Meg turned up her record player and in seconds her room was filled with the sounds of the Beatles singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Thinking back, she remembered dancing with Roxanne on Bandstand to this song. It had been her favourite.

Meg barely heard the knock on the door, so she turned down her player and told the person to come in. It was Jimmy. He nodded towards the spinning record. "Great tune," he said, smiling. "I remember you dancing with Rox on the show." Meg laughed. "Funny enough, I was just remembering the same thing. I love that we're always on the same page." She stood on her tiptoes(she had grown a couple of inches in the last two years, but she still was just average height)and kissed Jimmy on the cheek. Glancing down, she noticed his hand that kept hold of his cane was shaking slightly. His leg had been injured in Vietnam(the million dollar wound, they called it)and it still ached him every now and again.

"Is it okay?" Meg asked, concerned. Jimmy shrugged, but Meg could tell he was trying to stop his hand from shaking. "My hand just gets tired of holding this old cane, that's all. Really," he said, looking directly at her. "I'm fine, sweetie. Your mom asked me to get you. I guess you need to help with the dishes."

Meg sighed. Some things never changed. Even though she was eighteen now and living in her own little apartment with Jimmy(they were engaged and the wedding was scheduled for the next June)only a couple of blocks away, she supposed it was nice to always be able to come back home. She gave Jimmy a lop-sided smile. "The only things I really miss about not living here is Patty spying on me and...," she sighed again. "Dishes. It's a lot easier to do them for two people rather than six." Jimmy laughed and reached over to turn off Meg's record player. "There you go. There's a silver lining for everything." He put his arm around her shoulders, giving them a squeeze, and they left her room together.