Stuck In the Elevator with 10 People

A game where 10 Dannny Phantom characters are stuck inside an elevator, to determine a winner. The prize? We don't know yet. Voting off people, humiliation, and confessions will follow the beginning of this game.

Let's meet the contestants.

Danny Fenton/Phantom, Age 14

Sam Manson, Age 14

Tucker Foley, Age 14

Paulina, Age 16

Dash Baxter, Age 16

Jazz Fenton, Age 16

Skulker, Age 126,789,260

The Box Ghost, Age 126,789,258

A Crazed DP fan girl, Age 13

That Crazed DP Fan girl's Sister, Age 11

Judges: Vlad Masters, The Ghost Writer, Clockwork, Danielle, The Crazed DP Fan girl's Cousin, and Some Hobo Dude.

Coming Soon