Yu-Gi-Oh! Future History

Chapter 35: The Bittersweet Victory

By: MarkMachine

Terry looked at the monster that stood in front of Re'-Sha with newly found dread. Card effects and the like seemed to keep his Life Points stable but that said nothing for his actual body. His Life Points never were damaged from Necross' attack, only his body and his psyche. As he made an attempt to stand, he instantly fell back again in a very awkward way. He could see the telltale bend in his left leg that he'd failed to notice before. It was broken. The numbness and tingling settled into his extremities, preparing him for the agony that was sure to follow very soon. For the love of...Terry left unfinished in his own head.

"My turn. Draw." Terry ripped the card from his deck whilst sitting down on his haunches with his legs splayed out akimbo in front of him. He didn't have all that long to wait for the pain to start creeping into his leg, so he just bit down hard on his teeth.

"I'll play Ancient Rules!" Terry exclaimed but it almost sounded like a groan. "I can Special Summon a Level 5 or higher monster from my hand. And I'll pick Scorpio Dragon! (2950/2500)"

As Terry slapped the monster onto his Duel Disk, the darkness around and behind him began to part slightly. It wasn't enough to allow light to stream through but if you looked hard enough, you could see glimmers of light trying to get through. Those glimmers were stars and though they couldn't be seen nearly as brilliantly as normal, they were there and they also started to move and collect into a small bunch. They spun around each other, reminding you of the way that moons orbit a planet. It was as they were moving that their light started to become brighter and as they moved, they left tails like comets circling. They started to take the shape of a serpentine monster with a mane of hair coming from its head. Scorpio Dragon twisted and turned and curled its way from the sky to hover over Terry's field. It had lowered itself low enough that it was partially blocking his view of Re'-Sha and Exodia Necross.

Is this thing trying to protect me? He thought to himself with his green eyes staring up at the dragon. Even if it was, Re'-Sha had an opening he was going to make her pay dearly for. "Scorpio Dragon (2950/2500) attack Mine Golem! (1000/1900)"

Now came a move that even Terry had to smirk at. Scorpio Dragon had lowered itself pretty close to the ground so with a quick swipe of its tail, it swept Mine Golem from its position on Re'-Sha's field and up into the air until it disappeared from sight. Terry himself thought that was the end of that, but he saw that the monster was gathering energy within its teeth above him. But while the head was unmoving, he could see the eyes of the dragon. They were tracking the Mine Golem through the darkness that Terry couldn't even see through, silently watching. It whipped its head upward and then snapped open its mouth to let out a vicious beam that pierced through the darkness to disappear itself. A few moments passed and the dragon lowered its head to snarl at Re'-Sha and Necross. Suddenly a small explosion appeared in the air that cast a dim light over the features of the dragon as it bared its teeth to its opponents.

TERRY: 2900

RE'-SHA: 2150

It was as if bearing those teeth were a catalyst to what happened next. The air around them, which had been still with not a trace of a breeze, started to swirl mightily and although 'Terry' was on the opposite side of the field, he could feel the speed with which it was moving. It was definitely worse for Re'-Sha as it was strong enough to start inching her backwards but then a surge lifted her up off her feet and twirl her around in the air like a spinning top. It barely lasted a few seconds but the landing was hard. At first it seemed like she'd land awkwardly but on her feet, but the momentum was enough to make her feet give from under her and she landed squarely on her shoulder with a audible 'smack'. But she didn't stay on the ground long, she got up but was favoring that right shoulder. Her Duel Disk was equipped onto her left arm and she rubbed at it gingerly with it as she staggered back toward her field.

"Round and round she went." Terry chuckled at Re'-Sha's expense from the ground.

Re'-Sha's reaction was to glare at Terry with those red eyes but Terry didn't look into them. "When Mine Golem is destroyed by battle," Re'-Sha said, and as she continued, her voice began to shift toward a laugh. "Heh, I can, heh, inflict 500 damage to my opponent!"

Terry became wide-eyed not from hearing that, but because he felt the ground below him suddenly become a lot less stable. It was like he was sitting on quicksand and he was absolutely right as he felt his bottom and legs just drop into the murky mixture of water and earth. It wasn't long before he was hip deep into the ground but he managed to crawl his way out of it before it swallowed him whole.

