The Hogwarts Adaptation of King Arthur

An Eternity to look Forward to

Ron knocked on the Gryffindor 7th year boys dormitory door. The entire 7th year Gryffindor boys (except Harry) plus Hermione stood behind him.

'Ahh Harry mate? You in there?' Ron asked.

There came no answer. They looked at each other confused and hesitant. To say that it was an odd situation was a grave understatement. They had no idea how to act, what were they suppose to do? It made them all extremely anxious.

'Ummm,' Ron tried again 'Mate?'

Ron looked to the guys, who shrugged and backed away from the door.

'Oh for Pete's sake!' Hermione forced the door open and paced into the room. Ron stood shocked for a few moments before absentmindedly following the girl. Hermione walked over to Harry's bed and the figure who's head was shoved under the pillow. Hermione sat down on the edge of the bed and rested her hand on Harry's back.

'Are you alright Harry?' she asked. Harry's grip tightened on the pillow but he said nothing.

'It's okay mate, you don't need to explain anything to us, Dumbledore gave us the run down how your some reincarnated soul that somehow managed to even shag Malfoy in your past life,' Ron explained.

Harry pulled the pillow from his head, turned and sat up to face everyone.

'You know?' he asked.

'Yeah mate, saves you a lot of trouble huh?' Seamus asked.

'Must be kinda overwhelming?' Dean asked 'Finding out all this stuff in one night?'

'Kinda,' Harry nodded.

'This is so cool!' Seamus exclaimed.

'Seamus!' Hermione gasped 'Harry is going through a lot right now can't you try to be understanding?'

'Oh yeah, I understand it's just…this is so cool! My mate's King Arthur!'

Hermione rolled her eyes.

'It's alright Herm,' Harry gave a half hearted smile.

'So how much do you remember mate?' Ron asked.

'Everything, from childhood till…the end,' Harry tugged his knees up to his chest.

'What was it like? Dying I mean,' Dean asked.

'Painful,' Harry looked to the floor.

'You boys are hopeless!' Hermione cried 'Harry's all upset over this entire thing and at our first attempt to cheer him up you ask him about death?!'

'Oops, sorry Harry,' Dean spoke regretfully. Harry chuckled.

'It's alright,'

'So all that we just saw…that was your life huh?' Ron asked.

'Yep,' Harry's eyes glazed over a bit and his smile disappeared.

'Man you had it rough,' Seamus shook his head 'Not that you don't also have it rough this time around as well…man! You can't get a break can you,'

'First King and now the saviour, kinda makes you want to become something low standing like a caretaker. You should go ask Filch for his job!' Dean announced

'All that responsibility, man Harry, I'd have jumped off a very large cliff a long time ago if it were me,' Seamus agreed.

'Merlin knew,' Harry said suddenly 'He knew we would be reincarnated…so many things he said make sense now,'

'Yeah, like when he met Lancelot, and Draco asked whether they had to save the world…what kind of an answer is "not in this lifetime" anyway?' Neville asked. At the mention of Draco's names Harry looked down at his feet, and curled his legs up to his chest.

'Speaking of, where is he?' Ron asked Harry 'Thought you two would be having more wild gay sex…not that I'm encouraging it in anyway you know cuz….gross. Just that this seems like one of those I lost you once, never want to loose you again desperate mindless, loving, shag situations right?'

They all looked up at Ron like he had grown a third head. Harry only bit his lip and tugged his legs tighter.

'Man, that sounds like really great sex,' Seamus drooled.

'Yeah Harry, you and Draco go do that and we'll get the popcorn!' Dean announced.

'I-,' Harry tried, he broke off and cast his eyes further down.

'Are you sure you're alright mate?' Ron asked. Harry didn't answer and kept his gaze looked on the floor, his hair hiding his tearful eyes from his friends.

'Harry?' Hermione asked.

'I'm fine, I'm just tired really. So I'm gonna go to bed and I'll talk to you guys in the morning right? Good night,' Harry pulled up his covers and dove back down onto the bed, still keeping his face hidden.

'Yeah alright mate…talk to you later,' Ron got into his own bed.

