He's kept me sane throughout all this hell. Even when he thought that I hated him...I didn't.

And now he's gone. Forever.

Hawkeye Pierce was one of the few men that had broken down my hard outer wall. No. He's the only man who's broken it down.

The war ending should have made me happy. And it did.

For a short time.

Afterwards, the feelings sunk in.

Why? Why had I never, EVER told him how I felt? There was the night in the abandoned hut, but that wasn't real. It was just me getting back at Donald for the letter to Darlene.

I could kick myself.

Goodbye, Captain Pierce...Hank...Hawkeye...Ben.

A/N: This idea just popped in from Pluto. I wrote this in maybe five minutes so if it shows, forgive me! I am a HUGE H/M advocate!

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