Author's Note: I feel that I should explain my story before you get into it. This story takes place outside of the Yu-Gi-Oh! continuity. It's as we see it now, like we call the game Yu-Gi-Oh! or the TCG or what have you. Yugi, Joey/Jonouchi, Tea/Anzu and the like are just characters in the anime. Though there will be one exception.

Now as far as the card playing goes, I want to fully explain it here. I play with duel's consisting of 4000 Life Points, instead of 8000. The characters must make sacrifices for monsters like usual. When I play Fusion Monsters though, I play with the real rules and as such, they can attack in the turn they're summoned if a duelist wants. The one major thing I play with is that I allow my characters to use Normal Spell Cards as a Spell Speed 2, an anime 'ruling'. Meaning, they can use them on an opponents turn. I limit myself to not using cheap cards on an opponents turn like a Dark Hole or something. I also allow them to play monsters face up in defense mode if they wish.

So people don't become confused, when I have a character set a monster face down, I'll use the term 'Reverse Monster' or set a spell/trap card face down, I'll use the term 'Reverse Card'. So I could say…"I'll set the reverse monster, then set three reverse cards."

That should cover it. I hope you enjoy my story.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Future History

Chapter 1: The Beginning of History

Normally, Saturday mornings for young kids consist of watching their favorite Saturday morning cartoons, chatting with friends and doing all the things you wanted to Sunday through Friday. But for a select group of kids, Saturday is about jumping on their bikes, catching the bus, walking or whatever mode of transportation and going to their local card shop called Rolling Stock, run by a guy named RJ, for some fun with their friends playing Yu-Gi-Oh, a game developed from the highly successful manga and animated series. But these young players forgo sleep and TV watching to go to a tournament held every Saturday morning but this tournament today holds special significance.

Today, instead of the usual tournament setting, there were many more players playing seriously for today's prize. But before we go into that, we have to take some time to look back to a few months earlier.

Due to the success of the animated series, Hollywood producers decided to try to make a movie to capitalize on Yu-Gi-Oh. It was a live action/animated picture that did not do well with people outside of the game and the series. It included a lot of Hollywood type of ideas and a lot to do with the card game, which incidentally offered new cards to the game exclusive to the English card game, but the movie did not do well with people outside of people knowledgeable with the anime/manga/card game. Recently, the studio that did the movie put out old props for auction, which included a one-of-a-kind gold-plated Millennium Puzzle that actually was in individual pieces. Through a friend or two, the owner of Rolling Stock got his hands on this piece and decided to use it to bring in new customers. When he received it, he placed it in a glass holder and let the kids that usually come through the store look at it and wonder how they can get their own. This got RJ thinking into using it as a prize for his tournaments and that's where we are today.

The store floor is rather spacious for a card shop but when the tournaments come on Saturday's, the place seems rather small. Nearly every kid that saw the movie and played the game was here, really excited and ready to duel. But those were the little kids who didn't know much about the game and were usually did not make it very far into the tournament brackets. There was another group of kids that found themselves most usually in the finals of the tournament. These were the 'veteran' players of the tournament that played the game for a long time, some even had experience in the Japanese card game. Out of the veterans, there were a few people that you usually expected to win the tournament.

Enter Jamie Cantou, Catravious Collins and Terry Hairston, the three duelists of this tournament that usually walked away from here as the weekly tournament champion. The three of them knew each other and they were fully aware that they would be seeing each other in the late rounds of the tournament but today, instead of the usual joking that they do, they were in a more serious mode.

Catravious Collins, for one, was standing by the counter of the card shop just looking through the glass panels that showcased single cards for sale. He was looking at the cards but his mind was elsewhere. Catravious, 16 years old, was a kid that loved to just be around other people having fun and to do whatever came to mind at the time. Too many times that attitude got him in some problems, but nothing really serious. His natural intelligence made up for this recklessness, which made him a shoe-in for honor roll in school for 5 straight years. He also knows about the Japanese card game of Yu-Gi-Oh and works with RJ on some of the Japanese cards that he has. It's how he got the nickname 'Knowledge' from everyone. He patted his pocket where his deck was sitting and just kept thinking to himself when he caught Jamie looking his way.

