Raiha's Clothes
By: Dueyoso

Disclaimer: ok... I should probably get my head checked out pretty soon... hehe... um I guess I came up with this while drooling over Raiha and I noticed how cute his clothes were... and I thought of this fic. Random neh? Well neways flame of Recca doesn't belong to me it belongs to Nobuyuki Anzai. And Tare panda doesn't belong to me either though it is extremely cute! This is a Raiha-Fuuko fic by the way.

It was a normal summer day and Fuuko and Yanagi had decided to hang out at Yanagi's house to just talk about stuff and find something interesting to do. So far they'd had absolutely no luck.

Yanagi: Why don't we go to the park?

Fuuko: Or not..." Fuuko rolled over on the couch and starred outside at the passing clouds. She remembered the time they had saved Yanagi at Kurei's mansion. It had been one of her more fun experiences in the past few months, though it had been dangerous. Fuuko also remembered the later visit to Kagero and all about the Hokage ninjas...

Yanagi: I'm out of ideas Fuuko-chan... do you want something to drink?

Fuuko: Yanagi... why don't we make a ninja movie?" Yanagi starred at her blankly and blinked a few times.

Yanagi: you have no idea how random that is Fuuko-chan.

Fuuko: no seriously! We can borrow Recca's ninja stuff and make a movie on your new video camera! It'd be so much fun!

Yanagi: well... actually that does sound kinda cool...

Fuuko: see? Come on lets go!" Fuuko grabbed Yanagi's sleeve and pulled her out the door towards Recca's house.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Fuuko banged loudly on Recca's door with Yanagi standing behind her. From somewhere inside they heard scrambling noises and Recca's voice call.

Recca: hold on second..." He hurried to finish whatever it was he had been doing and opened the door to find Fuuko and Yanagi. "oh! Hey! Come in." He invited them inside
And went to the kitchen.

Fuuko: hey Recca we're just here really quick and to ask a small favor...

Recca: how small?" Fuuko paused looking slightly nervous. Recca wasn't exactly known for lending away ninja stuff especially for a cheesy home video.

Fuuko: well... you see Yanagi and I are trying to make a ninja movie and we were wondering if we could borrow some of your ninja stuff." Recca gave her a weird look.

Recca: don't you have anything Fuuko?

Fuuko: No! I am not a ninja!

Recca: well whatever makes you girls happy..." Recca lead them to his room which, as we all know, was packed full of ninja stuff. Absolutely anything Yanagi or Fuuko could need for their movie was in this room. Recca started getting down all types of throwing stars and knives. He had a few swords and he even handed Fuuko a book about different techniques and such. Yanagi seemed to have disappeared into the depths of Recca's closet and she came out holding up Recca's ninja outfit.

Yanagi: hey Recca-chan... can I borrow this too?" Fuuko slapped her head.

Fuuko: I totally forgot about an outfit! Damn! Recca do you have another one of those?" Fuuko highly doubted he did, but asked anyways as she pointed at the clothes Yanagi was holding.

Recca: yah... you can borrow that Hime, but I don't think I have another one. A ninja only needs one outfit... well at least I only need one." Recca scratched his head and thought for a moment before shrugging. "Sorry Fuuko but I can't help you there.

Fuuko: damn... I didn't think you had two... do you know of anyone else who might have one?

Recca: Sensei might have something but I doubt he'll lend it to you for such trivial purposes. Actually he wouldn't anyway. Um...

Yanagi: does your mother have anything?

Recca: no she got rid of her stuff a long time ago.

Fuuko: well anyhow I'm sure we'll be able to come up with something." Recca handed them all the stuff he had gathered and lead them to the front door.

Recca: I hope this helps you guys! Just come by if you need anything else and I do want to see this when your finished." He smiled and patted Yanagi's head lightly.

Yanagi: thanks Recca-chan! I'm sure this will be good.

Fuuko: Maybe we can all watch it later this week!

Recca: sounds great! I'll see you girls later!

Yanagi: bye Recca!

Fuuko: see ya later!

Recca: bye!" Recca waved and shut the door as Yanagi and Fuuko walked down the street back towards Yanagi's house.

Fuuko: this is gonna be so cool! Now all we need is a good story and another ninja costume!" Fuuko popped chibi and frowned. "But where am I gonna get a costume???

Yanagi: what about that ninja guy that always followed you around during the UBS? He was one of Kurei's guys I think, but he was always so nice... especially to you." Fuuko blushed at Yanagi's comment and tried to hide her face in Recca's ninja stuff.

Fuuko: who? Raiha?

Yanagi: I think so... he had long hair and he was an actual ninja... kinda cute too!

