Note: Since a lot of people who haven't seen the last five episodes asked me what they are about, here I'm offering detailed summaries for 'Tash' and 'The Cage', and brief summaries for the other three. Honestly I'm not sure if I'm allowed to archive something like this at FFnet, but since this is a narration of a sort, I'm hoping this could go under the category of 'fanficion'. If not, I'll delete it right away.

I obtained a tape of missing episodes from a person I met through a mailing list, whose email address I've lost when my computer crashed. Please be aware that as a devoted Cat/Conor shipper, I have this strange selective memory that tends to erase pretty much everything about the episodes that are Catlin-light. :)

Attention: This paricular epsiode summary is written by Leslie from Roar mailing list.

'Catlin a has nightmare about her younger sister who was bought and killed by a leper when Cat was 13. She cuts herself to escape his clutches (the leper wanted "pure, unmarked girls"). Conor comes in when he hears her crying out in her sleep for her sister Amalia. Now Cat is plagued by nightmares and guilt. A short tender moment with Conor and Catlin.

The gang (all four, even Tully), head to "The Chamber" where the bones of the dead are. Conor takes them there to light candles honoring those they have taken in battle. Fergus doesn't like it but goes along anyway. This used to be Galen's job every Solstice. Cat goes off into a room in the chamber and a face pushes out from the wall and blows out her candle, freaking her out. She runs out to the others but doesn't tell them anything.

When they return to the Sanctuary, there are strange clouds in the night sky. Cat decides to go to bed, but as she leaves them, a single rose falls from the sky and lands at her feet. She picks it up and heads to sleep. The others are a tad bit unnerved.

Cat gets in bed and is awakened by a vision of her sister, with scars of leprosy. She shrugs it off and goes back to sleep. The spirit of her sister glides across the room and enters Cat's body. Her eyes are now brown instead of blue. She turns and says "Sisters, united."

Next morning, Fergus brings Cat some stew for breakfast. As Tully and Conor approach Cat's place, Fergus comes flying out of the doorway. Then Cat comes out. Her scar (from when she cut herself as a child) is bleeding and she has leprosy marks on her face. She yells out "You won't have me again!" and attacks Conor and Tully who wrestle her to the ground. She screams.

Next scene, Cat is tied up by Conor, Tully and Fergus. She's sobbing asking them "Why are you doing this." Fergus questions Conor, "Is this the only way?" Cat assures them she won't hurt anyone, just let her go. Conor goes and cuts off the binding, she screams and attacks him and Fergus before she's knocked out cold.

The three guys are discussing what to do, when they realize they've left her alone with the members of the Sanctuary. A man named Severn is watching her, but Amalia appears to Cat and tells her it's the leper. She starts to cry. Severn approaches Cat and she turns toward him with very scary teeth and a crazy look on her face. When Conor arrives, she has killed the man and tells him "This body is mine and I will kill anyone that tries to drive me out."

They journey back to the chamber, with Catlin in chains. While they are riding, Cat tells Conor about what happened with her sister, and now her sister Amalia is going to kill her in revenge. Another tender moment when Conor assures her she won't die.

They go to the chamber and Conor and Fergus find a scroll that might help save Cat's life, but it's 400 years old and they can't read it. Conor explains that Cat is possessed by a "Tash" and evil spirit seeking revenge.

Conor climbs into Diana's bed chamber and tries to convince her to get Longinus to help him save Catlin. Longy walks in and asks "What are you willing to sacrifice in return?" Conor answers "Everything" ((awww!)) "Then we have an agreement, if you join my alliance."

Fergus and Tully sit outside the chamber listening to Catlin's screams. Fergus goes in to "Free our girl." He stands over her and apologizes to her, then draws a dagger and raises it above his head to kill her. Conor comes back to the chamber with Diana and Longinus and orders him to stop, that he has a way to save Catlin. Fergus disapproves and says "Not at this price." Longinus asks to be alone with Cat. Conor pledges "If you harm her or make it worse in any way, you'll wish you'd killed me when you had the chance." He then leaves.

Longy then chains Diana up to the wall and basically tells her that he is going to transfer Amalia's spirit into her to "Fill you, and I will get to keep you as a sweet memento." He then begins to draw Amalia's spirit out of Cat.