TERRY: 2400

RE'-SHA: 2150

"My turn!" Re'-Sha took the card off the top of her deck, gave it a confirming glance and held it to her side. "In my Standby Phase, Exodia Necross grows stronger, boy. For each Standby Phase that passes, it increases its attack power by 500 which brings it to 2300. But this is a card I've been waiting to play on you. I'll play the Continuous Spell Card Trapped in the Machine!"

Terry had been lying off to his side looking at Re'-Sha and hadn't moved since climbing out of that quagmire. But he saw Re'-Sha's card appear on the field where the picture of it only depicted the red, glowing eyes of a demonic monster. Crawling so that he managed to now stand and rest his weight onto his only good leg, he glared at her field.

"To play Trapped in the Machine, I must destroy one card on my field." And with that, a reverse card on Re'-Sha's field lifted itself revealing Embodiment of Apophis before exploding into white pixels and scattering. "And I must continue to destroy 1 card on my field during each of my Standby Phases. During your Standby Phase, boy, this card will Special Summon a Vindictive Token (2000/2000) in attack mode on your field."

Terry scowled, "Such a nice gift."

Re'-Sha smiled and gestured to the image of the card on her field. "It is no gift, boy. I'll use it to cull your field." She stepped over and Terry could see her eyes glow just a little brighter, illuminating the undead red iris' more. "For each Vindictive Token (2000/2000) on your field in your End Phase, I can destroy either one face up monster card or one face down Trap or Spell Card on your field."

Terry's eyes narrowed, "Sneaky son of a…"

"Your life is nearly ended, boy. I'll play Change of Heart!"

In an instant, the Scorpio Dragon that was ever present but silent on Terry's field vanished and appeared on her field, flying about wildly and clearly not having the change of heart the Spell Card indicated. But Terry saw it left him with no protection at all on his field.

"Exodia Necross! (2300/0) Attack him directly!"

Terry saw Necross' hand once again open up and in the center of its palm, thin slivers of white light were drawn in and collected quickly into a primarily white ball that had a grey center. But instead of pitching the sphere at him like before, this time the sphere exploded and shot out a fairly narrow stream of energy. Terry hadn't time to react and almost like a sniper's bullet, that attack impacted against his chest right where his heart was hidden by bones and muscle. It didn't pierce his skin, it sent painful waves through his body. He felt positively electrified and couldn't even manage to find his voice. His mouth just hung open and let choking gasps escape as his body was being pushed back from his position.

Re'-Sha cackled with inane laughter, watching Terry's body get tossed around and as the attack ended, he fell forward onto his knees and then onto his hands.

TERRY: 100

RE'-SHA: 2150

"Stand up!" Re'-Sha demanded after a moment, watching small wisps of some kind of smoke seep from his clothing. "Stand and fight me, boy! I want to look at your pathetic face when I end this."

Re'-Sha watched Terry squirm around a bit and watched him get back up onto his feet once again. Her eyes were drawn to the glowing of the Millennium Puzzle around his neck. But Re'-Sha was observant as well. She noticed with curiousity that his eyes had become brown from the green they were before. Also the leg that he had been favoring for a moment didn't seem to bother him.

"This isn't over…" he said.

Re'-Sha studied him for a moment and then said. "Well, well. The REAL Terry has revealed himself? What happened to your other personality, he cowered away?"

The real Terry righted himself fully and tried his hardest to put on a brave face. But he was literally shaking. He'd never seen Re'-Sha's eyes so red and driven for his own life. He felt his body had been steamrolled then tazered. Looking at the his Duel Disk to show 100 Life Points and seeing Scorpio Dragon on Re'-Sha's field certainly didn't help. "He didn't cower, I tried to save him."

"There'll be no saving today, boy." Re'-Sha said. "Be it you or that other self of yours."

"You're right, Re'-Sha." Terry tried to declare in a steady voice, but not succeeding. "There will be no saving today. You'd like nothing more than to see the world burn around you."

"Absolutely." She agreed.

