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Chapter 17

Brandon glared at Sephiroth with every ounce of hatred he had. He brought up his sword and blocked Sephiroth's attack. Their blades met with a ring. With his long sword, Sephiroth launched attack after attack, forcing Brandon backwards with the volley of blows.

Sephiroth swung his sword at him harder than before, intending to cleave him in half. Brandon rolled under the assault and slashed at Sephiroth's legs. He caused only a mere tear in the black fabric when Sephiroth brought his sword down on him. The metal cut through cloth and skin. Brandon rolled back to his feet and glared at Sephiroth closely.

"Face it," the killer said, spreading out his free hand. "You're no match for me."

"We'll see about that," Brandon said, running towards him.

Laura's POV

Laura was extremely worried. Brandon hadn't been found yet. They looked about for several minutes. He was nowhere to be seen.

"Laura," Zack said from behind her. She turned around. "I looked for you before. Where'd you go?"

"Zack, you disappeared. When my parents said we were moving, I didn't see any reason to argue," she said. They kept the pace with the others.

"Well, there's no reason we can't start where we left off…right?" He seemed puzzled by the strange expression on her face.

"I- I don't know about that, Zack," she said quietly. "I- um, Brandon-" She trailed off and understanding came to Zack's eyes. Before he could reply, however, several gunshots from behind caused them to duck down and hide in the closest room.

"Who is it?" Tiffany asked Garret, who poked his head out for a split second before gunfire forced it back in.

"People in black. A lot of 'em." Her aimed his shotgun around the doorframe and pulled the trigger. There was a loud exclamation and then a thud. He smirked. "Looks like I've learned a bit."

"Fighting for your life does that," Vincent said, adding shots from his pistol to Garret's fire. Two more were easily taken out.

"Lemme try!" Yuffie said, trying to get around them. "Vincent!"

Vincent didn't move from his spot standing in the doorway. "We'll cover ya," Garret said. "Crawl over us and get to that door over there." He pointed with his shotgun then fired it once again. A scream replaced the loud bang and then there was yet another thud.

Yuffie did just that and Tiffany after her. Zack would have followed, but Garret immediately told him he was too big. Elena crawled over to find another door she could shoot from. Tseng told Garret to crouch and shot over his head instead, being a smarty.

"Tiffany, look out!" Vincent said, raising his voice so surprisingly that she ducked immediately. Two bullet holes opened up in the wood right where her head had been. Vincent turned his attention to the two down the hall, coming from the way they had been about to go, leaving Garret and Tseng to finish off the five and more that flooded into the hall.

"I have to help out," Aeris told Zack, who wasn't letting her go.

"Never mind that," Garret grunted, reloading his gun with his back to the door. "We gotta get moving. They keep poppin' up." He fired one more time before taking off towards the one remaining man in black that blocked the way they were going. In his fear, the man's shots missed, Garret tried to shoot him, but the coward was moving all about, looking for a way to escape. Once he got to him, however, he bashed him over the skull with his shotgun, jumped over the dead body of his partner, and continued his run down the hall.

Tiffany followed after him, Vincent following close behind. They all ran off until it was only Yuffie left. She cursed, wondering how they could leave the Great Yuffie behind. More people were showing up by the second, and she was soon to be overrun. None of her shots were hitting their mark.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. She covered her eyes at the blast, gasping as heat washed over her. A figure suddenly blocked out the light. He held out a gloved hand to her, lifting her off the ground and propelling her forward. The last thing she saw was long brown hair and a scar on his face before she was running again.

Panting, Yuffie caught up with the group. "Nice shootin', Yuffie," was Garret's sarcastic greeting. After Tiffany gave him a boot to the head, she and Aeris immediately apologized for leaving her behind. "That guy saved me!" she interrupted them.

"What guy?" Tiffany asked, looking back down the hall. It was blackened and aflame. "We just saw an explosion. I thought it was Jessie."

Jessie shook her head.

Yuffie turned to see that her savior was gone. The others kept moving. She followed and was about to say something when a sound caught her ear.

"Shhh." Yuffie suddenly stopped. She crept forward silently and put her ear to a door. "I hear something," she announced.

