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Chapter 3: Meeting the great Nine-tailed fox and a devil is born.

Lord Hokage looked down at the boy in the bed his body was completely covered in bandages a few already seeped through with blood. He was generally clean and the blood that had soaked through his hair was now washed out revealing his gleaming white hair tipped red and the bottom. How he had survived was a complete mystery with those wounds. The boy had broken his collarbone and had deep gashes form pieces of glass and metal. Lord Hokage could already tell that most of these gashes would turn into scars if he survives that is. Though he was surprised by one thing about this. Despite all these wounds none had even come close to the boys neck or face, the closest one would probably be the collarbone injury.

"I wonder what could this boy have gone through to get this hurt," mused Lord Hokage to himself.

"Lord Hokage?" questioned Kakashi as he turned to the wizened old man.

Hokage held onto his pipe took a long drag then filed out the smoke (Ew . ). Kakashi stood silently beside him waiting for him to speak once again. After a minuet Hokage gave his orders to Kakashi.

"We still know nothing about this boy, but I don't want to jumped to any conclusions, and have the blood of an innocent or not so innocent boy on our hands. Kakashi I want you to watch over the boy. If and when he wakes up, bring him to me. I want to know exactly what happened to him, and who he is."

And with that Lord Hokage left the room leaving the boy and Kakashi alone. Kaze had heard everything but he still couldn't move. All he could do was listen to the two men and wait. He was looking back at his memories seeing if any of them revealed what happened to him. Yes he lost his family, Kaze had come to terms with that memory, but there must have been something else! 'What was I doing before I woke up?' thought Kaze as he tried to recollect on the moment. ' I went out to look for my parents there was fire, and tornado's everywhere. That's how I got injured, form the debris. I remember now! I got sucked in that tornado and saw the shelter get destroyed that's when I wanted to die, but the tornado wouldn't let go, then I blacked out. So I could end up anywhere? But were there really survivors form that horrible event?'

Kaze could hear the man's footsteps as it came closer to him. He could feel the man's presence as he sat down next to him in a chair.

"You know, you sure caught me and my group in a surprise," said the man conversing with Kaze though Kaze couldn't replay back. "You just appeared out of nowhere, carried in by this weird wind."

'Wind? So the tornado saved me?'

"At first I thought you were some ninja form one of the other villages but none of them are missing a child of your description."


"You're an unusual kid. The way the wind brought you in like that, surviving all those injuries, and having hair that color at your age."

'Don't you start about my hair! I get enough of that at school!'

The two remained silent from a while listening to the sound around them. Kaze listened for a while then in a distance he could hear three pairs of feet walking ever closer to were Kaze was. With a creek of a door he could hear someone enter the room. Kakashi looked up at the door to see his students enter the room Sakura had a bag in her arms.

"Kakashi sensei we brought the boys bag," said Sakura as she held out the bag, "You left it behind when you took the boy."

"Thank you Sakura, I'm sure he'll appreciate having this returned to him," said Kakashi as he took the bag.

Naruto hung over the bed looking at the boy with curious gleaming eyes. Sasuke also stared at the boy, but unlike Naruto he kept his distance.

"So when is he going to wake up?" asked Sasuke turning to Kakashi.

"It should be soon or not. He did sustain some serious injuries," answered Kakashi.

"So in other words you don't know," said Naruto as he reached out his hand to touch the boy.

"Naruto you shouldn't touch him," scolded Sakura as she went up to Naruto.


But it was already to late Naruto's hand was already placed on Kaze. Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as he blacked out yet remained unchanged. He stood completely still with a mingle expression of surprise on his face. Kaze could feel the boy's touch as he felt his soul separate form his body, or it so it felt. It didn't necessarily hurt but he could suddenly feel something pull him out of his body. As fast as he could he opened his eyes. The room was dark and cold, and right in the center was a gigantic cage a boy with messy blond hair, whisker like lines on his cheeks, and wearing a bright orange jacket and sweat pants, with a headband with strange symbol on it slept next to the cage. Kaze looked into the cage to see a huge creature inside it that looked like a fox but had nine tails.

"What strange child you are," said the fox as it pressed its face against the bars

"I'M NOT A CHILD!" cried Kaze in outrage.

The fox jumped back in surprise, he had never met a child that would purposely yell at him. Naruto was the only one that was close. The fox soon recovered its lips pulled back into a sneer as it began to laugh at Kaze.

"And brazen too… You say your not a child but you look like on to me," sneered the fox.

Kaze scold out at the beast, he had to deal with more things than this beast did how dare it call him a child.

"So, human what is your name and how old are you?"

"My names Kaze, and I'm 18," answered Kaze.

"18… I see… So your no longer a child but your not quiet a man yet either… and with a name like Kaze, I suppose you are a man- child of the wind."

"Yes my name means wind! I'm more of a man then you, I've had to deal with more crap than you!" cried Kaze.

"Really? Then enlighten me. Want did you go through Wind man- child, what makes you think that it's worse than what I have to deal with."

Kaze stood silent for a second, he didn't really want to share his story, his moment of weakness.

"I'm waiting… Or is it that you don't have a story to tell me?"