Terry bowed his head, no longer trying to stop the emotion from cracking his voice. He spoke clearly, but with a mixture of sadness and grief. "You've become drawn to violence like a moth is driven to a flame. If I didn't try to stop you, everyone I know and everyone I care for would be lined up to march into that fire for your entertainment. You've hurt so many just to get at me. Vega and Knowledge, Jamie, even Janet. All so I could be the first one to meet their end at your hand. I even put something…no, he's no thing, he's brave, nameless someone. He had nothing to do with this fight, this is my fight, despite what Shadi advised. If I hadn't intervened, he might've died. There won't be any saving today, because I can't help you, Re'-Sha. I wish that I could, I never wanted to have to hurt anyone but…you're beyond saving…"

He finished the statement barely in an audible tone. Re'-Sha smiled viciously at him, like a viper to a cornered rabbit. "It's like I said, boy. You're pathetic."

Terry looked up at her, as if she were stories taller and better than he could hope to become. And he gradually changed that look of a whipped puppy to the look of a boy who'd found some resolve in his heart. "If I beat you, and I'm pathetic Re'-Sha, what's that make you? My turn, so I'll draw."

Terry glanced but saw Re'-Sha wasn't going to offer a retort. He also saw Scorpio Dragon (2950/2500) drift from Re'-Sha's field over to his. So all he had to his field was his Scorpio Dragon and a Vindictive Token. (2000/2000) Re'-Sha had Exodia Necross (2300/0) a reverse card and her Trapped in the Machine Continuous Spell Card. He took a closer look at the card.

Trapped in the Machine

Continuous Spell Card

Destroy 1 card on your field during each of your Standby Phases. During your opponents Standby Phase, Special Summon 1 Vindictive Token (2000/2000) in attack position to your opponent's field. For each Vindictive Token on your opponent's field during their End Phase, destroy either 1 face-up monster or 1 face-down Spell or Trap Card. All monsters on your field must remain in attack position.

So Necross is locked into attack position, and this Continuous Spell Card deposits a token on my field for her to attack with a stronger Necross. But she can't shift to defense position. Exodia Necross (2300/0) is weaker than Scorpio Dragon (2950/2500) but only for now. I need to remove Necross...Terry was thinking to himself, trying to form a plan. He absent-mindedly touched the side of his leg, not really believing that with the Millennium Puzzle, he simply wished to be able to stand and it was so. Within his body, he could definitely feel that his leg was still snapped, but it was like there was something else around his leg helping him stand upright.

"I'll set one reverse card, then switch this Vindictive Token (2000/2000) to defense mode." Terry said, arranging his cards properly on his Duel Disk. Touching his Scorpio Dragon, he realized something else he could do, but it couldn't be done just yet. "And I'll have Scorpio Dragon (2950/2500) attack Necross! (2300/0)"

Re'-Sha just crossed her arms and didn't break her glare even as her face was brightened from the dragon's attack cascading through the darkness to indeed impact against Necross and damage her Life Points, but not fazing either her or her monster.

TERRY: 100

RE'-SHA: 1500

"This battle is going to be decided by these two monsters," Re'-Sha declared raising her left arm and pointed at the Vindictive Token, which was a humanoid that had been encased in fire but was kneeling on Terry's field. It slowly stood up and as if Re'-Sha had given it a unspoken command, the humanoid turned into a raging flame that shot up into the air a small ways and then crashed down onto the reverse card Terry had set. Through the flames, she could see it briefly before it became black and disintegrated into ashes.

"Hard-Sellin' Zombie…" Re'-Sha muttered, distinctly unhappy.

"It was a Trap Card that whenever a monster on my field would deal damage to my opponent, I could select one card in their graveyard and move it to the bottom of their deck. I added it just for Necross." Terry spoke.

"And you failed with it…" Re'-Sha murmured, slightly happy about destroying such a key card to destroying her Necross, but while Terry knew her well, she knew him just as well. There's no chance he only put one card in his deck to destroy Necross...there's more...

"My turn. Draw!" she made a quick look at her drawn card then looked toward Exodia Necross. "My Necross made it to another Standby Phase so its attack power goes up to 2800. In just one more turn, it'll be more than powerful enough to destroy that damned Scorpio Dragon (2950/2500) and end your life…boy."