'See you guys,'

'Bye Hermione,'

Soon the room was pitch black and the boys were snugged into the beds, blissfully unaware of the tears streaming down Harry's face, nor of the aching pain in the boys heart.

By the time the fellows woke up the next morning Harry had disappeared. At first they thought that he'd simply gone down to breakfast early, but he never showed. Not to breakfast, lessons, lunch or dinner. Draco didn't show for anything either. But the Headmaster apparently knew where he was. Harry had just vanished without a trace. Naturally the Gryffindor boys plus Hermione and Blaise all stayed up the majority of that night searching for Harry with no luck. The whole school was buzzing with the news about Harry and Draco. Infamous couple of Hogwarts for so long and now fated soulmates that get to share eternity together? Needless to say it was big stuff. Everyone seemed excited but one particular little group. Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Dean, Neville and Blaise all left potions with miserable looks on their faces…which wasn't anything peculiar, except there was no Harry and Draco trailing along behind them, oblivious to all questions and surroundings, lost in each other and making out like mad.

'See you in the morning my arse,' Ron grumbled.

'Oh leave him alone Ron, he's been through a tough time,' Hermione pointed out.

'No reason to lie and ditch your mates, especially how great a sport I was about the sex thing,' Ron spoke bitterly 'Didn't even puke or nothing,'

'Draco's no different either,' Dean spoke up 'Haven't seen hide or hair of him,'

'No one has,' Blaise spoke 'Won't speak to anyone, not even his mum,'

'Blimey!' Ron gasped 'What a pair of babies,'

'Oh Ronald you've the sympathy of a troll,' Hermione glared.

'Where the heck could he be?' Ron asked 'We've looked for him everywhere, no place in the castle we haven't searched, like he's jumped down some black unkown mystery door or something,'

'RON!' Hermione squealed and they all jumped in surprise 'You brilliant boy!'

'I really, really hate this place,' Ron muttered as he pulled himself out of the tunnel. Before shutting it behind him, being the last.

'Oh shut up and just look for Harry,' Hermione snapped.

'No need,' Dean said and pointed toward the window of the shrieking shack, the one that looked away from Hogsmeade, the one that was torn and slashed, and one that Harry Potter was currently sitting by, looking out through sadly.

'Harry,' Hermione breathed.

He didn't say a word. He didn't even react to suddenly having five Gryffindors come through a whole in the floor. He just kept starring out through the window out into the rainy afternoon. The entire scene seemed so heart wrenching. Like the object Harry was starring at was breaking his heart, right at that moment. Hermione stalked forward with a glare in her eyes.

'Harry James Potter what do you think you're doing! I know you're going through some things, things that we could never begin to understand, but running away isn't going to solve anything. Or do anyone any good,' she lectured.

'I'm not running away,' Harry spoke.

'You're not?' she asked confused 'Than what are you doing here? And why is all your stuff gone?'

'I…just had to go away for a few days. I needed to think…by myself. I just wanted to-,' Harry broke off 'I thought that- that if I could just-…I don't know! I don't know what I thought. I just couldn't face it. I couldn't face what happened, who I was….what I did, I couldn't-can't face him,'

Harry looked finally, over at Hermione

'I couldn't run away. Not from him. I-I don't want to face him, I don't know how, but I never want to leave him. I love him Hermione. I know I always did but- but now… he's a part of my soul and it hurts! It hurts so much,' tears ran down Harry's cheeks, unable to stop or even hide them. 'The way he looked at me after…,'

Hermione knelt down beside him and placed her hand over his.

'I betrayed him Hermione,' Harry spoke 'I use to think I could never harm Draco-Lancelot. Not ever, I thought he would always be something precious to me, that I would treat with care and softness, that I would worship. But I didn't! I locked him up in that place! And I hurt him, I hurt him so much. He was sick and weak, and he was in so much pain. I didn't even tell him why,'

'Harry, you loved him. He knows that. You loved him that's why you did it. You wanted him to be safe, you wanted to protect him,' Hermione pointed out 'He knows that you love him, and why you did it,'

'But not then, he didn't know, he didn't know Hermione!'

'He'll forgive you, he forgave you then and he'll forgive you now. Because he loves you too,' Hermione promised him, trying desperately to give the distraught boy some comfort.