"I HAVE A STORY!" yelled Kaze he then slowly told the fox, "… Everyone was dieing… Fires were starting everywhere… Meteors were hailing all on us… There was no food or fresh water for days because the food had gone bad, and water had somehow turned to blood… The wind and storm wouldn't stop… Our parents went out to find us, me and my sister, food. Then the earthquakes hit… me and my sister ran to a shelter… our grandparents were there… but not our mom and dad… She wouldn't stop crying so I promised to go looked for our parents while she waited with our grandparents… I looked but I got caught in a tornado… I saw as the building she was in get destroy… and she…"


Kaze drew in a sharp breath; he could still feel the sting of the words. It was painful. The fox leaned in closer to the boy as much as the cage would allow.

"I see… The wind spared you're live and brought you here to this world."

"This world?" question Kaze looking up at the creature.

"Wind man- child, it seems to me that your world died. The wind of your world spared you and brought you here to this world. That would explain your unusual appearance into this world."

"… I survived by running away! MY SISTERS DIED AND I SURVIVED BY GOING TO SOME UNKNOWN WORLD!" cried Kaze he could feel the tears swell up in his eyes.

"It appears so human," sneered the fox.

Kaze hung his head in shame tears fell without care as he tried to wipe them away and tried to act like a man and take it all in.

"… Do you feel weak Wind man- child?" asked the fox, Kaze slowly nodded his head yes and the fox continued, "Very well Wind man-child… I shall make you stronger, but I want something in return."

"Stronger?… Something in return?" whispered Kaze looking up at the fox.

"Want some of that strange wind energy that surrounds you. So that I can fuse my chakura to this boy," said the fox pointing to the blond haired boy, "And in return I will give you the power to become far stronger than you are now, so much that it is beyond human strength."

"And what… pray tell… be the side effects if I agree this," asked Kaze looking up at the demon.

"… You will no longer be human. You will be a devil of Wind, as it seems the wind favors you, and live far longer than any normal human, with powers beyond comprehension," answered the fox.

"A Devil! I couldn't possible do that!" cried Kaze in surprise.

"I you accept the power I offer you, you might be able to bring your sister back," enticed the fox.

"…! I can… I can… Bring Kana back," gasped Kaze in disbelieve it sounded too good to be true. "But what will happen to him?"

Kaze pointed towards the sleeping boy, unaware of the conversation.

"Once his and my chakara's fuse I will no longer exist, he in turn will be stronger than ever before and gain a few characteristics of mine."

"What type of characteristics?"

"Nothing he can't handle I'm sure. But do we strike a bargain?"

Kaze could feel the sweat drip down his face. He had to decide what he wanted. He wanted to be strong, stronger than anything else, he wanted to go home to the way it was before, and he wanted his family. And he was willing to pay through the nose to get it.

"I agree, but I want to keep at least my soul human!" conditioned Kaze.

The Fox stood up and walked up next to the bars, a sneer spread across his face.

"DONE!" cried the fox.

The wind blew harshly in the room and Kaze could feel something penetrate him through his chest, something like energy. A bit of the wind that surrounded Kaze fell away and went to the fox as it broke out of it's cage and went up to the sleeping boy. It turn bright white and the boy and fox became one. But Kaze could no longer pay attention to what was happening with them as he felt his skin bubble inside of him. He cried out in agony feeling the strange things his body was doing to accept the transformation. His watched as his nails became sharp claws and his teeth ache. He could feel something pry them up so he took his hand and rip out his teeth were they hurt the most, spitting out blood. He could feel as something replace them, something sharp. Black leathery wings burst form his back, drenched in his own blood. Finally he could feel the transformation settle, he barely felt human, the wind still circling him. He could hear what it finally said to him as he folded his black bat like wings back into his own back. Forcing them to disappear, only to be used when he needed them.

"We've been waiting for you, Wind Devil Kaze."


"Naruto stop it! You might hurt him!" scolded Sakura as she garbed Naruto's hand.

Naruto instantly woke up and looked around at his surrounding in a confused manner.

"What?" said Naruto looking toward Sakura for an explanation.

"HONESTLY NARUTO! Don't you listen, I told you not to touched him," hissed Sakura

"She has a point Naruto, you might hurt that boy if you touch him," interjected Kakashi.

"Huh? But what I'd do?" asked Naruto in confusion.

"NARUTO!" yelled Sakura as she clenched her fist, as he looked clueless at her.


Everyone looked up as the heard the boys voice as he lay there on the bed, his face scrunched up as it looked like he was trying the wake up. The wind blew through the window gently across his face. The boy's eyes instantly popped open as he jumped up.

"TORNADO!!!!" screamed Kaze as he jumped up.

He instantly regretted it as the felt some of his wounds reopen, causing him to lean forward in pain.

"Ow!… bad move… Ow," muttered Kaze as he clutched his sides.

"Wow he's awake," muttered Naruto in surprise.

Kaze sat up again this time more slowly than before as he looked at the people in the room with curiosity.

The group stared at Kaze in surprise. His green eyes seemed much brighter than usual and his general appearance seemed slightly altered. Kakashi stepped forward and looked at the boy square in the eye.

"You seemed to be fine now…" whispered Kakashi the then seemed to be speaking directly to Kaze as he said, " So young man what is your name?"

"It's Kaze, Kaze Akuma. And you would be who?" asked Kaze.