Fuuko: YANAGI!!!" Fuuko blushed even more and starred amazed at her friend.

Yanagi: what? He is! Anyways couldn't you borrow some clothes from him?

Fuuko: I guess so... but lets drop this off first." The rest of their walk was in silence and Fuuko reflected on her first visit to Raiha's mansion where she almost drowned. She remembered pretty well where it was and figured she'd have to use her bike. The problem was asking Raiha to borrow his clothes for a ninja movie... it just sounded so... well cheesy. And then he'd think she was weird and probably never to talk to her again... Why do I care what Raiha thinks of me anyways... she mentally chided herself as they walked up Yanagi's driveway. The girls went inside and dumped all the ninja stuff onto Yanagi's bed.

Yanagi: well then... do you want something to drink now?

Fuuko: that's ok... I should probably get over to Raiha's place." Fuuko looked out the window at the afternoon sky.

Yanagi: maybe I should start writing the story tonight... is that ok?" it took Fuuko a moment to snap out of her daydreaming.

Fuuko: uh... yah sure. I really don't have any ideas beyond it being about ninjas. And just for references sake we probably shouldn't make it about the Hokage either.

Yanagi: good point... just ninjas in general and stuff. I'll come up with something.

Fuuko: ok! I should be back soon but I'll call you when I get to Raiha's." Yanagi escorted Fuuko to the front door and waved as she walked towards her house.

Fuuko walked back to her house and grabbed a jacket before getting her bike out of the garage. oh my god... why am I doing this again? Fuuko thought to herself as she tried to remember exactly where Raiha lived. He didn't live that far from where the UBS took place obviously, but it was a ways from Fuuko's house. *sigh* this is kinda fun... I wonder how I'm gonna get in though. Geez I feel like such a dork asking Raiha this... hehe but then I'll get to wear his clothes! Hehehe! I do hope he's at home tonight.

Before long Fuuko found herself near the old UBS dome and in the wooded area that surrounded it. Even this close to her destination it was hard to navigate and it was getting dark. After getting hopelessly lost several times she finally managed to find a path that looked as though it may lead somewhere. As luck turned out it did lead somewhere. And Fuuko found herself right outside the old UBS dome once again.She sighed in frustration and decided to try and retrace her footsteps of the first time she'd been to Raiha's house. This time she wandered into a clearing which looked oddly familiar...

Fuuko: of course! This is where I practiced with Fuujin and took out a bunch of trees! happy at finally getting somewhere, Fuuko continued to bike through the thickening forest before coming upon her destination... Raiha's house... er mansion! Fuuko smiled to herself and dumped her bike off at the bottom of the steps. She then cautiously climbed the stone stairs to Raiha's front door where two guards stopped her.

Guard1: Hello miss... how may we help you?

Fuuko: I'm here to see Raiha.

Guard1: I'm afraid we cannot let you in without Raiha-sama's permission.

Guard2: wait I recognize you... what's your name?

Fuuko: Kirisawa Fuuko. Why?

Guard2: oh! You can go in! You're Raiha's girlfriend!" Both of the guard bowed and Fuuko sweat dropped, but went inside.

Fuuko: at least they don't remember me as the girl who almost drowned... Fuuko slowly looked around the hallway and decided to go in the direction Raiha had once tried to lead her in, when she had rushed to second floor. She took off her shoes and then continued down the halls which were filled with beautiful paintings and, like Recca's room, old ninja stuff. Fuuko then came out into a large room with a huge comfy looking couch and a big fire place with a fire roaring happily in it. The walls here were also decorated with artwork and ninja stuff. Fuuko could see through a large doorway into another room which had lots of bookshelves. Assumably a library.

Fuuko looked around the room some more before actually entering. The carpet felt super soft and nice under her feet. At last she noticed a small figure curled up on one end of the huge couch apparently sleeping. Fuuko knew at once it was Raiha. Her breath caught in her chest as she looked at him peacefully sleeping. This was the Raiha she knew... not the killer that lived, currently dormant, inside of him. Fuuko felt an unfamiliar feeling rise up within her as she moved closer to the sleeping ninja. She liked it though... it was as if everything felt perfect right then seemingly just because Raiha was there. Fuuko blushed despite herself and came to stand directly in front of Raiha. Quietly as possible she knelt down and starred at his handsome features.

Fuuko: what's gotten over you Kirisawa? Its just Raiha... but he's so perfect isn't he? She tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ears and brushed her hand lightly across his cheek. Fuuko made her way quietly and sat down on the couch next to Raiha. She really did not want to wake him just to ask for his clothes so instead Fuuko just watched Raiha contently as he slept. It wasn't long before she too began to feel tired. Besides the fire light the room was completely dark seeing as the sun had set. Fuuko yawned and, curling into a ball, leaned against Raiha and fell asleep.