'It was all for nothing, he came anyway,' Harry cried and looked away.

'It wasn't for nothing, you probably saved his life that day,' Hermione assured him.

'When-when I- when I died…,' He broke off and looked to the ground.

'It's okay Harry, it's alright,' Harry suddenly lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Hermione. She hugged him fiercely. Ron watched, so moved and tearful he sobbed out loud and wrapped his arms around his two best friends. They all pulled back sniffling and tears soaked and laughing.

'Thanks guys,' he spoke to all of them.

'Where's Blaise?' Harry asked.

'Trying to talk some sense into that bubble headed blonde of yours. And when I say talk I mean shouting through a locked and charmed door begging for a reply,' Seamus spoke.

'He pulled a disappearing act much like you did,' Dean spoke 'Hasn't talked to anyone,'

Harry nodded.

'That's alright, I'm okay now. I can wait, for as long as I need to. I've got all eternity to wait for him, and it won't be a second wasted,'

Harry and the group walked in for dinner and the entire hall quietened. Hermione took his hand and lead him over to the Gryffindor table, conscious of thousands of eyes starring at them. They all took their seats and began to eat as though nothing was different.

'Hey guys? Why are the parents still here?' Harry asked, as the noise began to return to the hall.

'Well Dumbledore told us about you in front of Ginny and Cho now didn't he? So naturally everyone in the whole bleeding school knows about you and Draco being the reincarnated souls of Arthur and Lancelot,' Ron explained while eating a chicken wing at the same time, yet still remaining fairly articulate 'Anyways, everyone loves the whole star-crossed lovers thing, the parents and families refuse to leave until they see you and Draco together, you know, kinda like they wanna see the ending…sorry about that mate, just imagine all Dumbledore's got with getting them all places to stay in the castle!'

'Oh…um yeah no worries Ron,'

'Harry mate,' Fred and George came over and sat down beside the group.

'Love the play,' George spoke.

'Heaps better than the one you guys sent us,' Fred agreed.

'Made Bill cry it did,'

'Nobodies been able to do that since Charlie broke his Barbie doll in kindergarten,'

'That he somehow had charmed to perform strip teases and pole dances to the male action dolls,'

'Blossomed early our Billy,'

'Was playing healer with the little witches before he could talk properly,'

'More like he just flashed his little soldier at the girls that went passed,'

'Nothings changed much,'

'Just a change of reactions,'

'Hey guys,' Harry greeted 'Nice to see you again too,'

Narcissca entered her and Lucius' rooms warily. After the Malfoy's left Dumbledore's meeting they returned to the guest chambers they were assigned. They opened the bedroom door and had some nasty hexes thrown at them, as well as a few death threats from their son if either of them dared to enter again. So both Lucius and Narcissca slept in their common room, on the couch. With much grumbling and cursing on Lucius' behalf. The man in question was still right where she left him, brooding on the couch. Blaise was seated on a chair just outside Draco's door. Occasionally yelling out to him, to have Draco know that he was still there, and that he wouldn't be leaving until Draco let him in. Narcissca smiled warmly at him, extremely grateful for his efforts. Those two had been friends since childhood, it warmed her heart to know that Draco had a friend that would support him. Especially since so many turned their back on him after he started his relationship with Pott- Harry. Blaise smiled in return, Narcissca walked into their bathroom and out of sight, and he released a sigh in frustration. He stood up and leant his forehead against the door.

'Come on Draco please!' Blaise spoke up 'You know Harry's already back into civilized society. Had a talk to him earlier. Wanted me to tell you a few things…but I ain't gonna. Not unless you open this door,' he waited yet still there was no response from the inside.

'Draco please just open the door and talk to me. I'm worried about you, and it's not good for my image, not to mention how its going to give me wrinkles. Now come on you great big ponce and open the door!'

Blaise took a grip on the handle and leaned his weight onto it, it opened immediately.

'Don't tell me it was unlocked this whole time,' Blaise grumbled and walked in. He shut and locked the door behind him. He walked over the giant bed and jumped onto it. He pulled out the few snacks he brought with them and chucked them at Draco's form under the blankets.

'Thought you might be hungry after being locked up in here for two days,' Blaise shrugged and sat back. Draco raised his head, eyed the food then cautiously up at Blaise, as though it were all a giant trap.