Outside, Conor keeps looking at the scroll, then realizes that Catlin needs Amalia's spirit inside. That Amalia is a hurt, scared child. He, Tully and Fergus run back in the chamber in time to save Diana. Amalia's spirit draws back into Cat. Tully and Fergus imprison Longy underneath a stone tomb and Conor picks up Catlin and runs out.

Then, IMHO, the best Roar scene ever (I'm a sucker for the Cat/Conor thing). Conor basically talks to Amalia/Catlin about how even though Amalia had scarred her skin, Catlin has been in pain every day since she lost her sister. Eventually Amalia breaks free of Conor's grip and walks away. Cat turns around and she's now Catlin again (her eyes are blue). Conor walks over to her and says "You were a child afraid for your life. Forgive yourself, Catlin. Forgive yourself and live. Don't leave us, Catlin. Don't leave. You are loved here. We all love you..." (dramatic pause) "I love you."

Conor takes her over and shows her the symbol on the scroll. Flashback to Catlin's dream. This time, her sister breaks free of the leper and they embrace. When she wakes up, Conor is cradling her, it's morning. The four head back to the Sanctuary. Cat is then in her room about to go to sleep. She sees a vision of her sister, free of the scars of leprosy and holding a rose. She smiles at Cat, Cat smiles back. Amalia disappears and Cat closes her eyes.'

The four mains go to this island where Molly (Fergus' daughter, and Conor's could-have-been-arranged-bride from previous episodes) has gone to. This island is supposed to join Conor's confederation, but from the beginning, things go bad. In this island, specially designed traps are everywhere, and Tully is seriously injured from one of them. They soon realize that the island people has an alliance with Longinus. But they get out unscathed anyway, after all the running and killing and fighting. One important thing out from this episode is that Diana is very unhappy with Longius from what he did in Tash, and still continues to be unhappy because of his obsession shown in this episode.

This episode only features Conor and Fergus (therefore a Conor/Cat shipper in me doesn't think to be important). Conor and Fergus go to a town to recover his father's things, but the town already has been warned by Longinus, and Conor's father has been depicted as a coward. And Longinus tells everyone in town that after the next daybreak, no one inside will remain alive, so leave. Everyone leaves, except, of course, Conor and Fergus. They formulate a plan, (think of Home Alone traps) fight, and save the day. And at the end, the town folks change their mind about Conor's father. Happiness all around.

-The Cage (Yes, my personal favorite next to Red Boot and Tash!)
The three (Tully's absent. Again.) and Molly are travelling to the town where Molly used to live, because the town offered to join the Confederation. While travelling, in the middle of the night, Catlin wakes up, hearing some noises. She soon realizes that it's Molly and Conor, who are sneaking around to meet each other in secret. Her expression changes. Credit rolls.

They reach the town, and meet Don, the presumed leader of the town, and since this Don is someone who wants to marry Molly's mother, he gets an instant disliking from Fergus who still seems to love Molly's mother, and later from Conor because Don's being too friendly with the girls (Molly and Catlin). But the boys try to act civilized since Don is very influential.

Meanwhile, Longinus devises a plan to catch Conor once and for all, and builds this cage to put him in. It's a scary device and you can never open it once you're trapped inside. Diana, on the other hand, is seriously reconsidering her relationship with Longinus because of incidents in Tash, Trap, and Daybreak (where Diana is beginning to realize that Longinus doesn't love her as much, and he is so taken with his own obsession with death and revenge on Conor). But the clever girl she is, she doesn't show it to him and acts very nice and mushy. Longinus promises that he will make sure to secure Diana's position as the Queen of the land when the General from Rome comes to visit.

In Don's town, they start to build this place which will be used for meeting of Confederation alliance, and while doing the works, Cat approaches Conor and tells him that she 'knows' what's going on, that she's happy for him, and that Fergus will come around. Conor's happy to hear that. In fact, he's way too happy, and so is Molly. The two of them keep staring at each other while doing the construction work, and Conor slips one of the panel he's working on, which almost kills Catlin. Fergus acts quickly, so Cat comes out okay, but Rach, the narrator of this summary, is incredibly angry with Conor. (*g*)

Anyway, Fergus, tipped by Don, finds out about about Molly and Conor's relationship and absolutely forbids Molly to be with Conor. Catlin tries to help Fergus understand by telling him that Conor and Molly love each other, and he should let them be, but Fergus only snaps at her by saying "Since when are you so happy to see him in the arms of another?!" and goes ballistic. This leads to another confrontation at night, where angry Fergus fights Conor, and Conor kills him by accident. Molly cries in anger and shock, and Conor runs away in bewilderment. Don watches all of this, and is pretty happy about it.