Terry just gripped his cards tighter as he watched the reverse card on Re'-Sha's field explode. "Also, in my Standby Phase, my Trapped in the Machine Spell Card will destroy another of my reverse cards to satisfy its cost. You'll receive another Vindictive Token on your field in your Standby Phase."

Re'-Sha licked her lips in a salivating way, hungry for something. She let her eyes lock onto the Millennium Puzzle around Terry's neck and could feel the hair on her neck stand on end, even despite her own reservations against Terry not being out of options. "I can wait one more turn to kill you, boy. End turn."

Terry slowly pulled the next card from his deck and saw another Vindictive Token appear to his field, but he gave it only a brief thought. He picked up three cards from his hand. "I'll set three reverse cards and turn your other Vindictive Token (2000/2000) to defense mode. Scorpio Dragon, (2950/2500) attack Necross! (2800/0)"

TERRY: 100

RE'-SHA: 1350

And then, more for Re'-Sha than himself, he announced, "End Phase. Choose, Re'-Sha."

Re'-Sha sucked on her teeth. He's trying to indimidate me? Of all people, me?! pathetic whelp!

Re'-Sha once again raised her left arm and the two Vindictive Tokens, which were on either side of Scorpio Dragon, flew into the air. It didn't take long for them to crash down onto two cards and they both raised their faces.

"Lightforce Sword…a Trap Card that would remove a card from my hand from play for three turns." Re'-Sha spoke aloud but thinking to herself, a bluff.

The other card became visible and Re'-Sha looked at it as well. "Mirage Tube…a Quick-Play Spell Card that would've inflicted 1000 damage to me when I targeted a monster on your field for an attack."

That left one card on Terry's field. "Draw!" Re'-Sha shouted, ripping the card from the top of her deck and then pointing with her drawn card toward Terry's dragon. "Necross (3300/0) kill the dragon (2950/2500) and carve that boy's heart out of his chest!"

"No more Re'-Sha." Terry declared, standing firm. "Even if it goes against what I believe…I can't let you go on like this. Reverse Card, Open! Dimensional Prison!"

Terry's Trap Card flipped up and just as Necross' fist was shooting forward toward Scorpio Dragon, when it looked as if it would connect against the belly of the dragon, a distortion much like one sees on a disturbed pool of water appeared and sucked in the fist of the monster.

"What the!?" Re'-Sha ballistically screamed.

Terry touched the edge of his Scorpio Dragon as he spoke, "Dimensional Prision is a Trap Card that when my opponent declares an attack, I can remove the attacking monster from play! This game is over!"

The distortion grew like it had a sentience and quickly overtook the arm of the undead Exodia corpse. It seemed like it tried to yank away from it, but it couldn't go anywhere. The distortion ate up its arm then its legs and worked on its other arm. For a moment, all that could be seen was just its chest and head, separated from its limbs. It roared in an animalistic voice, the first noise it ever made, while the distortion consumed its chest and its head. The roar became quieter and quieter as the distortion faded away into normalcy.

But Re'-Sha was beyond a fit of rage. At first, just her irises were blood red from using Soul Burning. But now, both her iris and cornea and all other parts became a deep crimson. Two devilish eyes were accompanied by a siren's scream as she ripped her Duel Disk away and charged toward Terry. She didn't run, but she literally glided across the ground, hands outstretched in front of her as she aimed to drive them into Terry's chest.

But of all things to stop her, the tail of Terry's Scorpio Dragon did. With a unnatural speed, it wrapped its tail up around her midsection and hoisted her into the air only about a foot off the ground. Re'-Sha didn't have rational throught, all she was driven by was years and years of rage and frustration that had found another outlet. If she were rational, she might've stopped to wonder why the dragon had been able to pick her up in the first place.

And even as her eyes met Terry's, it still didn't register. She growled and spat and cussed into the equal red eyes of a Soul Burning Terry. Scorpio Dragon was no hologram any longer, it was real.