Raiha eyes fluttered open as the first rays of sun cam streaming in one of the many windows. He stretched...or at least attempted to until he noticed the wind wielder leaning against him sound asleep.

Raiha: Raiha your dreaming AGAIN!!! She's not here... Fuuko's not here... open your eyes already! Raiha rubbed his eyes and opened them once more to find that Fuuko was not an illusion. Oh boy... um... um... um... food! She's gonna be hungry knowing her... Raiha smiled and gently slipped out from under the sleeping Fuuko replacing himself with a big fluffy pillow and a warm blanket. Then he turned chibi and sweat dropped.

Raiha: I cant cook... nevertheless Raiha proceeded to the kitchen to see what he could come up with. The results weren't exactly um... pretty. The only thing he could actually cook(and live through cooking) was ramen. So he returned to the couch room with a tray filled with ramen and orange juice and pocky... not scary just weird... really weird for breakfast... Raiha quietly set the tray on a small table near Fuuko and then picked up the book he had fallen asleep reading the night before. It was a book about these guys on a boat and they were fishing and got caught in a storm and drowned. Raiha seemed to like it as he paid his undivided attention to the pages displayed before him. Well he paid attention until a certain wind goddess began to wake up.

Fuuko pushed off the blanket and sat up yawning. She rubbed her eyes and looked around to see she was somewhere unfamiliar. Then she saw Raiha smiling at her and reading a book. He put the book down.

Raiha: good morning Fuuko-san!" It took Fuuko a minute to remember what had happened the previous day and to remember what she was there for. She blushed.

Fuuko: morning Raiha... sorry to surprise you like this..." Raiha shook his head and smiles reassuringly.

Raiha: not a problem. Glad to see you remembered me!

Fuuko: how could I forget a guy like Raiha? Which means what exactly? Fuuko's stomach decided to make a debut and grumbled in protest.

Raiha: hungry Fuuko-san?" Fuuko nodded and noticed the food sitting on the table. "sorry it's not exactly normal breakfast food but I'm not a great cook..." Fuuko certainly didn't seem to mind as she immediately began stuffing her face with ramen. Raiha sweat dropped and took his own bowl of noodles. After Fuuko finished eating (in all of about 5 seconds flat) she noticed that her bowl, spoon, and cup all featured Tare panda. Then, pushing thoughts of Tare panda away, remembered about calling Yanagi.

Fuuko: hey Raiha... do you have a phone?" (ok this could be a stupid question, but seriously how many ninjas actually had phones?) Chibi Raiha hopped off the couch and began rummaging through a stack of random things on table off to one side of the room. he found what he was looking for and waved it around as if to signal he had a phone... er a cell phone at least, but it gets the job done.(and of course it had a Tare panda case on it.)

Raiha: Kurei insists I have it..." he handed Fuuko the phone and she immediately dialed up Yanagi, rolling her eyes at the case.

Yanagi: moshi moshi! Sakoshita residence.

Fuuko: hey Yanagi!

Yanagi: Fuuko? Where are you? You never called and you weren't even home last night!

Fuuko: well I kinda got lost on the way to Raiha's... anyways I'm probably gonna be over at your house in about um... 2 hours?

Yanagi: ok! I'll be expecting you! And Recca and I worked on the script all night last night! His dad made him stay home but we talked over AIM! Oh I came up with the best idea and...

Fuuko: Ok! Ok! As long as it's not too much like Flame man I'm sure it's fine! Now I gotta go! I'll see you soon! Bye!" Fuuko hung up before Yanagi could yell at her about insulting Flame man. (which was a very wise move on her part.) "Whew! Now that that's taken care of down to business!

Raiha: huh?" acting very confused, cute and chibi he retrieved the phone from Fuuko and went back to eating his ramen on the couch. "So why are you here?

Fuuko: (very nervous) um... well you see... uh Yanagi and I were uh... bored! Yah we were bored! And so we wanted to um... come up with something to do that wasn't too... too... too stupid! So I though we could uh... perhaps make a home video movie thingie about ninjas.

Raiha: ninjas? *blink blink* that's random.

Fuuko: (still extremely nervous) that's what Yanagi said... but now she's writing the script and were gonna film this afternoon... (goes into the story about visiting Recca)... so I was wondering if I could perhaps kinda sorta maybe borrow some of yer um... clothes..." Fuuko mumbled the last bit and twisted her shirt trying not to blush. Raiha just stood there piecing together the story she had just attempted to tell him.

