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Don't own teknoman tekkaman blade. The start of more action and death and more character building, or something like that. Fuckin hell! I only wanted to do a short story and it's turning into a fuckin marathon, I seriously need to learn to shut the fuck up. I had writers block when I was tryin to do this chapter so it is a bit crap. The story will pick up just be pacient. Please review bad or good I wanna here it.

Chapter 3: DYING DREAMS, Destruction OF MEMORIES

A loud shriek pierced the night. A young security guard was the first to see them, just a couple at first in the distance, but then came more. They latched onto any source of power and began to drain it. An armoured figure hovered silently above watching, and waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike, for the best time to cause maximum death and destruction.

"Lord Venom."

"No not yet, we need more of them to appear."

From the many exits of the plant raced hordes of terrified personnel. They ran everywhere in an absolute blind panic. Venom smiled behind his visor "pathetic insects."'

"The time is now, do what you have to, then return to the ship."

At that 30 to 40 fluresant green and black armoured warriors descended onto the kayos, within minutes the war cries of warriors and the shrieks of terrified and dying humans was replaced by absolute silence. The solitary figure of Venom hovering a few feet above the desolate and partially destroyed building was the only living thing for miles.

"You will now serve your true perpus." Venom chuckled to himself. He took one last look at the blood stained ground and at the few bodies that remained.

"Volteka." He destroyed what was left of the plant before leaving and heading back to the ship as his Lord had commanded.

The swarms of Saturday shoppers buzzed about the mall blissfully unaware of their fate. The black haired youth casually wondered through the crowds, receiving curious and blank stares from passers-by. As she continued to push her way through the crowds some of the faces became very familiar, old friends and acquaintances that she hadn't seen since she had disappeared 2 years ago. She ignored their shocked and acknowledging glances as she broke away from the mob. A bright blue light emanated from her body and then faded to reveal the black and blue armour of Tazer. Firing her thrusters she smashed a hole in the roof of the mall, from above the complex she charged her cells before releasing a stream of dark blue energy that engulfed the building and reduced it to a pile of burning rubble and ash. Satisfied that all inside were dead she flared her thrusters and tuck off in a commit of blue and black energy.

She flew less than a couple of minutes before she landed on what appeared to be a rundown block of flats. As she scanned the area with her enhanced vision she found herself being drawn away from the crumbling tower block towards a small cemetery. She landed on a narrow footpath and immediately detransformed, as she worked her way along the rows of headstones the various names began to reveal memories long since berried in her mind. Tazer stopped in front of one of the graves observing the bunch of bright freshly laid flowers, her eyes then fell on what was written on the headstone itself. "Richard Bellenda August 18 2025 to November 13 2031" Tazer spoke out loud with a slightly sorrowful tone. She shook her head, why was she bothered about that kid, it was not as if she new him or anything or did she?

"I know you dress like the dead, but I didn't think you liked to hang with them to." Claymore's chuckling voice tore her from the memories she was trying to escape.

"Paying a visit to your victims." Claymore landed beside her.

"E was just a kid, and I…"

"Slaughtered him like the worthless human insect that he is." Claymore finished.

"But weren't we human once?" Tazer saw Claymore's shocked expression under his visor.

"Your not betraying us are you?" His tone and expression was one of confusion and concern.

"No! I'm not betraying anyone, I wa just statin a fact."

"Just remember Lord Saber saved you."

"Did e?" Claymore narrowed his burning crimson eyes in pure rage. "I mean, e removed the mind parasite which was controlling me and gave me back my self control but in doin so, e aloud the ghosts of my past to forever haunt me. So in a way my salvation is becommin my destruction." Claymore was stunned, there was nothing he could say to that so he remained silent.

"I'll see ya back on the ship." Tazer fired her thrusters and was gone. Claymore glanced at the gravestone that had evoked such guilt from a person who had a heart of ice. The cemetery fell silent once again as Claymore disappeared into the distance.

That night:

"I can't believe it! Why weren't we alerted?" Conrad sat in his office after watching the news reports.

"Apparently no one saw it coming." Blade stepped into the commander's office followed by Axe.

"Who are these new teknoman and where on god's earth did they come from?" Conrad stared straight at Axe.

"Well if you're expectin me to know, then you'll be disappointed. The black and blue armoured one is Tazer, she appeared with Saber the last time he payed us a visit. I don't know who the other three are though." Axe took a swig of vodka from the bottle which he had brought with him.

"Hundred's of people have already died dew to radiation sickness, and we weren't even able to help."

Axe staggered down the corridor towards his quarters, however, he didn't get very far.

"Hey drunk ass! Where you goin?" Ringo's voice called cheerfully down the corridor.

"I'm not drunk yet. Ya wanna come for a drink with me?" Axe slurred slightly.

"Too dam right I do, come on ya little piss head lets go."

"Claymore, what is it?" Saber stood on the observation deck of his ship.

"My Lord, I was wondering if I could confide in you wiv something."

Saber turned from the Radam eye to face the tall muscular human form of Claymore.

"So you are bisexual after all? I', sorry I don't swing that way." Saber gave a low chuckle. Claymore's face turned almost as red with embarrassment as his shocked crimson eyes.

"How, how, did you know?" Saber just smiled.

"That wasn't' what ya came to talk to me about was it?" Saber's smile was replaced with his usual serious expression.

"Know my Lord. I came to talk to you about Tazer." Claymore admitted in an almost guilty tone.

"Oh, and why is this?" From Saber's tone and expression it was impossible to tell if he was curious or angry.

"I'm worried about her my Lord. Today I found her in a semitary, she seemed different almost regretful." Claymore looked at Saber who had been silent for the last couple of minutes. He wondered what his Lord could be contemplating, but new better than to ask.

"My Lord, she said…"

"That's enough Claymore, I'll have a word with her. Don't worry about it, she will not betray us." It had appeared to Claymore that Saber had said this more for his own reassurance than for himself."

Tazer sat in her quarters thinking, she new that Claymore had spoken to Saber and it seemed obvious to her what they had spoken about. However this was not what troubled her, what caused her such discomfort was the conflicting emotions battling inside of her. On the one hand, Saber, had been there for her when no one else had. He had defied his Lord on many an occasion because of her with little thought as to what would happen to him because of that defiance. Saber, was one of the few people that she could trust, and the Radam had became more like a family than she ever could of imagined. However, in these past recent months, it had all began to change. Saber who had been a formidable but understanding leader who cared for the warriors under his command, had now started to become a cold calculating warlord who's only real concern was revenge against his traitorous brothers. The warm friendly atmosphere of the radam mother ship in the past couple of months had been replaced by a more serious militaristic aer. Tazer immediately stopped that line of thought as she felt an almost overwhelming presents in her mind.

"Tazer! Report to my quarters at once." His voice roared in her mind. Normally she would have ignored his orders when he was in one of those moods, but something told her that in this instance it was probably better to comply.