'I promise they're not poisoned Mr Paranoid,'

Draco sat up and snatched the muffins generously offered.

'So are we going to talk or are you just going to look at me with that pathetic look on your face?' Blaise asked. Draco cast his eyes down.

'Fine then I'll do the talking,' Blaise spoke 'Like I said, Potter returned from his mysterious disappearance this afternoon. Heard from the guys that he was a bit shaken up. Hysterical, Ron said. Tearing himself up about how he hurt you with that whole dungeon thing, ranting like some madman,'

Draco looked up at him in shock.

'They managed to calm him down, he seems normal now,' Blaise shrugged.

'Why?' Draco asked 'Why was he upset about that? He knows I forgave him,'

'I guess he just couldn't forgive himself,' Blaise offered 'Besides if your all forgive and forget, how come you've locked yourself in your parents room and won't come out, not even to talk to him?'

'It's not about that,' Draco said looking at the floor 'I love him all the more for what he did. I probably would have done the same…its just…,'

Draco stopped himself and just continued to eat his muffin.

'Alright, alright, I get the point you don't wanna talk about it,' Blaise sighed 'Personally if I was Potter I'd be all paranoid too, wondering why my boyfriend of past and present won't talk to me,'

Blaise watched Draco's reaction carefully before continuing 'I can tell he's worried, but like I said he did give me a message to convey to you. He told me that you shouldn't rush yourself,'

Draco looked at him completely confused.

'He wants you to take your time, to adjust and understand. That he'll wait for you. He doesn't want you to rush out there on his account. So I guess its kind of like, no pressure, do what you need to do kind of thing huh?' Blaise asked. Draco looked down at his muffin, an even deeper sadness conveyed in his eyes. 'He really loves you, you can tell,'

'I know,' Draco spoke 'He's always loved me, I've always loved him,'

'How nauseating,'

'He's a part of my soul,'

'Yeah I know destined to be together for all eternity. Lucky bastards,' Blaise sighed 'Well Potter may be understanding and considerate. But I think you should get your lazy arse out of bed and back into the real world, cause let's face it, I haven't got many friends on account of you. No one else I could really talk to, apart from the Gryffindork brigade,'

'Don't give me that Blaise,' Draco spoke 'You like them just as much as I do,'

'Yeah I guess they're alright…I'm actually kinda getting really attached to our little group,' Blaise sighed.

'Not that we'll ever admit our admirations and respect in public,'

'Oh never,' Blaise grinned suddenly 'Well maybe to one,'

'Merlin help you Blaise, you're smitten over Longbottom,' Draco sighed.

'I can't help it, gotta love the underdog. He's just so damn adorable too…plus…he may look all shy but really when he's all hard and-,'

'Thank-you Blaise that's quite enough!' Draco cut in.

'I don't suppose you're going to tell me what it is that's really bothering you about all this huh?' Blaise asked 'Cause you know Harry's going through the same thing, he's sure to understand,'

'No Blaise, not this, he'll never understand this,'

Four days passed and Draco never showed. The families were beginning to get frustrated, and the castle was over eager for the return of the blond. Harry was becoming increasingly nervous and worried. What could keep Draco this long. What did he have to make a decision about that would take so long to decide? The castle was seated down to dinner when Draco finally emerged. He entered the hall and silence echoed around them. Harry stood up and two looked at each other. Harry with worry and concern, Draco with icy indifference. Draco attempted to ignore him and walk to the Slytherin table where Blaise was seated, when Harry called his name. Draco froze for a moment before continuing to walk to the other side of the hall, ignoring Harry completely. Harry's heart began to panic, what could this mean? Why is Draco doing this? He was so terrified he didn't care that everyone was watching. He ran over the blond and grabbed his hand before the Slytherin could make it to the table.

'Draco! What's wrong?' Harry asked 'Are you alright now? Can we talk?'

Draco kept his gaze down, he didn't even turn around. This was what he had planned, this is what had to happen. No matter how much he didn't want it to. He pulled his arm back from Harry's grasp.

'It's over,' he spoke.


Draco took a deep breath. He needed to do this. In front of everyone, so there's no going back. So that it would be final. So they would both be spared.

