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I was meant to be devoid of emotion.

I could not feel anything, it's true.

Being a solitude pained me so much.

That all ended when I met you.


It was love at first sight.

I think I dreamed you into life.

In your eyes, I see my future in an instant.

You, as my husband, and I, as your wife.


You were like me.

I was happy to know.

We wanted to ascend higher.

But we only went far below.


In your beautiful eyes.

I saw deep sorrow and pain.

I wanted to heal you.

Hoping my efforts weren't in vain.


Through all the times we shared.

My love for you grew.

You didn't feel the same.

Of course I knew.


In this what I call a life.

I hold nothing but desire to be loved.

By none other.

Than you, my beloved.


Your presence alone makes me happy.

Whether you stay long or awhile.

My heart throbs with love and warmth.

As you touch me with your smile.


You may think me a fool.

But my feelings are real.

I apologize.

But it's hard putting into words what I feel.


I never thought that love.

Could feel like this.

It's so beautiful.

Your warmth, your embrace, your kiss.


You may hate me.

And you may think I hate you too.

It's not easy saying this.

But I truly love you.


It pains me so much.

To know you'll never feel the same.

Because you love her.

I won't use her name.


I can't compete with her.

I'm not alive.

But she is.

If only I could be revived.


But I know even if I were alive.

It wouldn't be enough.

Thinking that you would love me.

Is only a mere bluff.


She has a beautiful soul.

Whereas I have no heart.

I know it wouldn't be fair.

If I were to tear you two apart.


She is perfect.

But I am not.

Perhaps it is best.

If I forgot.


But it is impossible.

I can't tell you goodbye.

Forgetting you would mean.

That a piece of me would die.


Your love is like a river.

Beautiful and deep.

But your love is now for her.

And you are not mine to keep.


I am never yours.

But you are always mine.

It hurts so much to know.

That our destinies aren't intertwined.


I'll admit I'm jealous of her.

But I will never hate.

I am not angered or outraged.

To know that she is your soul mate.


I'll admit I wish to be her.

To be in your embrace, your heart, and your stare.

To be loved above all others.

And to not fade into thin air.


We are rivals competing for your heart.

"She is my reincarnation!" I always thought.

To prevent the fierce battles.

We silently fought.


I am an envious fool.

That I will not deny.

And I shatter my envy

With every tear I wish to cry.


Just know I will always be here.

To watch you and your love grow.

I will try my best to be happy.

But I know I'll always feel deep sorrow.


I am selfish, it's true.

But I still can feel, I know I can.

I may be jealous and selfish.

But am I not human?


I can feel sadness.

I can feel bliss.

I can dream every night.

Of your tender kiss.


I can feel envy.

I can yearn for her to be replaced.

With myself in your arms.

And in your warm embrace.


I can feel bitter.

I can feel guilt.

Knowing how greatly

My selfishness has built.


I could not be human.

But you taught me that wasn't true.

Knowing this touches my heart.

And strengthens my love for you.


I want to be yours.

I want you to love me alone.

I want to be your princess.

And claim my throne.


I know this will never be.

I wish it were true.

But if my dreams could be reality.

I would be forever with you.


Just know I will always be here.

To watch over you two.

Through my envy, I'll give you a smile.

And pretend I don't love you.


You're beautiful.

It's true.

But I have to face the truth.

I will never be with you.


As much as I want you to love me.

I want you to forget.

Whereas I will always remember.

Especially the time we first met.


You may think I hate you.

But that isn't true.

Please know that I always have.

And always will love you.


Please forget me.

Please don't cry.

Please move on.

Please don't tell her goodbye.


All I ask is for your happiness.

That will please me a lot.

And I promise to love you forever.

Whether you love me or not.


Perhaps we were meant to be.

Perhaps our paths will cross once more.

Then you will be mine.

And I will be yours.


Perhaps I am tricking myself.

But I do not care.

All I can do is hope.

That God will answer my prayer.


Even though I am not with you now.

Even when I have died.

I promise that wherever you go.

I'll always be by your side.


Every night I pray.

To the heavens above.

That I will one day.

Be your beloved.