Story: One Must Always Expect the Unexpected

Author: The Evil Pink Squirrel of Doom

Summery: Susan falls in love with someone who had been right at her side since entering Aslans camp.But there are many difficulties for a gentle queen

and a centaur general. Susan/Oreius.

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Given This, Taken That

Susan groaned slightly as she felt the large male pull back from what they were involved in, his massive bulk landing beside her before his powerful arms

wrapped tightly around his tucking her as close as possible into his frame. Her legs wrapped with what she knew would become as his people would say

her mate, his hands ran along her spine and played with her hair. Susan felt warm and content for a moment before the questions once again began to

surface in her mind.

"Why did you stop? Did I do something wrong?" Oreius was thrown for a moment at the soft worried words of his queen, quickly he pulled her tighter to

him, once more nuzzling into her soft hair enjoying her scent.

"General? Oreius?" He felt the queen sit up slightly pulling up her partially torn dress covering the lovely flesh of her chest, and blocking her breast form

his view, leaving the centaur to wonder at what point the damage had occurred. He finally chose to simply leave the knowledge unknown and concentrate

on that she had said his name separately form his title, well sort of.

"My queen to go any further without proper…darling what I'm trying to say is it would be unfair to you… I mean I leave for battle in the morning, at first

light. You said yourself there is every chance I may not come back and it wouldn't be right for me to… defile you in the manner and basically destroy you

for any future chance you have at marriage. Not to mention there are several other reasons why we should not actually consummate a relationship…"

Susan raised her eyebrows slightly at the centaurs words trying to take them all in, and sort through them as fast her clouded mind could. When finally it

all connected in her head she flung so she was sitting fully up and stared at the male beside her with horror in her eyes.

"Your going to come back, you have to come back. Aslan would not be so cruel as to take you from me now. After all this time, this constant going back

and forth. Your what I want, I could never dream of being with another… " She could feel tears beginning to slowly trace the bone of her check. Oreius

pulled her back down to him, holding her tightly as she cried.

"As are you what I have always dreamt of my dear love, however should something happen while I am gone, you need to be able to continue on with your

life. We are not properly wed, and therefore should something happen to me after we mated as my kind would put it you would be unable to wed. It would

be greatly unfair to you... And Narnia herself should not be deprived of the celebration I am sure the Princess Consort and the High King will through

when you finally do find a suitor whom you all can agree on, be it me or be it another more human male." The centaur stopped speaking and looked away

for a moment his head continuing his inner monologue. For one of the few times in his life, all of which oddly incomputerate the beauty laying beside his

massive form, he felt weak and vulnerable. Susan grimaced at the generals logic. She knew he was all she would ever want and there would be no other if

something happened to him. She longed to tell him that Peter would agree to allow them to wed, and she didn't care if it had to occur tonight, all there close

friends and family were at Cair Paravel. She hated the thought of another night without his form lying with her in the extravagant bedchambers. Susan

couldn't recall the last time she had felt so warm and safe, with the exception of when she had been upon the Generals strong back.

"You are all I could ever dream of my gentle queen, you were in my foremost thoughts on the battlefield with your brother all those years ago. I am in love

with you Susan, I could never dream of having another in my bed." Susan smiled warmly forgetting the saddening thoughts that had been in her head only

moments earlier.

A voice down the hall caused both figures to jump. Oreius leapt to his hooves and stood before the bed listening intently. Susan stood behind him,

glancing at the doors to her bed chambers, she could hear voices calling her name on the other side and suddenly fear struck her, slowly her hand reached

out towards the chair and she swiped something off of it. Oreius however quickly walked and swung open the doors causing to Edmund and the beavers

to nearly fall over in fright. He stood tall and brave, his hands on either door as it flew to its place against the walls. The shadow that feel across him only

made him look more terrifying to the trio that stood in the middle of the foyer. Edmund moved forward at the realization of who is was opening his sisters

chamber doors, brotherly instinct taking over.

"General, what are you doing in my sisters chambers?… And what the bloody hell happened to the door?" Edmund stood trying to look as protective as

possible, he had never feared the general before with the omission of when he had been rescued from Jadis. But as the General turned his head slightly

towards the slim figure of Susan as she slid past him into her vestibule Edmund felt fear at what perhaps had been going on when he and the beavers

entered. For a moment he even considered the idea that perhaps the General whom had been chosen by Aslan had finally given into his more animal

instincts or something of that sort. Those thoughts were quickly brushed off though, Edmund knew that the giant powerful beast before him would never

move to hurt his sister, or any member of his family. It was a realization quickly followed by the fact that he discovered he was getting an odd look from

Susan. Deciding it would be safer to deal with the Head General rather then his elder sister, the Just King returned his attention to the creature before him.

"I heard a noise in the queens chambers and thought that I should investigate, however the door was locked and I was worried for the queens well being. I

felt it best to further investigate the matter when she refused to respond to my request of her well being." He stopped and glanced back at the young

queen who stood silently by the door her body hidden somewhat under a shawl she had swiftly draped around her slender form to cover her torn dress

and exposed body.

"You raced through the gardens in such a fright Queen Susan, we thought it best to check on you. Your brother was very worried when your door had

been thrown off its hinges. However had we known the General was already in control of the situation…" Mr. Beaver stopped at feeling his wives arm

drape softly on his, her eyes were filled with worry and a strange look of enduring understanding as Edmund glanced between the pair and turned to go.

"I suspect you will still be prepared to leave in the morning for the Hinter pass General?" Oreius nodded softly, his eyes never leaving Susan. If the young

king wished it he could have the General stripped of rank and sold into slavery in a far off land without the High Kings permission like a execution. Still he

held his ground and hoped for the best, he had just won his queen in a manor of speaking and he refused to lose her so hastily.

"Well in that case then seeing as how my sister appears alright, are you alright Su?" The young monarchs eyes showed concern for his elder sibling and a

slight fear of what had been going on.

"I'm fine Edmund I'm just a little riled from planning the ball, and what with prince Racine coming and all the things that must happen. Then you men going

off to war yet again, well it just got to me is all. I believe after some food and a good nights rest I should be fine." Susan smiled gently at her brother,

hoping he left the situation at that. Edmund nodded at his sister and turned once more, Mr. Beaver followed quickly behind. Mrs. Beaver was left looking

at the pair from where she stood, her height although not even to Susan thigh was used to full stature.

"General its best that you follow King Edmund, and go to check on the troops as was your originally plan for this evening. As it is also King Edmund, and

my husbands plans for this evening I suggest you try to avoid speaking of this matter. I feel as the maternal figure to the throne I must go have a talk with

the young queen Susan. I will speak with you tonight General Oreius, now go." With that it was made clear the giant centaur general, who caved to

nobody, and gave in to know threat was dismissed by the small beaver. Oreius made fast to look at Susan, offering a small nod and half smile, one he

hoped went unnoticed be the aging beaver before him and was off through the door. Mrs. Beaver turned her attentions to the young beauty before her and

shook her head slightly, clicking her tongue as she did. Young ones, they never knew when to give in, and when they did it was always at the worst of


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