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The village was destroyed.

The once tall and proud buildings were now set ablaze, crumbling to the ground. The buildings that still stood waited for the effects of gravity to pull their weakened structures toppling down into the debris-ridden streets and onto the tall and proud people that once resided within them. Many of those people were screaming and scrambling about, some trying desperately to rescue those that were unconscious or trapped beneath the fallen buildings, while most only tried to save themselves and their family.

Running past the chaos of the burning buildings and blocking out the sounds of the peoples terrified screams, a blond haired, blue eyed man tightened his hold on the small bundle in his arms. All other things did not seem to matter to him as he ran through the village—even though somewhere in the back of his mind he worried for the people around him, the only thing that seemed to matter was the bundle he cradled in his arms, and the raging fox demon that was destroying the forest just outside of the village. The closer the blond came to the fox demon, the tighter he gripped onto the bundle in his arms. Nevertheless, no matter how tight he held the bundle, he made sure that no harm came to the infant inside.

While the man ran, the baby in his arms stayed surprisingly quiet for a baby not even an hour old. The blond haired, blue eyed baby—a mini replica of the young man in his early twenties holding him so protectively—seemed to be unnaturally wise for an infant such as himself; something that went unnoticed from the chaos going on. The small baby just looked out into the world with a small smile on his tiny lips, innocence shining in uniquely-colored blue eyes. Eyes that shone with understanding, an understanding as if the infant already knew its fate of being the container of the demon fox that stood raging on just up ahead of him.

Soon the man carrying the tiny bundle stopped and started to perform hand seals, with much difficulty since he was holing the baby. When he finished, a giant toad appeared beneath his feet, lifting him and the baby up into impossible heights in the sky. The blond man asked the giant toad to get as close as possible to the equally giant fox, but far enough away from it to stay out of the fox demon's attacking range. As the toad did what was asked of it and got close enough to the fox demon, the older blond gently laid the newly born blond on top of the toad's head and started to form another set of hand seals.

This set of hand seals was much longer than the first, and much more complicated. While the blond man made the hand seals, a dark, shadowy figure started to form behind him, and slowly gained a solid and clearer shape with each seal that was made. Right as the second-to-last seal was casted, a yell distracted the blond man, causing him to lose his concentration and the almost-solid figure behind him to disappear in an instant.

"MINATO! Stop this madness at once!" The voice yelled at the blond man once more. Turning around, the blond man, Minato, came face to face with a white haired old man.

"Jiraiya-sensei," Minato greeted nonchalantly. "What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What am I doing here?" the white haired man, Jiraiya, asked as he all but strangled his student. "What the hell do you think I'm here for? I'm here to stop you form making the biggest mistake of your life!"

"Jiraiya," Minato said, showing just how serious he was by not adding 'sensei' to the end of his old teacher's name for the first time ever. "I have to do this; to save my village, my precious people, my son!"

"You won't be saving him, but condemning him to a life of misery if you go through with this!" the Toad Sannin yelled. During the time the two continued to fight over the matter, the baby started to squirm around in the blanket he was wrapped in before freeing himself of its hold. The baby started to squirm about even more until he was on his hands and knees and did something no new-born baby should be able to do. The baby boy started to crawl, and did not seem to be afraid of the incredible height of what he was crawling at as he got closer to the edge of giant toad's head.

Soon the incline of the toad's head became too much for the baby to continue to crawl on without slipping and he started to slide, right off of the giant toad's head until he was in a free-fall. To him, the fall was a thrilling ride and he had no reason to be screaming from the imminent death about to befall him. No, instead, he was giggling every time his soft blond hair tickled his body and having fun. Just as the baby was about to meet the ground, and what was most likely his death, a giant, wet, slimy tongue surrounded his small form, cushioning him and halting his descent.

Setting the new-born down on the ground to make sure he could not try the same thing again, the toad, Gama-bunto, tried to get the two grown men's attention. Key word tried, because the two were too busy bickering on top of his head.

As Gama-bunto tried even harder to get the people riding on his heads attention, the baby continued with his adventure. Crawling forward, he continued on without a care in the world. The more he crawled, the farther away he got from Gama-bunto and the others, and the more frantic Gama-bunto became. Finally the baby stopped crawling and sat down, right in front of the raging fox demon's front left paw.

"IDIOTS!" Gama-bunto screamed, finally gaining the others attention.

"WHAT?" the two screamed at Gama-bunto, still angry from their earlier debate.

"So happy you finally decided to listen to me, and Minato, may I point out that your son is about to be crushed by the giant fox demon over there?" the toad said sarcastically.

"WHAT?" Minato yelled frantically, almost giving himself whiplash as he jerked his head towards the nine-tailed fox demon and his son sitting right in front of it. By then the fox had lifted its leg right above the baby's head and was ready to crush the infant. "NOOOO—" screamed the boy's frantic father as he saw his son about to be killed. Leaping from atop the giant toad's head, he landed on the ground but was still much too far away. He reached out his hand as if to grasp his son from across the great distance and pull him out of harms way, but it was too late.

The nine-tailed fox demon's paw came crashing down on the infant.

The fox seemed to freeze up just when its paw struck the infant, and the whole clearing went silent as if to grieve the infant's death that came all too soon.

The fox then let out a howl that sounded like it was mourning for the infant's death as well, and as the howl rang out through the entire area, a fire began to burn around the fox.

If anyone asked what happened after that or where the fire came from, no one could say. The only thing that anyone could remember was that the fire consumed the fox, and when it died down the fox was gone, but not without a child's giggling that seemed to ring throughout the clearing, and was heard by all present.

The Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, after the fox disappeared, fell to his knees in front of Gama-bunto, in shock and sadness, looking for any sign of his son's body. None was found.

Unnoticed to the two men and the giant toad, three others had arrived in time to see the fateful event. One of them began to make his way towards the blond, but a second male laid his hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

"He needs to be alone, Obito," the one who stopped the first from going told his teammate.

"But I just want to help him. You know what I mean, right Kakashi?" Obito asked.

"We all do, Obito," Rin said softly, watching her sensei grieve over his lost son. "We all do."

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