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A Millennium Battle

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: A New Battle

Two figures looked up at the moon, lights flashed on the surface… a terrible thing was happening on the surface… the smaller of the two figures was angry about the older of the two had an evil grin.

"Because of this war… I can't use my plan…" said the younger of the two figures who was a little girl with white hair and pale skin.

"Yeah but those bustards of the Silver Millennium are going to loose… that's enough to make me happy…" said the older of the two figures who was a young man.

"Yeah but now that mamodo Goren is probably going to win… that lousy cheat…" said the little girl.

"Takes one to know one…" said the young man.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" yelled the girl.

"Isn't using the princess and her guardians also cheating?" asked the young man.

"Well I guess… either way, I have a theory… a theory I hope is true… because if I lose I can have someone achieve my goal for me…" said the young girl.

The young man looked at the little girl and both walked away… the little girl praying that she won't meet up with the one called Goren and hopping that the Princess will be reborn 1,000 years in the future…

1,000 years later…

Rei was doing a fire reading when many pictures came to her, a pale little girl with sliver and a teenaged girl holding a white book. Those two hurting people with strange powers. Another picture appeared, a boy… who was wearing what looked like a blue dress and a teenaged boy holding the same book but red. They were look determined about something, however there was a some sort of way these two looked, even though they were determined… they looked like they were good people… unlike the other two… who gave off an aura of evil. The visions died and Rei knew what was going on. She would have to tell the other about this.

Later in town Kiyo was sighing, Suzy dragged him out for a day of fun… not only that but she referred to it as a "date" which was the main reason he brought Zatch along… so it wouldn't be a date… the three of them were walking down a street, there was shrine there.

"Oh I heard about this shrine, this shrine sells charms that actually work and also the priestess here can tell the future…" said Suzy.

"Wow really!" said Zatch.

"That's what I heard…" said Suzy.

The two ran up the stairs while Kiyo just sighed at the two.

Meanwhile, there was meeting for the Sailor Senshi in front of the shrine. Rei told the others about the vision she had.

"So was the guy in your vision cute?" asked Minako.

"Well kind of… I mean we need to be serious about this…" said Rei.

"What did these books look like?" asked Artemis.

"Why?" asked Rei.

"Well…" said Artemis.

Then both Luna and Artemis hard two people coming up from the stairs.

"I told you it was a bad idea to hold the meetings right here…" said Rei.

"But it's such a nice day…" said Usagi… whose idea it was to hold it outside.

The two people who came from the stairs were of course Zatch and Suzy. Both walked up to the girl. Rei was shocked when she saw Zatch.

"That boy…" she thought.

"Excuse me…" said Suzy, who then recognized one of the girls, "Ami is that you?"

"Suzy, it's been a while…" said Ami surprised but happy.

"Ami who know her?" asked Mokoto.

"Believe it or not, this is my cousin Suzy." said Ami, "These are my friends Usagi…"

"Hi…" said Usagi.

"Rei…" said Ami.

"Oh um… hi." said Rei.

"Mokoto." said Ami.

"You can call me Mako-Chan." said Makoto.

"And Minako." said Ami.

"Hi!" said Minako.

"This is Zatch, he's um… what are you to Kiyo?" asked Suzy.

"His best friend!" said Zatch hiding the fact that he's a mamodo from Suzy.

"Who's Kiyo?" asked Minako.

Kiyo managed to get to the top of the stairs when he saw Suzy waving over to him.

"This is Kiyo!" said Suzy happily.

Rei was surprised again, "The same guy from my vision…" she thought.

"Who they?" asked Kiyo.

"This is my cousin Ami and her friends… I'm going to give them a gift…" said Suzy.

"Oh… hi… um your name wouldn't be Ami Mizuno would it?" asked Kiyo.

"Oh yes…" said Ami.

"Oh we took a test recently… and you beat me… wait a second… YOU'RE SUZY'S COUSIN?" said Kiyo.

Meanwhile someone was watching them, it was two figures, one was small and the other looked to be teenaged girl. "Looks like I've finally found them…" said the smaller of the two, which was a little girl.

"Are you sure?" asked the teenaged girl.

"Yes those two cats…" said the little girl, "Mother I'm finally doing the thing you wished in last battle…" she thought.

"Wait isn't that a mamodo? He might ruin our plans…" said the teenaged girl.

"Don't worry… its just Zatch, he's a weakling he'll go down easily, though I'm surprised he made it that far…" said the little girl.

Back with Kiyo and the girls...

"What so surprising about those two being cousins?" asked Minako.

"Well it's just that I would have never expected that…" said Kiyo motioning to Suzy drawing faces on some oranges.

The girl sweatdroped, "I see what you mean…" said Rei.

"I'm surprised she still does that…" said Ami with a sweat drop.

Zatch noticed Luna and Artemis. "Oh hi there! Aren't you cute cats." said Zatch.

"That's Luna and Artemis, Luna belongs to Usagi and Artemis belongs to Minako." said Mokoto.

"Wow…" said Zatch.

"So Kiyo are you seeing anyone?" asked Minako, she thought he was pretty cute.