Jamie Cantou was a older duelist than the norm. He was 21 years old playing in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, which would have bothered some people, but not him. He played mostly for fun but mainly for collecting. He loved to collect things and cards were right up his alley. He had a wall in his room removed and replaced with a slanted glass card holder where he held some of his favorite cards. Since the inception of Yu-Gi-Oh, he became interested in this card game as well and has a very sizable collection. But despite his resources, he doesn't know as much about actually playing the game. He is a decent player that usually does well but the lack of knowledge in the game hurts him sometimes.

He was standing in the shop eyeing some of the cards in the case that he would have liked to grab but RJ was not selling cards today. Never a good idea to sell cards before a tournament, and definitely not DURING the tournament. He saw Knowledge looking through the cards and wondered how he was going to do today.

But above all, everyone knew the name of Terry Hairston and figured him to win the tournament and that Millennium Puzzle. Terry had taken control of one of the few tables in the store and was looking through his deck, searching for errors or possible cards that could be taken out. Terry, at 16 years old as well, was almost the Terrell Owens of Yu-Gi-Oh, he was just that exciting to watch. But he didn't have nearly the ego of TO. He was more of the duelist that you could talk to for help, but once a duel started, it was all business. He never liked to show emotion in a duel, he felt it was like revealing your hand. Little kids frequently brought him their decks and asked him to tweak it even after Knowledge had looked it over. Terry never showed disrespect to anyone and treated everyone fairly, even when there were times he was called a cheater by little kids that lost humiliatingly to him.

Today though, he was in deep though with his deck that was using some new strategies that he only used in his mind and maybe on his Game Boy games. He knew that he could easily beat anyone there with some exceptions. Knowledge was one of them. Terry has never been able to keep a consistent win streak playing against Knowledge, and vice versa incidentally, and it was rumored that he had changed his deck totally from his normal Deck Destruction theme that he played with. And up to this point, he had never even shown that he came here with a deck. Terry wondered what Knowledge was planning here and if he did change his deck, what is he playing today?

A very sharp whistle that probably caused some of the little kids to lose control of their bladder rang out from RJ, who had finished signing in people and was ready to start the tournament. RJ was a guy that was in the business to make money but he did have a heart, he liked the game but he thought he was way too old for it so he just watched the kids from behind his counter and silently took notes and such.

"Alright," yelled RJ, taking command of the store, "Like usual, you all will start with 4000 Life Points with the restrictions and rulings but for this tournament today, it will be single elimination. If you lose, you're out." This brought immediate groans from everyone, even some of the veteran players. This meant that you would have to adapt to your opponent's deck in only one match, totally eliminating side decks and side strategies. RJ continued over the groans.

"For this kind of prize, be glad that I didn't charge you for this. Anyway, our usual judge isn't here so Knowledge came to me and volunteered to do the judging today. Knowledge, you know you're going to be paid so don't try any funny stuff."

Terry was surprised at this, as well as Jamie. They both knew that Knowledge was one of the best duelists there and he had one of the best shots at winning today, but he's going to judge? A judge for a tournament is not allowed to compete at the same time, his focus is to make sure that all the duels are going fairly and to settle any arguments that arise. Terry decided to disregard this as one more duelist that he didn't have to see in the tournament so his main concern was now with Jamie.

Knowledge got up in front of the counter holding the tournament brackets and started announcing each players opponents.

We shall leap ahead in the story seeing as how both Terry and Jamie were extremely successful in their brackets and as almost everyone expected, they were matched against each other for the final duel of the tournament. RJ kept a special table to the side for the tournament finals. It was pretty much a table that had all 4 legs on it unlike a lot of the others around the store. It was standing against the counter and Terry and Jamie each took a seat at the end of the table and Knowledge took a seat around the middle of the table, opposite the counter. RJ leaned over the counter to watch as well and the remaining people that stayed to watch crowded around wherever there was room and where they could see.

