sTuCk iN tHe ElEvAtOr WiTh PeOpLeS by Danny's Evil Twin.

I know it's been a LONG time since I uploaded...and you thought I had given up. Well guess what...I haven't.

sTuCk iN tHe ElEvAtOr WiTh PeOpLeS

"Face down in the dirt, she says this doesn't hurt." Face Down, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Are you ready…for the finale?

Special Guest Appearances by:

Chip Skylark

Miranda Cosgrove

Actually, we couldn't get her…scratch that.

No Miranda Cosgrove

Drake Bell

Grim Control


Valerie Grey


Coming Sometime In October Peoples…or November…possibly December. Just…sometime before the end of the year…I promise!

Thee story shall not perish, nor ever be left on hiatus longer than a year again. I doth proclaim this statement.

-DannysEvilTwin, aka, Carissa

Danny: I'm Danny Phantom and I approve this message. Wait…what is this?!

Sam (reading Breaking Dawn): I think she's finally bringing the story back.

Judges: Ugh! That means we have to leave the Jacuzzi!

Sam: Not really…she just has to finish a chapter…thought she might continue it…you never know.

Danny: Stay tuned people…and spread the word around. This story is coming back!

Bye Peoplez!