Flaming Emotions, Burning Passions

By YaoiFanLady2

ello everyone. It's always nice to be writing a new story and I've been watching the English version of One Piece daily for the past couple of months and I am officially ADDICTED…so I've decided to try my hand at writing fan fictions. Ive read some of the ones already here and I must say that I'm glad I can add to the list of stories out there about One Piece…so I hope u guys like it. It's a nice change from all of my Yu-Gi-Oh stories, and also from homework that Im procrastinating over and trying not to think about. So I hope you like and please read and review it after!

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the One Piece stuff, but if I did I'd make Sanji and Zolo all mine! Those two are so yummy…lol DROOL

CHAPTER 1- Busted Sanji And Bothered Zolo…Recipe For Trouble!
Sanji flicked his blonde hair and took a drag of his cigarette, watching with inconspicuous interest as Zolo trained up on deck. Watching the way that the swordsman moved was hypnotic at times and Sanji would watch in his breaks from cooking Luffy food as Zolo lost himself in the flow of his blades. When he really got absorbed, the gruff swordsman's movements became more fluid and almost graceful, looking more like an art form than a way to get rid of an opponent.

This time was especially different, and with each flick of his wrist and twist of his muscled body, Sanji could almost see the dance behind the whir of silver. Zolo's bare torso was beginning to shine with a thin layer of sweat, his tanned and muscled chest rising methodically with each heavy breath. Sanji's eyes were not following the paths of the thin blades the tall man favoured, but the stretch of each and every muscle on the lean and tanned bulk, watching the twists and turns of the body that in many ways Sanji's mind and body found absorbing.

Sanji shuffled his feet and began to focus on the sword masters face, seeing a knitted expression of focussed concentration. The expression caught Sanji as interesting, since if there was one thing that the blonde cook found grudgingly admirable, it was Zolo's dedication and persistence in reaching his goal. Sanji blew out a puff of smoke and smirked slightly. He found it refreshing.

With each move becoming more finalistic, Zolo finally finished his routine, sheathing his swords and taking off the black bandana that was hiding most of his face. Wiping his brow, Zolo noticed Sanji's intent gaze and frowned at the taller blonde.


"Eh?" Sanji snapped out of his trance, realising a second later that he had unabashedly been staring at the other man for over ten minutes. 'Zolo musta noticed…' Sanji coughed awkwardly. 'Ah Crap.'

"What are you staring at?" Zolo asked rudely, slightly rattled that the sharp-tongued blonde was watching him.

"Nuthin…ferget it." With a final drag on his ciggie, the blonde hunched his head and stubbed the cigarette on the bottom of his shoe. Keeping his head bowed to hide the slight blush on his face, Sanji quickly ducked into the kitchen and busied himself with the bottle of wine left over from lunch, sculling almost half of the contents and turning his back to the door.

Outside, Zolo was scowling to himself over how strange the cook was acting towards him. He walked over to the storeroom and stowed his swords safely in his storage cabinet, watching the hilts glimmer in the light coming from the door with an affectionate smile. He ran a hand through his spiked green hair and breathed deeply, taking the time to pause after so much activity. After a few seconds, he found that the chef was invading his thoughts; visual images of Sanji staring at him as he trained were imprinted into his memory.

Grumbling, the swordsman trudged out of the storeroom and bumped into Nami, who was carrying a bag of groceries and was about to take them into the kitchen. She frowned at him and he muttered an apology, opening the kitchen door for her since her hands were very full.

The straw-hat pirates had docked at a small town to replenish food stores, relax on solid ground and also, in the case of their rubbery captain, stretch impatient legs. Luffy had been getting bored too easily-he and Usopp had been experimenting with ammunition and blown various things up, including half of the crows nest, the kitchen sink (Sanji had promptly kicked both of the offenders to the other side of the ship and back again), one of the horns off of the ram figurehead, Luffy's hammock in the sleeping quarters, Sanji's spice rack and skilfully detonated the doors off of the blonde's private stash of foods and drinks in the back of the kitchen, 'borrowing' some of the contents in the aftermath. Luffy and Usopp were once again belted to the opposite end of the ship and back again…twice this time.

Avoiding Sanji's kitchen, they had also (accidentally) uprooted and charcoaled several of the younger tangerine trees in Nami's orchard. Saying that the redheaded navigator was ready to kill something was a large understatement-Luffy and Usopp had needed to take refuge in what was left of the crows nest in case she belted them into next week while Sanji, Zolo and Chopper attempted to calm her down. She was still seeking revenge two weeks later and the two wrongdoers were cautious to the point of paranoid to not get caught alone with her in a room with a lockable door.

Once they had docked, Sanji had curiously requested that Nami and Usopp gather his groceries for him while the cook stayed on board. Chopper wandered off into the countryside, claiming that he needed to gather several natural ingredients for new batches of his potions. Luffy had mysteriously disappeared soon after landing, but there were rumours amongst the townsfolk of a man with a red shirt and huge appetite creating mayhem around town. The crew had immediately assumed it was their stretchable captain and sighed in relief, glad Luffy had found ways to occupy himself with what they classed as 'minimal' damage. The townsfolk didn't seem to agree, since they had set guards around their orchards, bakeries, meat venders and other food related buildings to protect them from the insatiable appetite of the pirate king.

Closing the door behind the navigator, Zolo strolled over to the side of the ship to see Usopp walking up the docking plank with another large bag of foodstuffs, though he seemed to be having a small amount of trouble seeing over the bag to know where to put his feet. Zolo couldn't help but grin, finding Usopp's predicament vaguely amusing.

"Usopp, just keep goin forward. You're on the right track and there's not far to go. Hurry up already."

"Ok, if ya say so, Zolo…" With a few quick steps, Usopp got on board without a mishap and grinned at Zolo before passing him to move into the kitchen, the door clunking shut behind him. After a few seconds of staring out over the bay, Zolo felt someone sidle up next to him and turned to see Nami leaning against the rail beside him.

"Well, that's all the groceries done now. I guess I'm going on land to find Luffy…he never paid for destroying my trees…hmmm. Do you reckon I could whack an apology out of him?" She mused aloud to herself with a fierce smirk before looking to Zolo to see the distracted look on his gruff face. "Hmm? What's the matter Zolo?"

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

"Are you sure? You've been very quiet lately…" Nami frowned and studied Zolo's face. The swordsman turned away and turned his back to his curious crewmate.

"Im fine. You should go find Luffy or something. I have training to do anyway."

Nami watched Zolo walk heavily away, noticing the tender way he swung his arms as he walked and the sheen of sweat on his body. She knew he had already trained vigorously, probably far more than usual, and he was obviously dodging the question. She sighed, shrugged and walked off the ship and onto land, immediately plotting a course to find her captain, who was no doubt at one of the food stores in the area. Usopp soon emerged from the kitchen, arms now free of all burdens, and also walked off the ship and out into the town, saying something that sounded like needing to get new ingredients for his bullets. Zolo smirked, thinking that it was more like trying to find more explosives for more mayhem.

Once again, Sanji and Zolo were the only crewmates on the ship.

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