by: Alexiel Reborn


Leon woke in the morning, later than usual, and slowly trudged downstairs. He brushed his brown locks from his face with a sigh and looked around to see that everyone had already left for the restoration site. Had he really slept that late?

Disregarding his laziness as a temporary thing, he walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. That was when he spotted a piece of blank paper and some crayons lying nearby. He didn't give them a second thought as he grabbed his slightly cooled coffee from the pot and sat down at the table.

The longer he sat there sipping his coffee the more he felt his fingers began to twitch. Before he really knew what he was doing he had set down his mug and reached over and grabbed a yellow crayon.

"Maybe..." Leon mumbled, quickly looking around to ensure that no one was in the vicinity.

Slowly he pulled the blank piece of paper and put the crayon to the surface...

Yuffie quickly washed her hands and exited from the bathroom humming. She knew everyone would probably be annoyed at her for being late, but she had the urge to draw something this morning before she got to work.

When she arrived in the kitchen she was greeted by a surprise. A half-drunken cup of coffee sat next to her once blank paper, and no one was in sight. She walked over to it and picked it up.

"Hey...this kind of looks like Cloud!"