The last stand
By Toimi the Blue Dragon

The enemy, it has assembled before us,
Looming over us with its vast numbers,
Dreadlords throwing lightning through our ranks,
The Myrddraal swing their death-black swords,
The Trollocs plunge down upon us,
We fight back diligently, using our finely honed skills,
Shouting our warcry,
"Manetheren! Manetheren!"
But their numbers, they swamp us,
Killing, breaking, shouting,
Sweeping us back across the bridges,
We stand and know we are the last defence for Manetheren,
Our one last charge breaks upon the sky blackening hordes,
They sweep over us toward the city,
And I know that I have done my country proud.

Beaten, defeated, on the brink of death,
I have but one thing to say to thee,
"The last stand will forever be remembered..."