Green Pastures


The little horse rocked side to side, pushed about by the water inside the glass container. It could still remember when it rocked inside it's mother's womb, pink light glowing faintly as she ran through green pastures.

Now she was stuck on a shelf next to someone's removed kidney, entirely unremarkable apart from the fact it had a face, and a 38" 24" 38" that could rival Marilyn's. Still, it didn't have to flaunt it, tapping against the oily glass tube in the way only a decomposing organ can.

The little foetus' half-grown eyes caught sight of the man holding her, and if it's muscles still worked they would have widened. That dark hair, those big brown eyes, and the soft "bubu" noise he made: it was love at first sight. As he put the foetus down, it tried to cry out, then remembered it was dead. The horse foetus considered this irrelevant.

Through the dark and dusty room she looked on with horror as the was faced monster crawled up silently behind the man. A snip of the scissors and he writhed in pain, searching frantically for a way out. But the the other was approaching again.

It was now or never she knew, and collecting together all her will she pushed her tank over the shelf, juxtaposed with the attacker's head. The glass broke apart and he screamed.

"Arhh! Dead horse foetuses in glass tanks! My only fear!" He ran from the room, still screaming.

Saved by her efforts, the tall stranger bent down to where the foetus lay amid pooled water and broken glass. He looked at her with sympathy.

"My love...I shall care for you..."

So, Wade and his girlfriend (whatever her name was) bought the smallest baby chair they could find, and raised the dead horse foetus as their own, despite what the neighbours said. His girlfriend developed a strange hillbilly phobia, and Wade got a metal foot, which he used for kicking the sick and ugly on weekends.

The end.