Both Jamie and Terry knew each other and if it wasn't such a serious prize, they would joke with each other about whatever throughout the duel, but they were both all business. They looked at each other from across the table, both nervous because neither got a chance to see the other's deck in action nor even heard what was in it.

"Terry," said Jamie.

Terry glanced up at Jamie and extended his hand and Jamie shook it in respect to each other.

"You know," said Jamie, smiling slightly "Im not gonna let you just walk away with that puzzle. You can take this chance to leave, admit im the better man and no one will think bad of you."

Terry knew that Jamie meant it as a joke and had to laugh. It felt good to lighten the tension that was obviously between them. "Sorry, old man," Terry said "But you're gonna have to go back to prune juice and oatmeal. I have no intention of not taking that puzzle and I don't think youre gonna stop me, Gramps. So just bring on the noise!" Everyone around the store liked to joke about how Jamie was the oldest person there, only second to RJ and call him Gramps, Pops or whatever. Knowledge couldn't keep from laughing as well as some of the kids there. Now that the tension was broken, they handed each other their dueling decks and right off the bat, Terry noticed that as he was shuffling Jamie's deck that he was on that edge of 40 cards, which he normally didn't do. Jamie noticed that Terry's deck didn't look any different on appearance, he usually kept a deck around 45 or so. Both players returned their decks to their owners, set them in place, drew their starting 5 cards and began the duel.

Jamie had elected to go first and eyeing his opening hand, he believed that he would have this match in the bag. He had to grin to himself and figured that this match would not bring the legendary flare that Terry was known for in a lot of his more important duels.

Terry looked at Jamie and saw the grin that he was showing on his face and Terry contributed it to cockiness. Terry knew what kind of decks that Jamie liked to play with, a lot of burn and discards, and figured him to stall a few turns. Still, that grin seemed to have a little bit more meaning today…

"Alright, here we go." said Jamie. He plucked a card out of his hand and set a reverse card and set a reverse monster as well. "Plus," he says, as he laid down Chorus of Sanctuary.

Jamie ended his turn there.

Terry drew and wondered why he would play a card like Chorus of Sanctuary. It's not the kind of card you would find in a tournament level deck, it makes you wonder what Jamie is cooking in those 40 or so cards he calls a deck. In any case, Terry decided to not be careless here if he wants to win today.

"My turn," says Terry and set one reverse card and summoned Iron Knight Gear Freed. Terry decided to forego the cautious approach and attacks the face down monster, which turned out to be Mystical Elf 800/2500.

Jamie has to chuckle to himself at Terry's eagerness. He knows that he could really mess him up on the next turn and wonders if he can break that poker-like concentration that he has in the game.

Terry, meanwhile, is disappointed in himself that he let himself get so worked up over a face down monster and is now out of 700 Life Points for it.

TERRY: 3300

JAMIE: 4000

"What's the problem, Terry? This old man making you nervous?" Jamie snickered.

"No sweat, man." Says Terry. "The game's only begun."

Jamie grined again, knowing that statement is very true. He feels he's in control of this match right now and decides to try to confuse Terry even more, make his get off his game and work into his hands. Jamie drew and showed Terry his card, Pot of Greed.

"Care to take any guesses at what this deck is about?" Says Jamie as he draws his 2 cards and places them into his hand.

Terry cracks a smile and says, "Im sure that you're going to show me eventually."

"How true. I will also use my reverse card as well, Upstart Goblin."

TERRY: 4300

JAMIE: 4000

"Consider the Life Points a gift you wont be able to use. I'll end my turn there but I'm one card over the limit so I have to discard one card." Jamie picked a card and placed it in his graveyard. Terry glanced a look at the card, and had to take a double take and make sure that he's seeing right. The card that he discarded was Jinzo!

Terry was at a loss and for a moment thought that Jamie had lost all sense of how to play the game. Jinzo is a one-sacrifice monster that he could have easily sacrificed his Mystical Elf 800/2000 for and taken more of his Life Points away and killed his Gear Freed 1800/1600. There was something not right about this deck. Upstart Goblin, Chorus of Sanctuary, discarding Jinzo. What kind of strategy was this?

"Hey Terry, it's your turn."