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A/N. Being bored and disinterested and sad can kinda inspire you. Isn't that weird? o.o;

Anyways, this poem was inspired by a lot of rhyming songs and my other poem Kikyou No Kokoro. xD And some people may recognize some stanzas as some fromKikyou No Kokoro. o.o; Well, I was just most proud of those stanzas and thought they fitted both characters(Raven and Kikyo.) :3

Anyway, I got pretty emotional reading this over. -shrugs- Don't mind me...xD Anyway, hope you likey! Drop a review if you can! -points to review button-

I was born to lack emotions.

I was doomed, it's true.

I wandered in eternal darkness.

Until I met you.


You took me in.

When others did not.

You made me feel happy.

That I had long ago forgot.


We formed a team.

Of people like me.

I finally knew what it was like.

To belong in a family.


You were like me.

I was happy to know.

We hide our true faces.

Thinking they should not be showed.


Even if you hide your eyes.

I know what they look like.

I know they hold the same pain I feel.

We are so much alike.


I hide my face.

Behind my hood.

You hide your eyes.

I have always understood.


Through all the times we shared.

My love for you grew.

You didn't feel the same.

Of course I knew.


To save myself.

I hid my love for you.

That was all I could.

Think of to do.


I am a fool.

I'll admit with a sigh.

If I truly loved you.

My feelings wouldn't be denied.


Please forgive me.

For being such a coward.

But I do not want to be hurt.

That I can not afford.


Please forgive me.

I am a selfish person, it's true.

But I have realized.

Saving myself means saving you.


I carry a heavy weight each day.

Longing for your smile.

I break myself each time.

But it is all worthwhile.


I know you'll never know.

Of these feelings for you.

It's not easy saying this.

But I truly love you.


It pains me so much.

To know you'll never feel the same.

Because you love her.

I won't use her name.


I can't compete with her.

I'm not beautiful enough for you.

She is better than I.

I know this is true.


But I know even if I were more beautiful.

It wouldn't be enough.

Thinking that you choose me over her.

Is only a mere bluff.


She is perfect.

I know I am not.

Perhaps it would be best.

If I just forgot.


But I can't ever forget.

Please forgive me.

It hurts enough to know.

That we weren't meant to be.


Trying to forget you.

Would make me cry.

It would hurt so much.

To have a piece of me die.


Knowing you deny me.

Relives this pain I'm going through.

Please forgive me.

I can't stop loving you.


You may think I'm a fool.

But my feelings are true.

Please forgive me.

But I truly love you.


You may think it's a simple crush.

But my feelings are real.

Please forgive me.

But it's hard putting into words what I feel.


I'll admit I'm jealous of her.

I know it was fate.

But I will never hate her.

For being your soul mate.


I'll admit I wish to be her.

To be in your eyes, your arms, your heart.

To be loved above all others.

And to never drift apart.


I want to compete against her for your heart.

"She's my friend!" I always thought.

Rousing my guilt and remorse.

Would prevent the battle I fought.


I am an envious fool.

That I will not deny.

And my jealousy is shattered.

With every tear I cry.


I wish I could be her.

Every night I send a wish.

To the heavens above.

That I would be the one you kiss.


I wish I could be yours.

I wish she could be replaced.

With myself in your arms.

And in your loving embrace.


Please forgive me.

I am selfish, I know.

I wish I could be happy for you.

But I still feel deep sorrow.


I want to be yours.

I want you to love me alone.

I want to be your princess.

And claim my throne.


I know this will never be.

I wish it were true.

But if my dreams could be reality.

I would be forever with you.


Just know I will always be here.

To watch over you two.

Through my envy, I'll give you a smile.

And pretend I don't love you.


You're beautiful.

It's true.

But I have to face the truth.

I will never be with you.


All I ask is for your happiness.

That alone will make me happy.

I will try to be blissful for you.

Even knowing you will never love me.


Even though I am not with you now.

Even when I have died.

I promise that wherever you go.

I'll always be by your side.


Every night I lift my hands.

And silently pray.

That we will be.

Together someday.