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Summary: Strange things are happening to the village hidden in the leafs. Naruto is going through some major problems especially. He every once in a while gains a fox-like feature, but they pass by in mere second. Even so this concerns him and he hide this away form everyone. Not only that but a strange boy's appeared form know were, by the name of Kaze Akuma. Kaze Akuma is the only survivor of a terrible prophecy that was fulfilled, back in our world.

I know it sounds stupid, and it's another, 'I was shoved into an anime.' BUT! I really wanted to do one with boy this time, I mostly use girls cause I am one and I understand them better than boys. Naruto just seemed to fit for this so tough, if you don't like it I force. You can even stop right now, click BACK, and go to a better story. I'm not going to go along with this. If I do write something that is unboy-ish shall we say, if you want to please inform me, and in the mean time however, I hope you like it, I'll try my hardest and PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

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Chapter 1: Armageddon, and Kaze leaves home.

Kaze could feel the earth violently tremble under his feet as he tried to gain balance, but it was futile as he just end up fall right on his ( A.N: Sorry not big into swearing). He could hear people screaming outside; repeat the three same things over and over again. Horrible disastrous where happening all at once, as tornado's whizzed by and meteors crashed to the earth, with loud thunderous thuds. 'I got to get out of here,' thought Kaze as he went for the door.

"Big brother!"

Kaze looked back to see his little sister, Kana, holding her stuffed tiger in her arms for comfort. Big wet tear streamed down her face form fear and doubt. Kaze grinded his teeth as he went back for his baby sister and began to drag her out of the house. She could be annoying but she was still family. Perhaps, assuming ifhis mom and dad were dead which was unlikely, his only family left. The moon outside had now glowing a blood, the sun had disappeared two days ago the wind whipped Kaze's long white, red tipped hair all about, and he had to temporarily close his glowing green eyes form the strong winds. Kana hugged her brother in fright as the wind blew her short black hair, her bright blue tearstained eyes.

"Come on!" yelled Kaze over the noise.

"But what about Mom and Dad?" cried Kana.

"We'll meet them at the shelter!" yelled Kaze as he ran dragging Kana.

There was a loud scrapping sound behind the two. Kaze looked back just in time to dodge with his sister the flying car as it went past there heads slamming into the people in front of them a loud splattering sound. The two ran more furiously as the ran past people that were screaming for there lives. Meteors fell to the earth landing on houses and setting them on fire. Finally after a pain stake run Kaze and Kana made it to the shelter. Kaze looked all around for someone he recognized and there in the farthest corner was his and Kana's grandparents, he was about to walk up to them when he felt Kana hold him back. Kaze looked down at the little girl she was about to go into a fit.

"Kaze… I WANT MOM AND DAD!" cried Kana tears pouring down her face.

Looked up at his grandparent then down at his little sister, then back at his grandparent a look of wanting to be with them was strong, but it was also strong with his parents. He turned back to his little sister kneeling down for her in a protective big brother way.

"You see who that is?" asked Kaze as he pointed at his grandparents.

"Grandma and Grandpa," answered Kana a little relieved.

"That's right. I want you to stay with them while I'm looking for mom and dad okay," said Kaze looking into Kana's eyes.

"Okay," agreed Kana, " But take Fuyu Tora with you."

The little girl held out her stuffed tiger to Kaze. He nodded taking the tiger and putting it in his bag pack. And with that he ran out into the streets again. This time they weren't so fully populated but there were a few people all running and screaming to get to the shelter. Kaze ran against the crowd and was some distance away. He ran for all he was worth looking for his parents in the crowd. Kaze felt his foot slip under him as he ran. His fell flat on his face, his ankle twisted. People ran past him, caring for there own lives. 'Darn it!' cursed Kaze as he tried to get up. The screams where in an absolute panic and there was a loud whirling sound in front of him. Looking up he saw a tornado heading his way, sucking up people and throwing them to the side into walls and signs and tree branches. But that wasn't his main problem one of the debris form the tornado was heading his way. Kaze did his best to dodge the sharp metal bar as he fell back but the bar was to quick as it cut him form his hip up to his shoulder, a loud crack coming form his collarbone. Kaze grasped his neck to subside the pain, but it wasn't help. The tornado drew ever closer and Kaze could feel himself get sucked into it. It seemed like everything was a haze now as the glass shard inside the tornado sliced him up, one in particular across his face. 'That's it? This is how my lives supposed to end?' thought Kaze as the wind rose him higher in the sky. 'I'm really going to die here! Someone, I don't care who, help…' The wind rose Kaze all the higher not letting him go to be gouged by a tree branch or a sign, or to splatter across the pavement. It held him in its grasp and he was now high enough to see the shelter. Then in one instant it was gone nothing but a pile of ashes and fire. Kaze's eyes grew wide in sadness and understanding. Kana was dead. It was the end of the world, it was Armageddon.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Kaze.

In the world of Naruto.

"Naruto. What are you doing this time," said Sakura testily.

"Your supposed to pick a small dog," stated Sasuke watching Naruto get dragged away into a minefield by a huge bulldog.

"Bad Dog!" yelled Naruto as he tried to hold the dog back, but it still went into the field of death.

After exploding a few times, Sakura was busily treating Naruto's wounds. Kakashi sensei was watching the two while Sasuke was standing in the back.

"Honestly Naruto!" scolded Sakura.

"Well I think I have that conclude today's lesson," said Kakashi sensei warily.

They were all about to depart when a strange energy filled the air around them. They all turned this way and that, and Kakashi took out one shrunken. The wind picked up and centered in one spot. The wind solified and Kaze appeared in an absolute wreak, as he fellpassed out in front of the ninjas. His blood already staining the grass where he lay.

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