Flaming Emotions, Burning Passions

By YaoiFanLady2

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CHAPTER 7-It Felt So Good, So Right…So Now What?
Sanji watched, enraptured, as Zolo took off his shirt, revealing deliciously toned and rippling muscles that Sanji had the sudden urge to touch and run his tongue over. The swordsman dropped his shirt on the floor and slowly walked over to the cook with a predatory glint in his dark eyes, pulling the blonde in for a powerful kiss. Sanji growled when Zolo's teeth nipped at his bottom lip and he raked his fingertips roughly over the tenuous and raised musculature of his new lovers back in a sort of twisted revenge.

Zolo, aroused by the roughness, pulled back from the kiss to push Sanji against the table, the wood creaking as the cook was slammed onto the surface. Cutlery and plates were pushed aside as Zolo began to rethink his idea of the floor being a usable surface. 'We'll use the table then…good…'

Sanji sneered at the aggressive motions and wrapped his long legs around the swordsman's waist, pulling as close to him as he could while the man was still standing next to the table. Understanding the need to feel skin against skin, Zolo heaved himself onto the tabletop and loomed over an admiring and excited Sanji, who was watching with rapt attention as Zolo's arm muscles flexed in motion. Pinning the cook down to the table, the green haired man grinned sexily and Sanji wiggled his hips, as if taunting the man on top of him to remove the last article of clothing. Eyebrow raised at the challenge, Zolo reached down and pulled off the cook's pants, revealing dark satin boxer shorts and the obvious erection that was driving Sanji crazy with desire.

Deliberately, Zolo brushed his hand and arm against the shaft of Sanji's member while dropping his pants to the floor, and the cook hissed at the teasing contact. Zolo pulled off Sanji's boxer shorts quickly, his rough hands grazing against Sanji's paler skin. The cook watched as the expression on the swordsman's face changed to one of complete and utter lust, and looked on in approval as Zolo sat back and pulled off his own pants and boxers, his erection rising in the freedom.

Placing one hand on Sanji's shoulder, Zolo placed the other on his lovers lower abdomen and lowered himself on top of the thinner body beneath his, watching in ruthless amusement when Sanji wriggled and groaned as their hot skin and raging arousals came into contact. Zolo stayed there for a few seconds, torturing Sanji with small licks to the side of the blonde's neck. With a moan, Sanji bucked his hips and ground himself against the hard body of the man above him, calling out when Zolo moaned softly into his ear and pushed back. Sanji raked his hands over the expanse of tanned flesh down Zolo's back until he reached the muscular ass, gripping it and massaging the well-built muscles with his long fingers.

Zolo growled, tired of the foreplay, and sat backwards on his knees. Sanji sat up too and massaged the chest of the man before him, covering every inch of skin he could reach with pleading kisses. Wanting to feel Zolo inside of him, Sanji grinned coyly and spread his legs, encircling the other man suggestively. Zolo knew what the cook was after, and he grinned as he grabbed the cooking oil that had been left beside them on the table. He lathered two fingers and kissed Sanji while probing the cook's entrance with the first digit.

Expecting the intrusion, Sanji did nothing but arch his back in gratification and push into the kiss aggressively. Zolo, slightly rattled that the cook was so used to this, pushed the second finger in immediately and moved them both until he finally hit the spot that caused the blonde to break the kiss and gasp Zolo's name.

Pleased with the reaction, Zolo pulled Sanji forward a bit and slicked his own erection with the oil, avoiding putting too much on. Part of him wanted to hear Sanji scream in pain as well as desire, and he himself moaned a little at the smooth motions his hands were making on his own hard-on. Remembering what he was supposed to be doing, the swordsman grinned and pushed slowly into the cook, hearing with satisfaction as the cook yelped in pain. Buried only past the head, Zolo leant back and watched as Sanji bit his lip to avoid crying out.

"Does it hurt?" the swordsman asked darkly, his gravely voice heavy with sexual abandon.

Sanji looked up and saw the challenge in his lover's eyes, and using his legs, pulled the swordsman roughly into his own body, Zolo made no effort to stop him and allowed himself to be pushed into his lover. He moaned Sanji's name loudly and leaned over, kissing the blonde passionately. Sanji, already accustomed to the pressure of being filled by Zolo's considerable length, rocked his hips backwards and forwards, wrenching moans of pleasure from the male on top of him. The feeling of being filled by a man as sexy and as brutally animalistic as the beast on top of him drove Sanji to feel his erection harder, and his nerves were on fire, shooting wave after wave of bliss to his brain.

Zolo put one hand on his lovers hip and used the other to pin Sanji's hand in a tight clasp, fingers entwined as he began to slowly pull out of the blonde and then, slightly faster, push back in. the tightness of his lover was overwhelming-Zolo had never had anyone as incredibly tight and hot as Sanji before. The cook had turned him on in ways only a few lovers could, and unleashed in him a monster that wanted more of the cries and more of the passion.

Soon, Zolo had set a pace that was steady and rhythmic, but each and everytime he pounded into the man below him he would receive a sensual groan and every so often, the plea to speed up, or be rougher. Sanji was pushing the swordsman to the edges of his self-control, and Zolo knew that the cook wanted it. He began to be rougher, slamming into the tight ass as Sanji began to scream his name, wrangled out of him as each breath was forced out of his body with the impact. Zolo was panting with exertion and desire, his ragged breaths carrying with it a slight growl as each stroke into Sanji brought wave after wave of pleasure.