'It's over Harry,' Draco spoke 'I can't see you anymore, I can't be your lover, I won't be your lover,' Draco clarified.

'You're joking right? You're not serious?'

'I'm dead serious. Just leave it Harry. It was good, it was-…but it's over. I'm ending it. I'm breaking up with you,'

Harry's heart was sucked into a black empty hole. Tears welled up in his eyes and his fists clenched tight. The entire hall didn't make a sound, didn't move, didn't breath.

'Why?' Harry barely whispered.

'It doesn't matter. All that matters is that we can't be together, I won't be involved with you anymore,' Draco walked toward the table and Harry fell to his knees. He threw up all over the floor, his entire body was shaking, he was crying, he could see spots in his vision, and he felt hot liquid run from his clenched fingers, nails cutting into the flesh of his palm. Harry began to sob and cried out


Draco froze in his path, gaze still forward.

'Draco? You want to end it, I won't stop you, I won't force you. But I want to know why!' Harry begged 'Why, tell me why! Why can't we be together, I know you love me, I'll always love you, why do you want to walk away from that? WHY WON'T YOU LOOK AT ME!'

Draco hung his head, and turned to face Harry, looking at the boy who was suppose to be so strong falling apart in front of him. Shaking and crying. Looking up at him with pleading eyes and trembling lips.

'Is it because of who I am? Because I'm Harry Potter? I don't have to fight Voldermort, we could go away, anywhere I don't care. If it's not, then tell me what it is, please! I need you Draco more than magic, or money or anything,'

Draco said nothing, he could do nothing but look at the boy he loves falling to pieces.

'If it's not that I'll change it! If I'm too needy I'll back off, if I'm too stupid I'll try harder. Is it…because of this whole past life thing? I'm sorry if I ruined that life, if I ruined it for you I'm sorry, Draco I'm so sorry!'

Again Draco said nothing, as if he'd forgotten how to speak.

'Was it…was it because of the dungeon? Draco? Was it because of what I…,' Harry sobbed 'I'm so sorry! I only did it because I love you! I didn't want you to get hurt! Draco- Lancelot, my Lancelot please! I-I know it's because of what I did to you. How I put you in that dungeon, you suffered because of me it's all my fault. You're right…you're right,'

Draco's resolve fell a part. His heart shattered into a million pieces. He fell to his knees, tears running from his eyes.

'No, it's not that Harry- Arthur,' Draco spoke. Harry looked up at him surprised.

'I forgive you- I forgave you as soon as I was taken there, I told you that and I meant it. And it's not because of anything else you said, you're only as needy as I am, and you're anything but stupid,

'Don't ever think that you ruined my life, ever. You made me whole Harry, you…you made me feel so many things in such strengths. I'd never known love before you, I…without you I-. I would have died you for you Arthur. I would die for you still. I would have done it gladly just…,'

Draco covered his face in his hands and cried out in frustration.

'You didn't have to go on…you died Arthur. I watched you die. I held you. The pain… I've never felt... god that pain…I had to go on with that feeling for years. Every day missing you so much it felt worse than…it felt like I was dying, slowly, that each day went past it took something of me with it. I couldn't look back and smile at what we had because it hurt. It hurt so much! And to think that I could go through that again. That I could loose you! I can't loose you Harry, I won't watch the life leave you. At least this way, I know that somewhere you'll be alive, that you're smiling and laughing, and giving someone that look you gave me,' Draco grasped the material of his pants so tight. He was shaking now too, he couldn't stop.

'If you leave now, it will be the same Lancelot,' Harry spoke 'I don't want to live without you. You're right. I died, I had the easy way. I didn't have to spend the rest of my life missing you. But Lanecelot, that's what you're forcing me to feel now, that pain, and it does, it really hurts, I can't bare the thought of loosing you, even if you are alive, and happy. Because you won't be happy with me. And I could never, ever be happy without you,

'I can't promise you I won't die. With the war and Voldermort. It's a good possibility. But as long as I'm with you. I know everything will be okay,'

'You can't know that Harry, and I can't! I can't have you only to lose you like that again,' Draco cried.