Kiyo sweatdroped, "Um… well…" said Kiyo.

"Kagecloruk!" yelled a voice.

"A spell!" said Kiyo.

Several little girls appeared they were pale, all of them were identical with sliver hair wearing a plain black dress, she had a very cold look in their eyes.

"It's a mamodo! I mean mamodos…" said Zatch.

"You know since this little girl's in the way…" smiled one of the girls.

A teenage girl with long black hair and a cold look in her black eyes jumped down seemingly from the trees in her hands was a white book.

"Powderuk…" read the teenage girl.

A purple powder came from the little girls hand and went over to Suzy… she breathed it in and fainted. Zatch managed to catch her before she hit the ground.

"So your after our book right?" sauid Kiyo taking out the red book.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, silly book keeper… just because you're in the battle for king doesn't mean I'd go after you… Zatch is such a weakling since I'm here I mind as well burn your book…" said one of the little girls, "But I'm after those girls… they're the ones I want…"

"Why do you want them?" asked Zatch.

"None of your business!" said another of the little girls.

"Popolina!" read the teenage girl.

A beam shot from the little girls' right hands.

"Rashield!" read Kiyo.

As Zatch's eyes became white a large shield appeared from the ground. All the beams hit the shield all but one didn't bounce back. When it did it hit one of the little girls and she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"So their like Shadow Clones…" said Zatch regaining consciousness from using the spell.

"Yeah… Wait… Shadow Clones? Where did you get that from?" asked Kiyo.

"TV." replied Zatch.

"I should have known…" said Kiyo, "Hey one of should get Suzy out of here… I'll explain what's going on later…"

"Way ahead of you…" said Makoto who was giving the unconscious Suzy a piggyback ride.

The girl's ran to hide with the cats in tow. Kiyo turned to the mamodo and her bookkeeper.

"Who are you?" asked Kiyo.

"The names Serenity… named after a certain princess… you'll never understand…" said one of the mamodo girls.

"I'm her book keeper, Yumi…" said the teenaged girl.

"And what do you want here?" asked Kiyo.

"Those girls… their no ordinary, you'll find out soon after all their stick their heads in this battle after all…" said one of the Serenitys.

With the girls they hid in Rei's room. Makoto laid Suzy down on Rei's bed.

"So what are those things?" asked Minako.

"Mamodos…" responded Artemis.

"Mamodos, what are those?" asked Usagi.

"There's another world known as the mamodo world… every 1,000 years 100 mamodo children come to earth to fight for the crown of their world…" said Luna.

"The fight works by using the spell books, each mamodo must find a human partner called book keepers in order to use the spell book. Using the human's emotion they launch the spells…" said Artemis.

"However when the spell book is burned the mamodo is sent back to the mamodo world… and that mamodo is eliminated from the battle for king." said Luna.

"So that kid Zatch and that little girl are mamodos? And Kiyo and the other girl are their book keepers?" asked Minako.

"Right…" said Artemis.

"And I also bet they're the ones from Rei's vision, right?" said Luna.

"They are…" said Rei.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Ami.

"I think we should help… that girl did say she was after us after all…" said Usagi.

"I agree…" said Rei.

"Luna, Artemis can you two keep an eye on Suzy?" asked Ami.

Both cat nodded.

"All right, Moon Cosmic Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"


And so they all transformed, they headed outside. As Kiyo was blasting some of the Serenitys with Zaker always disappearing in a puff of smoke. Kiyo showed signs of execution.

"You can't keep this up for much longer… I'm surprised how the little weakling has gotten this far…" smirked one of the Serenitys.

"She's right… I don't know how much longer I can keep it up…" thought Kiyo.

Suddenly, a golden disk shot from behind Kiyo and hit quite a few of the Serenitys. The remaining Serenitys smirked as well as Yumi. The disk flew towards the person who threw it… Sailor Moon! It transformed back to her Tiara as she placed it on her head.

"S…s…Sailor Moon…" said Kiyo.

Zatch remember something "Now I remember, Suzy told me that the Sailor Senshi are often seen at this particular shrine a lot…" said Zatch.

"What!" yelled Kiyo.

Serenity clapped her hands and her Shadow Clones as Zatch put it disappeared in puffs of smoke. "You know I'll get what I want and having a mamodo body guard would make things more interesting… I'll be back… oh by the way, I know who you all are… Ami Mizuno… Rei Hino… Makoto Kino… Minako Aino… Usagi Tsukino… don't try to cover it up for the weakling… even if you try to cover it up I'll make sure they'll always be nearby when I appear otherwise it won't be any fun…" said Serenity, "Let's go Yumi…"

"Right…" said Yumi.

"Wait!" said Kiyo.

"Mokubomuruk!" read Yumi.

A smoke bomb appeared and when the smoke cleared Serenity and Yumi were gone. The Sailor Senshi were still there.

"So Ami... and her friends… sorry I didn't catch your names… but are you really the Sailor Senshi?" asked Kiyo.

An awkward silence covered the shrine… no one saying anything…

Next Time: Friendships are forged... and alliances are made... among other things... and why does Minako want to meet other Book Keepers and what's with the horse? All this next time...