Hogwart's Adaptation of King Arthur

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters they (unfortunatly) are the property of JK Rowling, I pray she puts them to good use.

'Out of the bloody way!' Ron yelled. He was trying to make his way through the enormously large crowd gathered before the lists set up outside the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall had pinned them up moments before. They were the lists of the roles that would be played by those students who auditioned. The play was set in the times of King Arthur, however the story is more focused on Lancelot and Guinevere, it's called 'The Forbidden Lovers'. A bit much for a school pay, who knew Dumbledore was an old romantic. Ron shoved his way through the crowd and felt someone elbow him hard in the ribs. Ron yanked out his wand

'Alright everyone, move it!' he yelled. The crowd continued on its loud, pushy, squishy way toward the lists, ignoring the pissed off Gryffindor. Ron was about to curse someone when the crowd fell silent and the que separated to let someone through. Ron groaned when he was who it was.

Harry sighed as he saw everyone scamper away from his lover. Not that Harry could blame them, Draco could at times be mighty frightening, like that time Cho had tried to kiss him in an empty hallway, Draco had walked in on it and cursed her something awful. Not that Harry wasn't grateful, he still had nightmares about those thin, pale, wet, feminine lips. Yuck. Draco walked up to the lists and examined them carefully. Harry groaned. He really didn't want to partake in anything that would get him anymore public attention. But Draco had forced him to audition…well…not really forced…let's just say Draco took advantage of a time when Harry was most….encouraging…to make Harry promise to try out. Harry tried to look on the bright side, if he did manage to get some part in the play it couldn't be too hard to do after Hermione had told him about magical plays. They run on these scripts that get magically inserted…sort of into the actors mind and body. So whatever the script tells the character to say and do, he does it automatically and they can't stop themselves from doing it, apparently that little bit was added because actors kept trying to change the scripts on the creators. Apparantly the play wasn't entirely a play either…it was more like a movie…well the play was live but the people who view it see it more like a movie than a play. Harry didn't know how that worked but it seemed really cool. That way there wouldn't be any crappy props there would actually be a forest and a castle and stuff.

Draco turned from the wall and smiled at his boyfriend. He walked over to Harry and bowed,

'My own King Arthur,' Draco smirked. Harry looked at him in shock and ran to the lists. There it was sure enough,


Selected by Albus Dumbledore and staff

Play manger and organiser…Hermione Granger

King Arthur…Harry Potter

Guinevere…Ginny Weasley

Lancelot…Draco Malfoy

Merlin…Blaise Zabini

Morgan Le Fay…Cho Chang

'You're Lancelot?' Harry asked Draco.

'Yep, I was, of course, the obvious choice, who wouldn't fall in love with me?' Draco asked.

'You're asking the wrong person,' Harry smirked 'I just want you for the sex,'

Draco laughed and slipped his hand inside of Harry's.

'Oi Harry!' Harry's attention switched to the red headed boy waving his arms amonst the large crowd, 'Who am I?'

Harry looked back to the list in search of Ron Weasley.

'Ahh you're Village Girl number 1,'

'I'm WHAT!' Ron exclaimed. Draco burst into hysterical laughter.

'Hey Ron look at the bright side, you're a number 1?' Harry shrugged.

Draco was incredibly excited, he had a gleam in his eyes and a constant smile on his face that was so adorable Harry wanted to bundle him up and hug the air out of him. They were walking to potions…well Harry was walking, Draco was practically skipping…a tad bit late due to the distractions of play rehersal.

'You're soo cute!' Harry suddenly let out. Draco looked at him in shock.


'Yes,' Harry grabbed him and pulled him into a hug.

'I am not cute, I am incredibly sexy,' Draco corrected.

'Mmmm that too,' Harry agreed and nuzzled into Draco's shoulder.

'Cutsey wittle Drakey,' Harry sighed.

'Oh no Harry please I beg you, no baby talk,' Draco squirmed. Harry raised an eyebrow and looked Draco in the eye.

'Alright then,' Harry let him go and stalked away leaving Draco behind.

'Harry?' Draco called out. Harry kept walking.

'Harry!' Draco ran to catch up with Harry and tackled him into an empty classroom.

'Alright! Alright!' Draco laughed as Harry rolled over and straddled Draco proudly 'You can call me whatever the hell you want!'

Harry smirked, 'Even…sweetie pie?'



'Of course,'

'Cutey, honey, dear, love, sweetums?'


'…Sir Cuddlesalot?'

'No!' Drco exclaimed raising himself from the ground 'You can't go around saying things like that!'

'Oh I see, don't want your little secret to get out hey?' Harry raised an eyebrow 'Draco Malfoy likes to cuddle after sex,'

'I do not!' Draco argued.

'Oh yeah? Name one time that we haven't cuddled afterwards?' Harry challenged. Draco thought hard, a thousand, wonderful, mind blowing times flashed before his eyes…and he had to admit it, every time after had resulted in snuggling and/or cuddling, nuzzling and spooning. Also upon flashback…the majority of those times the affectionate hugging had been administered by the ever evil Draco Malfoy. Draco groaned and laid back down on the floor. Harry giggeled.