She opened the door and stared out into darkness. It was night, and they stared over at a platform raised to their level a few yards away. Two fighters, illuminated by a soft blue glow, performed a dance of death with their abnormally sized blades. One of them had slightly spiky blonde hair which was matted in the back where he'd been hit and knocked unconscious earlier.

"Go, Brandon!" Yuffie cheered from where they stood. The teen in question deflected one of Sephiroth's attacks and leapt away to glance at them. His wide eyes met Laura's worried ones.

"No! Run!" he shouted across at them, giving Sephiroth the chance he needed. His sword cut across Brandon's chest. He gasped and jumped back, quickly bringing up his sword to meet the madman's in an attempt to force him back.

Garret brought up his shotgun and aimed for Sephiroth. "That was dirty," he said, finger on the trigger.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Sephiroth warned, using his free hand to pull a remote out. Laura stared at it, recognizing the red button… "One push of this button will kill her. Show them, Aeris." Laura pulled back the sleeve of her shirt to reveal a shackle on her wrist. The broken chain that hung from it was also attached to the strange lock from before. The last shock was yet to come.

Brandon slashed at Sephiroth furiously. The point of his sword cut from his right cheek across his nose and up, almost to his eyes. He knocked the sword aside with no sign of pain on his face and slashed right back. Brandon blocked it, but fatigue was getting to him. He was wounded even before the battle.

Sephiroth did something Brandon hadn't expected. He dropped the remote and reached in his shirt. Expecting the worst, Brandon attempted to slash at his arm. The sword connected, but Sephiroth merely stepped back, his own blood dripping to the ground. He pulled out a gun and aimed at Brandon, who froze. With a smirk on his face, he aimed to the left and pulled the trigger. Wide-eyed, Brandon followed the direction of the bullet with his head. It was aimed straight for Laura.

Laura flinched and closed her eyes, expecting the bullet to tear through her. Instead, there was a thud before her. She opened her green eyes and saw Zack on the ground. Confusion registered on her face. Hadn't he been behind her…?

"Sorry…about that," Zack said, clutching his stomach. There was a pained expression on his handsome face. "Wasn't…your time, I think." He smiled up at her. "Even if you…like Brandon better than me, I'll still…watch over you, okay?"

Laura knelt beside him, her hands grasping his bloody fingers and tears threatening to spill from her pretty emerald eyes. She shook her head, her braid swinging back and forth. "You're not going to die," she said with a shaking voice.

"It's okay," Zack said, the pain on his face relaxing. "I know…that I'll be…happy where I'm going…'cause I saw you one last time."

Brandon sliced the gun from Sephiroth's hand and kicked it out of the way. He thrust his blade forward but was knocked aside. "Are you angry with me, Cloud?" he asked. "Do you want to kill me?"

Brandon was on the offensive now, but all his attacks were being deflected. All he had to do was maneuver so that he could grab up the remote. Then Laura would be okay. He didn't dare look over to see how Zack was faring. His chance presented itself.

Sephiroth lashed out quickly, his sword swinging towards his waist. He dropped to the ground and rolled once again, placing himself beside the remote. He grabbed it up and stuck it down his baggy shirt, glad he had tucked it in before the fight.

A sudden sound made him looked up and attempt to rise quickly. Sephiroth charged at him once again, the point of his sword scraping on the stone floor and striking up sparks. He tore it up and across Brandon's face, returning the favor. It opened a cut from his temple to halfway up his forehead. Brandon quickly kicked away the blade and jumped up, swinging his blade.

At the same time, Sephiroth brought his sword back at him. The swords passed their targets and stopped in the air. Sephiroth smirked. Brandon dropped his sword, blood running freely down his arm.

"This is where it ends," Sephiroth announced, raising his blade again. Brandon quickly ran. Sephiroth's laugh cut through the air. "Scared?"

Brandon suddenly stopped at the steps and turned. Sephiroth's gun was in his hand. He ducked under another attack and ran around to the killer's back. Sephiroth turned and lifted his blade to charge. Brandon raised his gun and…

…dropped it. Blood made his hand slippery. He gasped and braced himself for death.

