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Chapter 1

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Naruto walked around his house looking for Ramen cups he had not eaten which was proving to be a difficult task, all he could find where wrappers, and empty ramen cups, "Aw man, I don't have any ramen left!" Naruto wined still looking for the Ramen cups he didn't have. Naruto looked and looked, and eventually found one behind his couch.

"Woohoo!" Naruto shouted making his ramen.

Hinata woke up, she did her usual thing, took a shower, put on her clothes, and went outside, she walked around looking for her team, but only Shino had gotten up and he wasn't much company, so she let him continue his training. She started thinking about Naruto and how there relationship had gotten better, after the Bikouchuu Mission, Naruto was so impressed by her strength, and had respected her a lot more than he had usually had for her.

"Hey Hinata!" Naruto shouted to the shy girl, she turned around to find Naruto running at her.

'Naruto-Kun, he's coming twords me what, should I do?' Hinata asked herself a small blush came to her face.

"H-Hi Naruto-Kun…" Hinata looked at the blond haired boy, Naruto patted her on the shoulder as he stopped right next to her, her small blush moved to an enormous one as he did this.

'Oh my god, Naruto-Kun, he-he's touching me'

"What's wrong Hinata? Do you have a fever" Naruto placed his hand on her forehead, this was probably the easiest way to get her to faint, and unsurprisingly she did just that, she fainted and fell to the ground.

"Hinata?" Naruto kneeled down and started shaking her. "Hinata!" He started shouting as he gently shook her, he gave up and picked her up off the ground, and began to walk to his home, he finally made it there. Naruto pushed everything off his couch and set her down, he sat down and waited for her to wake up.

Hinata got up from the unfamiliar couch and looked around.

'Where am I? And what am I doing her?' Hinata asked herself, she pulled a blanket off that was put on her, she got up and looked around, she made her way to the kitchen and found Naruto making Ramen.

'Wait a second I'm in Naruto-Kun's house!'

Hinata finds out she is in Naruto's House! She has no Idea why she is there and most likely she is getting the wrong idea.

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