Feeling his climax approaching, Zolo let go of Sanji's hand and wrapped his calloused fingers around the cooks weeping erection, Sanji moaning in appreciation. He began to pump the hard length with his hand in time with his thrusts, but he was beginning to loose control. Soon, Zolo was crying Sanji's name just as loudly as Sanji was his, and their voices intertwined as they both began to reach their ultimate high.

With a strangled and passionate cry of Zolo's name, Sanji came onto their stomachs, his seed covering their abdomens and the final spurts grasped in Zolo's hand. In his climax, Sanji tensed and the muscles surrounding Zolo's erection clenched, causing the swordsman to cry out as the tightness encouraged his orgasm. Sanji moaned at the final desperate stroke as Zolo finally climaxed and he heard Zolo growl Sanji's name as his orgasm came, filling Sanji with his seed, shooting his warmth into the cook's body. Sanji, exhausted, let his head drop back onto the table, eyes closed and a sheen of sweat on his body.

Unable to hold himself up, Zolo collapsed onto his lover and felt Sanji's hands trail lazily up onto his shoulders, where they lay there in the lethargic embrace as both men struggled to reagin their breath. After a few moments, Zolo managed to get up and pulled out of the blonde, hearing the complaint as the cook felt his lover leave him. He sat back and watched as Sanji sat up as well, brushing a hand through his matted blonde hair and grinning stupidly. Leaning over, the cook gave Zolo a soft and gentle kiss on the lips, as if saying thanks. Zolo shook his head and grinned back, resting his head on the cooks shoulder for a second before remembering that their time was limited.

He clambered off of the table and grabbed one of the kitchen towels, handing it to Sanji. He grabbed another one for himself and they cleaned themselves up, a relaxed yet almost awkward silence in the air. Without looking at each other, they found their own clothes and put them on, only grunting when they realised they had each other's boxer shorts, swapping with indifference. Zolo was putting his sash back around his waist when he heard the familiar click of a lighter and the smell of tobacco smoke filled the room. Sanji took a few puffs and sighed, sitting down in the chair nearest him and watchin with half opened eyes as Zolo wrinkled his nose at the smell of his cigarette.

"Ugh, sometimes I can't stand that smell. And the windows are closed!" The swordsman noted, looking around the kitchen. Sanji nodded and took another puff, twiddling with his tie with his other hand.

"So open one o' da windows den." He said, smiling slightly at what he was about to say. "It'll help get rid o' dis sex smell too…"

"Yeah, good idea." Zolo admitted grudgingly, lifting his heavy feet to shuffle over to the window. Cold sea air wafted in and ruffled Zolo's hair, catching Sanji's eye. "Wait-what sex smell?"

"Yeah, swordboy, get wit da program. We just fucked in a closed room. Wonder why it smells of sweat 'nd sex?" The blonde rolled his eyes, but his smile was softer than usual.

Zolo smiled and walked past the smoking chef on the way out of the kitchen, ignoring the comments and scuffing the blonde head with his hand lightly as he past. Sanji grinned, taking it as a playful advance, and slapped the swordsman's ass as he stood up. Zolo turned back, gave Sanji a suggestive glance and walked out onto deck. A few moments later, Sanji heard the door of the bathroom close and the running of water as his lover took a shower.

Sanji, too tired to think of anything but sleep, stubbed out his cigarette and leant back against the table, his eyes closing and his body relaxing. Soon, he was sound asleep.

He didn't know how long he was out for, but the smell of soap and the feeling of calloused hands shaking his shoulders woke him. The sound of Zolo's voice was the final straw to wake him up, and he opened his bleary eyes to find that Zolo had lifted him by the arms and was holding him upright while Sanji was droopy with sleepiness.

"Geez, Sanji, it's about time you woke up!" Zolo said gruffly, loosening his grip as Sanji began to support his own weight. He smirked and nodded towards the door. "You better have a shower-you smell like sex."

Sanji grinned at the past reference and, without thinking, looped his arms around Zolo's neck and nibbled on the earlobe. Zolo froze and leant away from the touch, fixing the blonde with an unreadable look.

"What?" Sanji asked, frowning. 'Now what's going through his thick head?'

"Nothing. Im just not used to…" Zolo frowned. "Never mind. Forget it. Go shower."

"Zolo! Don't fuckin' lie to me, I'm not stupid!" Sanji snapped irritably, removing his arms from the swordsman's burly shoulders and frowning sceptically. Zolo sighed.

'If only he knew how confused I felt…how much I thought about it while I showered and then again while I trained…I couldn't concentrate because of him…' Zolo shrugged his shoulders and walked backwards a few steps from Sanji, who was eyeing him angrily. 'I just don't know, can I really be attracted to another guy? Shit…I need time, Sanji…'

"What? You fucked me, but now you can't stand to touch me?" The blonde chef spat, stung. "What's with you, bastard?"

"I SAID NOTHING'S WRONG, NOW GET THE FUCK OUT AND HAVE A SHOWER!" Zolo bellowed, balling his fists and blushing red. After a few seconds, he sighed and slouched, looking down at his feet almost embarrassedly. "Everyone will be back soon, so you better get cleaned up or they'll get suspicious. Ill sort out things here." His voice was quiet, almost uncertain. He didn't meet Sanji's distressed gaze.

Sanji felt something in him collapse and he quietly grabbed his jacket and tie, leaving the room without a word, his gaze directed at his feet. Even though he didn't know quite what he had done wrong, Zolo felt guilty.

"Shit…" Zolo grumbled, running a hand through his spiked green hair. 'What have I done?'

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