Billy liked country, naturally. However, he was actually a much larger fan of classic rock. One could hear the very beginnings of Rock and Roll – Buddy Holly often showing up in the playlist – often emanating from his room, played for his own enjoyment.

See-More's tastes were a little more obscure. They Might Be Giants were among his top favorite bands, especially their more upbeat work. It was a little geeky, but when he laid back in his bed and turned on the Lincoln album, he was having a good time. Weird Al – definitely geeky – was also hidden somewhere among his cd collection.

Kyd Wykkyd's tastes were a little jarring at first for most people. In the Hive academy, people noticed the dark clothing. They also especially noticed that he didn't talk. Ever. They suspected him to be mysterious and brooding due to these two parts.

The second part had an easier explanation. Kyd Wykkyd was mute. He couldn't talk at all. As for the clothing, well, he simply liked dark clothing.

His taste in music completely betrayed his fashion sense. Wykkyd liked pop. Loved pop. Classic pop. From the eighties and back. The bouncy, upbeat parts of the Beatles' work were his absolute favorites, Yellow Submarine being one of his favorite songs of all time. He grinned widely to himself while he listened to it, singing it in his head.

Three different people, with very distinctive personalities. The beginnings of those differences illustrated in something as simple as what one listens to.

Yet, they were more linked than any of them knew.

And that was about to cause a lot of headaches.