'I'm going to die Draco, that's an inevitability, but I want to die having lived my life with you. Being happy and laughing and loving you, it's the greatest feeling I've ever felt. And it's worth it, it's worth the pain at the end isn't it? Isn't that what you said before? That it made you whole?' Harry asked. Draco nodded, sobbing now.

'Well look back then, would you rather have left me back then, and not experienced any of it, left Camelot before everything and not felt any of that pain?'

Draco shook his head and crawled over toward Harry.

He wrapped his arms around the boy and held him so tight. Harry held on as though he'd never let go, not in a thousand years. Draco buried his head in Harry's shoulder and cried it out until there was nothing left to cry for. Harry pulled back and placed his hands carefully cupping Draco's face. He ran his thumbs over the tear tracks and rested their foreheads together.

'When we do die, it won't matter, because we are soul mates Lanecelot, my Draco. We have an eternity together to look forward to,' Harry smiled. Draco smiled back. They both leaned forward and lips met lips, and everything felt right, in place, like it was meant to be.

50 years later

Rain pelted against the window of Malfoy Manor and thunder echoed in the distance. People gathered in the corridor outside the main bedroom. A medi-witch, opened the door and stepped out to join the gathered in the hallway. Blaise Zabini and Hermione Nott stepped forward, greatly changed in the years that had past them, years of joy, sorrow, anger, fear, jealousy and love. The people that had gathered that day didn't need to hear what the medi-witch said to the two of them. It was not a sudden event, this was a time long coming. Amongst the gathered were also Seamus Finnigan and his husband Dean Thomas, Fred and George Weasley, Ron Weasley, his son Harry, Neville Zabini, Severus Snape and his husband Remus Snape. The medi-witch expressed her apologies and sympathies,

'He doesn't have much time, he'll not last longer than a few more hours...,' Hermione covered her mouth and let out a sob. Seamus buried his head in Dean's shoulder, the others hung their heads and fought back their tears. 'He's asked to spend that time with his husband, they wish to be alone now,'

'We understand, we've already said our good-byes,' Blaise nodded and the medi-witch turned and walked down the corridor.

'I never though this day would happen,' Remus spoke 'He's fought on for so long,'

'It was only a matter of time and will,' Severus sniffed 'That boy always was stubborn,'

Some laughs were let out, others throats were too tight, hearts to heavy to bare it.

'Nothing will be the same after this,' Dean spoke up 'I'm gonna miss him something awful,'

Neville burst out into tears and wrapped his arms around his husband.

'Look at us, bloody falling apart,' Ron whipped the tears from his face 'Imagine how things are in there,'

Draco looked out at the rain through the window and thought how appropriate it was, how it suited the mood perfectly. He looked up at his husband of fifty years and managed a half hearted smile. Harry had tears flowing freely down his face, he was pale and he bit his lip, like he always did when he was upset. Draco lay in their bed, extremely pale, darkness under his eyes, far too thin and fragile, his beautiful blonde hair splayed out on the pillow. Harry tried to smile back but failed. Draco's bottom lip trembled, he reached down and clasped Harry's hand in his. They linked their fingers together and gazed at one another. They had been fighting Draco's illness together for the past five years. When they found out that Draco's time was limited Harry quit his job and devoted himself completely to Draco. They spent every moment together, travelling, going to the opera or places they always wanted to visit, or they simply stayed at home, lying in each others arms, talking, or not talking, simply touching each other, taking comfort and giving love. Draco began to get worse two weeks ago, Harry never left his side.

'I can't stand this,' Harry spoke 'I can't stand to have you leave me, I can't…I can't,'

'Well then it's simple, I won't go,' Draco agreed.

'Why must you always do that?' Harry asked sniffing through a choked laugh.

'Turn everything to a joke?' Draco asked 'Because I cannot bare to see you hurting,'

Harry gazed down at his lover, tears uncontrollable, to him Draco was still as beautiful as the first day they met, the first day the kissed, the first day they fitted together so perfectly by the lake, the day they first promised to love each other till death…

'I wish you could, I wish it could stay this way forever, I wish I- I wish I could make you stay,' Harry tried.

'Me too,' Draco spoke and tightened his grip on Harry's hand, his own tears beginning to fall.

