she caused, she revelled in it. She grabbed one man by his throat and used her other clawed metal hand to tare through his skin, crack and break his ribs, to finally rip out his still beating heart. She dropped his lifeless body and turned to the woman who she presumed was his wife. She was cowering in a shop doorway, cradling a toddler. Tazer stretched out and ripped the screaming infant from her arms. The woman was to scared even to scream. Tazer, still holding the man's heart in her right hand began to squeeze the last of the blood it contained into the child's screaming mouth. As the blood found it's way into the Childs trackia it began to gasp for breath, breath which would never come. She discarded the dead child as if it were a piece of trash. Tazer then generated her lance and proceeded to decapitate the woman. As she turned a red light court her eye.

"Saber! Oh shit!" she immediately fired her thrusters and flew off, in the direction of the sky.

Later that day:

He sighed as he saw her cheeky cheshercat grin from under her visor "don't give me that look" he growled. She court the savage glare from behind his helmet, she merely cocked her head and flashed her eyes at him.

"Why do you take such delight in…"

"Being deliberately disobedient" a voice rawed across the room. "Master!" Saber and Tazer turned to face the direction in which the voice was travelling from. A tall bulky teknoman who's armour was all black except for midnight blue forearms made it's way towards them.

"Leave us! Tazer" he commanded, she bowed respectfully and exited hastily.

At the spaceknights Alaskan command centre a storm was brewing, not just any storm the type that appears unexpectedly and with hells fury.

He awoke with a start as Ringo burst into his room throwing him off the bed and onto the floor. "get the hell up jackass!" he groaned as he got to his feet. "what timeshhh it?" he yawned "time you got your drunk ass up and actually did something resembling work" "6 A.M"

"Fuck yoush! Iamsh goins sleepshhhh" he slurred as he collapsed on the bed. Ringo sighed and stormed out of the room, not before thumping him full force in the arm. The response was an uncomprehending groan.

So where's the drunken bastard Blade asked as ringo entered the rec room. "Sleepin beauty's where I left him." "A thought Conrad said you had to bring him back from the bar this time." Tina frowned "I did, he's in his room still half cut."

Just then the door to the rec room opened and a still quite pissed Axe staggered towards them. "So whatshhh weweashhhh doin todayshh then?" "you're goin back to bed till you sleep that off." Conrad's voice court everyone's attention, Axe span round to look at Conrad but lost his balance and hit the floor with a loud crash. Conrad just sighed.

But my lord…"

"Shut up! You disgust me Saber" he hissed

The radam leader grabbed his second in command by the throat and used his superior strength to hurl him across the chamber into the parallel wall. Saber got to his feet and immediately knelt before his master.

"My lord please I do not…"

"enough! I have scene how you behave towards her, how dare you take me for an idiot! You insolent little bastard!." Blood splattered across the room as she withdrew the Blade from her master's neck. He gasped in pain and fury his eyes widened as he court the look of pure untainted hatred burning in her usually sparky blue and amber eyes. "Venom!" Saber yelled a teknoman clad in mostly black armour but with dark orange upper arms and deep purple chest plates entered the chamber .

"Dispose of it" Saber barked motioning to the now lifeless body on the floor. Venom bowed his head before picking up his ex master's body and leaving.

"As you wish my lord" was all he said.