Terry could feel the strain. From the very second he'd touched his card, he'd been preparing himself for the strain he'd feel. It was almost useless, he could feel his muscles tighten and involuntary twitches in his fingers and toes and eyelids. Without moving, he could hear and feel the sounds of his knuckles cracking. But while it was taking a toll on his body, he managed to put mind over matter, looking at Re'-Sha.

"I…" he choked out, trying to find the words to tell Scorpio Dragon to attack.


"I'm going to…"

And within his mind, he felt the resolve he'd been desperately holding escape him. That resolve that told his heart that this was the way. And he'd lost it. But even as he dropped his head and a single tear dropped from his face, he raised it again and while the eyes retained that deep blood red color, they also had a hint of green in them as well. And a smirk that befit the other side to Terry's personality than the main one.

"How nice, my enemy all tied up with nowhere to go…" he spoke to a irrational Re'-Sha that was clawing her hands at the thick skin of the dragon to no effect. She couldn't or just didn't pay attention to the energy it was gathering in its mouth. Just before it released it and the world became white through the darkness around them, a cocky voice could be heard saying, "Penalty Game! Mind Crush!"

The darkness faded, the lights of the hotel's private room filled 'Terry's' eyes and the sound of an annoying announcer filled his ears as he looked toward a camera that'd been thrust into his face. Battle City champion, best the city has to offer, so on and so forth. Terry wasn't really listening. But he did accept the crystal Duel Disk that had been put into his hands and was kindly shooed away by the guy, Sinclair, to gab to the camera some more.

All these people saw all that and they go on like they just watched their favorite sitcom? What is going on- and he cut his own thoughts short. Off to the side, where he'd left her, Terry could see the figure of Re'-Sha with her back to him. And just as his breath caught in his windpipe, she turned and right away, he could tell something was off. The eyes were black, not silver. The face was not menacing but caring. Just the overall feel of her was a complete flip-flop to what he'd been fighting against only moments before.

And he was completely surprised to see her run up to him and wrap him up in a hug. He could feel his shoulder becoming damp from tears that ran down her face and got absorbed into his shirt. He held his hands in the air, unsure of what to do with this girl until she released him, stepped back and looked at him.

"Thank you…so much…" she said.

"…What's your name?" 'Terry' asked, unfamiliar with this girl and having a hunch this was the girl that truly owned that body.

"Kwandao. Kwandao Kawamura." she said meekly, dipping her head slightly as if bowing to him. "And i-"

'Terry' held up his hand, "Don't worry about it. Just tell me is that wench gone for good now."

A fresh tear slid down her face as she said, "Yes, yes, yes she is. She's gone! And I'm free…"

Terry wasn't in the mood to become the girl's hanky again so he congratulated her on being free and stepped away from her toward the exit doors. But he made a faint, almost imperceptible stutter in his step as his eyes once again changed from green to brown. The real Terry was once again in control and he dumbfoundedly looked around the hotel banquet room, the last memory he had coming back to him. Of trying to find it within him to end Re'-Sha but he couldn't and after that…this. He took note of the crystal Duel Disk in his hand, the announcer Sinclair repeatedly talking about him as Champion of Battle City and a girl that looked like Re'-Sha but he knew was the girl Re'-Sha had been tormenting.

I must've won he thought to himself, but felt a bitter, copper taste in his mouth. And Shadi was right. When the time came down to it, I couldn't take the next step. I couldn't push myself to the next level and commit to it. To attacking Re'-Sha head on with Scorpio Dragon...

Terry was surprised to push open the doors to find a out-of-breath Knowledge coming toward the doors. And like a telepath, he could guess what he was thinking as he slowed down and looked at him.

"It's over, Knowledge. Re'-Sha's gone." Terry spoke, looking down at the carpet even while Knowledge's face twisted into a smile.

"And you won!" he exclaimed.

Terry walked past him with a defeated look to him while he considered something. All during the time Re'-Sha had known him, she'd always called him 'pathetic'. And in the end, was he? If he never had that other side of him, he would have lost. It was his other side that won that duel, not him. And when he stepped in to help and try to finish what he and she had started, he couldn't do it. Pathetic is a good word for something like that. Did Re'-Sha know me that well from the beginning?

But to answer Knowledge, as he climbed the steps one at a time toward what was a new day, all he said was, "Not exactly."