The Harry Potter 7th years are returning for their last year at school, with a little more than magic on their minds, such as the tremendous war between The Dark Lord and the Order. So it would strike the HP7Y's as odd when one of the Dark Lord's most faithful supporter's son shows up, pretending to have changed. Especially since Draco Malfoy had been expelled the year before, and had very narrowly murdered Albus Dumbledore. Even more surprising is the fact that Malfoy had seemed to take an odd interest in one of the biggest members of the Order. Hermione Granger.

Chapter Rating: K, but the overall is T, for now.

Summary of chapter: Basically a prologueof how Dumbledore accepts Malfoy back.

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Dumbledore would let the devil himself attend Hogwarts if Old Nick gave him a good enough reason. Especially if he appeared to have changed. Old habits die hard. Even Dumbledore knew this, but he felt that it was from the good of his heart. After all, who wouldn't want a second chance? So when Mr. Malfoy requested a private meeting with him, Dumbledore was gracious in his prompt and positive reply. He was not even concerned with the fact that Mr. Malfoy had brought his son, Master Malfoy into Dumbledore's chambers. All it had taken were a few well-chosen words to request the audience. The rest would be perfectly simple.

'Albus Dumbledore.' Mr. Malfoy started, his eyes darting from Dumbledore to the portrait of Phineas Nigellus on the wall.

Phineas looked smugly at him, before sidestepping away into the bowels of the portrait.

'Yes, do continue Lucius. I believe you came to me with matters concerning your son?' Smiled Dumbledore.

'Yes, I did.'Mr.Malfoy smiled, a bit like a fox, trying to charm a rabbit into its hole.

'Well, have a seat, and a sweet. Preferably the Lemon Drops. Quite delicious, although I myself am partial to the Sherbet Lemon.' Dumbledore's smiled widened.

'Well, as you know, it was simply a minor, ahem, misunderstanding, the events a few months ago. I am certainly sorry about your apparent death, although ecstatic that you have returned.' Mr. Malfoy smiled, naturally, and slipperily, while sliding down in the puffy armchair in front of Dumbledore's own.

'Yes well, Lucius, I have no doubt that you, and Master Draco are repentent, although I am rather curious as to why you chose to kill me. It would have been a fruitless gesture. After all, I am the result, right in front of your eyes! But, I shall not press you. Let bygones be bygones.' Dumbledore said.

'Yes, well, Albus, the matter boils down to this. Admit Draco, or confine him at a different school?'Mr. Malfoysaid, suddenly serious.

Master Malfoy had remained silent the whole time, staring out of the window, rather dazedly.

'Well, Lucius, it all depends on whether or not Master Draco is willing to choose between doing what is right, and what is expected of him.' Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling.

'I fail to comprehend, Albus.' Mr. Malfoy said, suddenly alert, and serious.

'Alas, Lucius, it is not you I press this matter of utmost importance to, but to your son. Draco, are you willing to repent your misdeeds? Do you want to be re-admitted into Hogwarts? Remember, in the end, the choice is left up to you. Either choose to enter Hogwarts, and practice magic as positively as poissible or--'

The word die hung like a drop of rain in the air--

'Don't.' Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for Master Malfoy to answer.

'Sir,'--with as much sincerity as could be mustered--'Professor Dumbledore, I promise.' Master Malfoy said, a tight, forced smile on his face.

'Then, Lucius, Draco, my answer is final. I wish to see Draco at school, by means of the Hogwarts train. You will find that your prefect's rights have not been relinquished. You will not be sorted again, neither will you be able to re-pick your classes. Your last year at Hogwarts is short, Master Malfoy. Use it well.'

Master Malfoy and his father got up to leave, seemingly both pleased, and distinctively disgusted.

Harry Potter threw the ball up to the roof.

It stopped three inches above it before it tumbled down and plonked itself derisively on Harry's stomach.

'Damn ball.' Harry cursed.

It was well into the summer vacation, and, the only thing he could do short of talking to himself was mill around with the patched leather ball filled with beads that Dudley had 'outgrown'. A Hackey-sack.

He had 'outgrown' it when he got too tired from trying, without prevail, to toss it from his ankle to his knee.

There were only two weeks left of the summer holiday, and Harry felt washed out and simply bored, having received only 2 letters from anyone of particular interest. No Daily Prophets, no The Quibblers, not even a Muggle newspaper. Harry had taken to reading the oldest of Dudley's books. Like 'The Muppet's Wizard of Oz' and things like that.

Hermione had sent a long, exasperatingly tactless story about 'Peru' which was apparently 'fascinating', and 'was simply stunning to behold!' and Ron was having even more fun, going to Romania with his family to visit Charlie.

Hagrid had written, a brief letter consisting mainly of the new year, and odd beasts. And in all of their letters were the words, 'Give you your present next time I see you'.

Dudley's present to Harry was Dudley's extra chores.

'It's something extra, isn't it Harry?' He had remarked, to the amusement of his parents, and of his horrific friends. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had presented him with a toilet paper roll, which Harry had been using as a telescope, so as not to frighten his suburbian neighbours with his real one.

Hedwig's present was the oddest.

A newt's eye and a frog's toe.

It was very odd, actually.

He hadn't even been allowed to go outside.

In the beginning, they sent him to Mrs Figg's, but when he seemed to like it there, they shut him up at home.

So there he was that day, throwing Dudley's stupid ball in the air from his bed, trying to touch the roof.

It, therefore, was very surprising when a large tawny owl bumped against his window, struggling to get in.

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