Next day, Fergus' funeral is held. Molly's mom, who couldn't care less about Fergus when he was alive, sobs and says he was the best man ever. Molly, too, weeps, and vows for revenge (on Conor). Two shadows are hiding inside the bush and watching this event unfolds. Conor, and (of course) Fergus. Fergus complains that "Now I'm dead and she says she loves me!", and that there're less than 20 people attending. And then he realizes Catlin isn't there, and accuses Conor, "--Oh, you told her, didn't you?"

Cut to the next scene, where *very* angry Catlin is inside in a hiding with the two boys. She was the one who made the fake corpse of Fergus that is now burning in the funeral. She's livid that they haven't told her about their plan from the first place, that they didn't trust her enough. They deny her accusation and explains that the plan is to make Don believe that Molly is angry enough to sell Conor to Longnius, since Don, in truth, is a spy of Longius, not a helper of Confederation. She asks, "You think I couldn't have pretended?!" Both go, "Of course not", "Absolutely not." (But clearly they didn't think so) The two men are very chastened, looking sheepishly at her. After they tell her that even Molly doesn't know about their plan, Cat seems to be a little calmer. (This scene is incredibly funny, and well-acted!)

Don, who doesn't have a clue, approaches Molly, having devised a plan to catch Conor by telling Longinus about the bad blood between Molly and Conor. Molly says yes to the plan and meets Conor at night. It's an ambush, and Roman soldiers come out to catch Conor, but they are ready for it. Fergus and Catlin come to help, and they kill off the soldiers. Molly, still in Conor's arms from their act, and says coyly, "I loved it when you said you loved me." Cat sends a very unpleasant look to both Fergus and Conor: "You said she wasn't in on it! She knew it from the beginning!" Fergus stutters, "Well, it's because we needed to you think..." "Oh, shut up," Catlin snaps walks away, much to Fergus and Conor's chargrin.

They are now all wearing the Roman soldier uniforms taken from the men they killed the night before, except Conor, who's in his usual armor. They and a few more Conor's men are waiting to get into the palace where Longinus stays with Diana. Since it's a grave situation, Conor and Fergus share the usual last talk ("I'm glad I've known you, Fergus. Sorry I've killed you." "...oh, what's a little murder between friends?"). Conor then turns to Cat to say something, but she goes, "I'm not talking to you!" Conor is crestfallen, and Fergus quips, "Well, think of it this way. If you die, she'll love ya."

Conor's dragged in by his people disguised as Roman Soldiers, and Longinus, who is by now even more manic than usual, is very pleased that Conor is captured, and taunts Conor in various ways. He then breaks the promise to Diana, and declares he'll be the one to rule the land. He turns to the soldiers and orders to put Conor insid the cage, but the soldiers only aim their weapon toward Longinus. "Put him in!" Longinus yells. Diana replies coldly, "You heard the man." The soldiers push Longinus inside and close the door. Conor breaks free, and has a short talk with Diana. They have planned this from the beginning, and now share an alliance of a sort. When the General from Rome arrives, Diana lies and recovers her position very nicely. The cage, with Longinus inside, is pushed to the ocean.

Conor's staring at twilight, worrying that Longinus will come back somehow, but Molly comes to him and talk him into lightening up. The episode ends with Longinus locked inside the cage under the sea, still alive, still screaming. Very shudder-worthy.

(And sadly, there are no more scenes between Conor and Cat from then on. Hence came 'Closure', the story I posted here earlier. ;) )

-Sweet Brigid
Only features Conor and Fergus, and it's about this woman, fairy, or whatever, who resembles some Blond model persona. Trust me, you don't want to know what this is about. Not at all related to the story arc, in my opinion. I was busy pressing the forward button.

So, they are the five unaired episodes. Hope this helped.

And yes, more Roar fanfiction would be nice. ;)

Rach L.