'Draco-,' Harry tried 'I don't know if I can…I can't see me going on without you!'

'You have to Harry,' Draco tried 'Please- It's what's keeping me together right now…okay? You gotta promise me Harry, I need to know that you're gonna be okay, that I'm not leaving you when you need me,'

'I'll always need you Draco,' Harry cried 'Draco…Lancelot, I love you, I love you so much,'

'I love you, Harry, Arthur, Scarhead,'

Harry sobbed and turned his face into Draco's hand.

'Are-are you in a lot of pain?' he asked.

'I wish I could say no,' Draco smiled with tears in his eyes.

Harry coughed and his chest shook, he turned his head away as a fit raked through his body, he turned back to Draco and met his love's eyes.

'I remember a time when I thought we were invincible,' Draco smiled.

'You know what I really wish Draco?' Harry asked. 'That we could…we could both go, together. Do you think the lady would let us have that?'

'I hope-,' pain raked through Draco's body, he shut his eyes and cried out. Harry clasped his hand tighter. Eventually the wave past and Draco looked up at Harry desperately, tears soaked his face.

'Harry?' Draco cried 'I want you to…could you bare to…,'

'What is it beloved?' Harry asked.

'Could you…touch me,' Draco asked. They had not made love in many months, Draco's condition was far too fragile. Harry never spoke a word against it, he just pulled Draco close to him, and revelled in the embrace.


'I want feel you, I need to feel you against me, one last time,' Draco pleaded. Harry smiled knowingly. He bent down and the two shared a loving kiss, tongue's sliding against one another ever so gently, worshiping the other. Harry unbuttoned Draco's shirt and ran his hands over pale smooth skin. Draco closed his eyes as Harry began kissing down the man's throat and chest, gently ran his tongue over Draco's nipple.

'Harry,' Draco gasped.

They were both soaring, in complete bliss. They seemed to become one, just by soft touching and caressing, one breath, one thought, one heart. It was entirely too bittersweet. Harry ran his hands and tongue all over Draco's naked body. He slid off his own clothes and pressed their bodies up against one another. So tenderly and gentle. Draco buried his head in Harry's shoulder, they wrapped their arms around each other and lay there clutching at each other fiercely.

'I will look for you,' Harry swore 'I promise that I will. I won't rest until I've found you again,'

'You will, it's our destiny after all, my cursed fate to be stuck with you for eternity,' Draco hugged Harry closer despite his words 'I will wait for you…always,'

'I love you so much Dragon,'

'I Love you, my beloved,'

An hour past and Blaise knocked upon the door to see if Harry was alright, there came no answer. He opened the door, to find the pale lifeless bodies of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy wrapped around one another. Blaise turned to the others, they entered the room and looked at their fondest friends, holding onto one another as though nothing could pull them apart. They smiled to each other through their tears, knowing the two lovers shared their life and their death together, made it a comfort to them. Ron started bawling his eyes out.

'Oh dear,' Hermione grinned through her tears 'I think they're…,'

'Naked?' Blaise gave a small laugh through his sobs and hung onto his Neville.

'More sex!' Ron sunk to the floor wailing. Seamus rested a hand on Ron's shoulder as Dean cried into his neck.

'Don't worry Ron, we might see them in another time. We all have an eternity, and that's a long time in which to meet again.'

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­THE END

A/N: And that's the end. I had to end it with Seamus saying his little say in the end. Just like the first instalment. I really like this ending. It's a really nice idea, of loved ones and families always being together in life and beyond. Plus it leaves the story open for an AU, of what Harry and Draco's new life will be like, will they remember? Will they be enemies again? Will they grow up together? Will they meet up with the others? Will they all get their memories back? Will one always remember? I don't think that I'll write one though. But if someone else would like to write a sequel or something feel free. I'd love to read it. Thanks for all those who review, it means a lot to me. This is the first story I've written where I've actually taken the time to get it how I want and not rush through to the end. So thank-you. This story means a hell of a lot to me. If you ever want to talk to me about the story or the characters, about what you liked and didn't, talk to me by commenting on my livejournal. I'd love to talk to all of you! (my livejournal name is "Katie the sith" with underscores instead of spaces. Love you all dearly. Ta