Raiha: okay... um I guess it's alright though I still stick to the fact that this is the most random thing anyone has ever asked me. Well if you really wanna borrow my clothes follow me!" Fuuko looked up relieved he had agreed and followed him into the room that looked to be a library(which of course it was). They walked all the way to the back where there was a small door leading into a small room that was Raiha's bedroom. It connected to a bathroom and a huge closet(seriously the closet was bigger than his room). Fuuko followed Raiha into the closet to find lots of ninja wear mixed with a few random sweatshirts and even a pair of Tare panda boxer shorts. The boxers definitely threw Fuuko off, but everything else in the closet suggested that Raiha was indeed a ninja.

Fuuko: with everything else in your house it figures you would have these." Fuuko pointed to the Tare panda boxers.

Raiha: what's wrong with Tare panda?" Raiha looked extremely confused. Kurei and Neon and Joker all said the same thing... damn! Tare panda is NOT weird! It's cute! Fuuko rolled her eyes and waited for him to find whatever it was he was going to lend her. it took Raiha a few moments to find the correct section of his closet before he began rummaging through to find one of his slightly smaller ninja outfits. It wasn't long before he pulled it out and handed it to Fuuko.

Fuuko: thanks Raiha!" Fuuko glomped the now stunned ninja before taking his clothes and dashing to his bathroom. Raiha tried to regain his balance while the wind wielder changed into his clothes. Unlike most girls it didn't take Fuuko a long time to change and she emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later looking like a miniaturized Raiha in clothes a bit too baggy for him, but with Fuuko's face and hair. Her own clothes were tucked neatly under her arm as she ran over to Raiha who was still standing in the closet.

Raiha:(chibi) ... you look like me.

Fuuko: that is the general idea Rai-chan(uh oh! She's started with the nicknames!). now are you gonna come help me and Yanagi or do we have to depend on Recca? It would be nice if you could just come hand out for the day... I mean if its cool by Kurei and all...

Raiha: I'm allowed to do whatever I want... although Kurei might want to 'come hand out for the day' too. plus Neon and the gang." Raiha shrugged. "I can't say I know what their general idea of fun is.

Fuuko:(smiling) whatever works out! It's fine by me if you wanna have a party over at Yanagi's! she might be a different story though... oh well we need help with camera work anyways. Lets go!" Raiha nodded and led Fuuko back out into the library and to the front door where Fuuko's bike had been left the night before. Raiha dialed up Kurei and informed him of the plans. Kurei replied simply 'hn... I'll ask Neon.' And so Fuuko and Raiha ventured back to Yanagi's house where she was waiting with Ganko, Recca, Saicho, and Kaoru. Kaoru waved energetically when he saw Raiha coming with Fuuko.

Kaoru:(from a distance) Oi! Raiha!" he raced towards his oncoming friends.

Raiha: ohayo Kaoru-kun! It's been awhile!" Kaoru met up with them and smiled mischievously.

Kaoru: yah! Good to see you're still alive!" Raiha frowned and turned chibi while he sulked off in a corner.

Raiha: nyah!!!!

Fuuko: Kaoru... pre-warn me now... how's the script?

Kaoru: What? You mean Flame man 7: co-authored by Recca?

Fuuko: that's what I thought... oh well! We should get to work on this if we wanna get anything done!" Fuuko grabbed Raiha collar and dragged him over to the others.

Kaoru: uh... Fuuko? Why are you wearing Raiha's clothes?

Fuuko: for the movie... besides their comfy...

Raiha: why else would I wear them?

Fuuko: *blink blink* because you're a ninja...

Raiha: that too I suppose...

Yanagi: well now that everyone's here lets begin!" Yanagi immediately began to hand out scripts and stage directions and set ideas. Everyone just listened as she explained everything that she had planned in vivid detail. "so any questions?" mass sweat drop.
Everyone:(chibi) ... no...

Yanagi: YOSH!!!! Lets get to work minna!" second mass sweat drop.

So with slave-driver Yanagi working as director for 'Flame man the Movie', as she so originally titled it, will the cast and crew survive? And more importantly... what is the plot behind this story(is there one? You ask). Could Kurei possibly come in time to save them all? Well you'll just have to wait til I decide to write some more to find out! (Oh yah... and I'm gonna add lots more Fuuko/Raiha mush stuff too!)

AN: I was gonna wait til I finished the whole story to post the first part, but as you can see I didn't! I might not get much time to work on this for a few weeks but I'm determined to finish it! (as well as all my other incomplete fics... summer... writing time!) exams such... anime rules! See ya minna!
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