'What have you done to me Scarhead?' Draco asked 'there was once a time where I would just have sex and kick the other person out after,'

Harry's eyes narrowed, 'Would you rather go back to those days?'

'Not for all the power and wealth of the world,' Draco smiled and looked up at his boyfriend who smiled down at him.

'I love you Scarhead, so much it's resulted in disgusting displays of affection,'

'I love you too Sir Cuddlesalot,' Harry nuzzled Draco's neck. Draco turned his head and pulled Harry in toward him.

'I can't believe how luck you are,' a feminine voice spoke just outside the door. The boys froze in fear.

'Oh god no, more fangirls,' Harry hissed.

'I know,' another voice sounded 'Who else gets to make out with both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy,'

'Ginny I would give you 10 000 galleons to resign your part over to me,' the other girl offered.

'No way I've got big plans for this play,' Ginny spoke arrogantly.

'What do you mean?' the other girl asked.

'Oh nothing, I'm just going to add a little improvisation to the script is all,' Ginny clued 'Into the love scenes,'

'Are you really?' the girl asked.

'Yeah, Cho and I are going to make some last minute changes to the magical script, resulting in a full blown sex scene with me and Harry and Draco…and Cho gets one with just Harry,'

'Wow!' the girl exclaimed.

'Yeah, there's no way after all I've been through that I'm not going to get laid by Harry Potter, this way I get him and Draco at the same time!'

'I'm sooo jealous,'

'Yeah well-,'

'What do you two think you are doing?' McGonagall's voice interrupted 'You're twenty minutes late for your class, I suggest you get a move on,'

Soon enough the girls were gone and Harry was puking in some teachers desk.

'That…is just soooo wrong!' Harry managed to say.

'That little bitch! How dare she!' Draco raged. Harry was close to tears.

'Draco I don't want to have sex with Ginny or Cho,'

'How dare she even think of doing this! It's fucking evil…and that's coming from me! I don't want to even think about touching her disgusting body!'

'You! You're the one who's bisexual! I'm full out gay! Anything involving girls gives me the creeps!' Harry shuddered.

'Harry,' Draco moved toward his lover 'I never want to touch anyone again unless it's you, only you,'

Harry melted and nuzzled into Draco's chest.

'Don't worry Harry…I think we should have a little talk with our dorm mates,'

'Oh Icky!' Dean exclaimed from his bed.

'I know!' Harry cried from his own bed, balling his eyes out in fear. Draco was running soothing circles on his back while he confronted the deviants of trickery…well since Fred and George left anyway.

'That's just sick and wrong!' Seamus exclaimed.

'I know!' Harry cried again.

'Any ideas?' Draco asked 'There's no way in hell I ever want to lay my hands on a Weasely unless it's to ring their freckled necks,'

'You could just tell a teacher…that would get her off your back,' Neville offered from his corner.

'Hell no!' Dean exclaimed 'This deserves revenge…'

'This deserves a well thought out strategry, Dean notebook please,' Seamus asked. Dean reached under the bed and handed Seamus a heavily charmed book. Seamus waved his wand over the book and skipped through the pages.

'I think this calls for a new prank…,' Dean offered 'Something that will stop them from getting into Harry's pants-,'

Harry whimpered and buried his head in the sheets.

'And that will rub their faces in it,' Dean finished. A smirk made it's way to Draco's beautiful features.

'We could make some script alterations of our own?' Draco offered. Seamus and Dean looked up at Draco and returned his smirk.

'Ohh you're good,' Dean laughed.

'I knew there was a reason you were the prankster prince,' Seamus grinned.

'But should we join forces for evil?' Dean asked. Harry let a wail into the pillow and the boys nodded their heads.

'The bitches are toast,' Seamus promised.

The full Cast of The Hogwarts Adaptation of King Arthur


Selected by Albus Dumbledore and staff

Play manger and organiser…Hermione Granger

King Arthur…Harry Potter

Guinevere…Ginny Weasley

Lancelot…Draco Malfoy

Merlin…Blaise Zabini

Morgane Le Fay…Cho Chang

Sir Percivale…Gregory Goyle

Sir Lionell…Seamus Finnigan

Sir Gareth…Dean Thomas

Sir Lucan…Ernie McMillan

Sir Safer…Zacharis Smith

Sir Pelleas…Collin Creevy

Sir Kay…Vincent Crabbe

Sir Mordred…Neville Longbottom

Lady Elaine…Pansy Parkinson

Lady Hellen…Sarah Belle


Villager Girl 1…Ron Weasley Villager 1…Susan Bones

Villager Girl 2…Hannah Abbott Villager 2…Terry Boot

Villager Girl 3…Pavarti Patil Villager 3…Jeffrey Holmes

Villager Girl 4…Dennis CreevyVillager 4…Devon Lipton

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