After slamming the phone down, I threw on some clothes and ran out of the front door. As if on purpose, the sky gave a loud roar, and spilt all its tears on me. I ran in vain. Not wanting to, but still running. Faster than ever before.

It was still pouring as I arrived at the park gates, drenched from head to toe. I shivered. And smiled. The gates were still open. God knows why. And I raced down the path. The path was covered with dirty leaves, and the leafless trees above refused to stop the rain. And yet, I still kept on running.

Finally I got there. To the place. Our place. But he wasn't there. I looked around. All empty. My heart couldn't take any more pain. I sat down and wept. And as the seconds went by, the truth suddenly began to sink in. This is it. This is the way my life would be afterwards. And suddenly I heard someone call my name. I quickly dried the tears, and turned around. In that split second, I prayed that he'd be there. And he was. I got up shakily, and slowly walked over to him. And he just stood there, underneath a huge oak willow tree.

As I was walking up, I realised that this is a sight that I'd remember forever. And the closer I got, the more I sensed a difference about him. And no, it wasn't the army haircut or uniform. It was him. He was different. And for a second, I was scared to go any nearer. Fear took over my body. It entered my heart, and I froze. He sensed me stiffen, and slowly walked towards me. I looked into his eyes, and sensed that same fear. And then he smiled. It wasn't his usual, toothy grin, but the fear inside me vanished, and I tried to smile back. He put his arms around me, and embraced me. His body was warm, and we were like two souls combined in one. And then he let go.

And the reality sank in. That was it. The end. Our last moment of happiness. I could feel myself crumble. My knees went week, and my eyes started watering. And then he wiped my tears, and gently kissed my forehead. In the distance I could hear the sirens wailing.

It was time to go. Time to say the very last goodbye. So we did. For what other choice had we?

To be continued...