A loud bang made his eyes shoot open. Sephiroth's sword clattered to the ground. Eyes burning with anger, he took a step towards Brandon and stumbled. Holding the bullet hole in his chest where his heart should be, Sephiroth hit the ground hard.

Yuffie jumped up, waving her gun in the air. "That's for killing my boyfriend!"

Brandon walked slowly to his friends. Hojo, Tseng, and Elena were long gone. They all smiled, except Vincent, and cheered his victory, even if it was with a little help. There was a slight smile on his face as well. He climbed up the steps and approached Laura there were tears running down her face. With his clean hand, he wiped them away and embraced her.

When he pulled back, he saw a stunned expression on her face. He opened his mouth to question her, but instead let out a strangled sound. Blood darkened his shirt and spread outwards. He gave Laura a longing look…before he fell backwards down the stairs.

Sephiroth dropped his gun from the platform and fell for the last time.

"I have…finished my goal…and killed…two more players…this day. Cloud…and myself."

Garret's POV

He threw his virtual reality helmet to the ground and stomped on it. "Piece of junk," he mumbled. His phone rang, and he picked it up. "What?'

"Wow, you picked up your phone and it's only 2:30," the voice on the other line said.

"What do you want, Tif?" Garret asked.

"Where's Laura? Yuffie said she didn't come home again last night."

"She's probably at the park," Garret grunted. "The hippie."

"Can you drive me there? We promised to hang out more."

Garret sighed. "I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

Garret's old car somehow made it to Tiffany's house. She was outside waiting. When she got in the car, she said, "Laura's had a lot of funerals to go to lately. Her father's, her mother's, Reno's, Zack's, and…" She trailed off, swallowing. "I just thought she'd need someone to talk to."

The car drove down the road, took a turn, took another turn, and kept going until it made its way to the park. They got out and began to walk. There were children playing outside. It was a perfect day. A gentle wind cooled them and the sun wasn't so hot, just enough to ensure that they were warm.

"Look, there she is," Tiffany said, pointing.

Garret smirked. "She looks a little busy…"

Laura's POV

She smiled at the boy sitting across from her, wondering if he was going to be bold. Brandon had just gotten out of the hospital. He'd fought for his life and went up against a madman to save not his own but his friends' lives…yet he was still afraid to do anything more than hold her hand.

"Are you sure you're feeling okay?" she asked, leaning against the tree that shaded them. A slight breeze blew her bangs in her face. Brandon lay before her on the grass, his fingers locked behind his head.

"I had to get stitches, but my wounds are healing up fast," he told her.

"That's good," she said, smiling at him. He sat up and held out his hand to her. She took it, her smile widening slightly.

"You…like me, right?" he asked hesitantly, sitting beside her with his back to the tree as well.

"Of course," she assured him, leaning her head against his shoulder. She could see hesitance on his face.

"So are we…together?"

"You mean boyfriend and girlfriend?"


"Well, if you like me, and I like you, then I suppose we are," she said, amused. Her expression turned to surprise when he cupped her cheek with his hand and brought her face up to his, their lips meeting.

Twin wolf whistles made them break apart. Tiffany and Garret grinned at the two of them. The recent jealousy she'd felt was gone; Tiffany liked Vincent now. And she knew better than to let her feelings go unnoticed.

"Looks like things have settled down," Garret said. "To tell the truth, it's pretty damn boring. AVALANCHE and SOLDIER aren't fightin', and Sephiroth was buried. We all saw to that."

"Do you want him to be back?" Laura asked, a smile replacing her embarrassment.

"Not after all that bastard did to us. I just wish I got the last shot."

"But you didn't," Yuffie said in a singsong voice, approaching behind them. Vincent, no longer wearing sunglasses, walked behind her. His name had been cleared. Seth Cait strolled behind them, looking cheerful. They'd forgiven him for before, thanks to Laura.

"Looks like the gang's all here," Tiffany said, looking about.

"We're the team that kicked Sephiroth's ass," Garret announced. "Ain't nothin' gonna separate us."

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