Hey, I've been feeling drabblish lately, so I've decided to make a dumping ground for whatever I come up with.


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His eyes were blue.

It doesn't matter that he's loud and brash and too crude and a bumbling fool. It doesn't matter that he's a child and dressed in bright, angry orange or that his voice is just starting to crack, or that he shouts his dreams too loud. It doesn't matter that he can't do anything right, or that he fumbles with the simplest tasks, or that he has no style or technique,

None of that matters because his eyes are blue.

All blue and burning and defiant, just staring back into him, but he can't bring himself to look away, even though each second that goes by hurts more and more, because this boy wasn't sensei, but his eyes are just as blue, and he can't bring himself to turn his back on those eyes.

He wants to. Desperately, he wants to. He doesn't want to dwell on the past, because he tries not to, and he hates to show weakness by being absorbed in his past. He wants to let go and move on, and he thought he had for a time, but then he showed up and he is forced to relive the childhood he longs to forget and put behind him because his eyes are blue.

So, tell me waht you think.