Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Chapter 1: Going Home.

The 25-year-old Lily Randall loaded the last box into her car and looked back at the apartment that she had called her home for the past seven years. Her seven-year-old daughter, Rose, was hugging her best friend, Michael, goodbye. "Rose, we have to go now," Lily called to her.

Rose shot a disgruntled look at her mother and looked back to Michael. She gave him one last hug and said one last goodbye before turning to her mother and getting in the car.

Lily looked down at the little boy and said, "Bye, Michael."

"Bye, Ms. Randall," he replied sadly.

Lily got into the car and drove off. She looked to her right to see Rose pouting in the passenger seat. "Don't give me that look, young lady," Lily scolded her daughter.

"I still don't see why we have to move," she mumbled.

Lily sighed. "I told you already that it is hard to explain the reason. I just need to move back home."

"But L.A. is our home."

"You will like Roscoe, I promise you. Besides, that's where I grew up."

"I don't think you can make that promise."

"Will you just be a little more open-minded?"

"You weren't open-minded to the idea of staying in L.A."

"You're too smart for your age."

"So you say."

"Nothing was happening for my music there and I feel like I should go back home and try there."

"I still don't get why we had to move."

"Honey, I try to treat you like an equal but I hate when you're being so stubborn. We have to move because I said that we do."

"Whatever." Rose took out her CD player and put on her headphones, drowning out her mother's voice.

Lily thought about millions of things for the next few hours. She thought about Roscoe, why she had never returned or even visited, how she ended up an unwed mother at the age of 25, and why she decided that she was returning home after seven years. Her life had become more complicated than she ever wanted it to be.

Ray had crossed her mind, since he was a factor in almost every one of these thoughts. She hadn't seen him since she moved. Wait a minute… No. She saw him a year after she left. She was giving a producer a tape and when she left the building, there he was. She just brushed him off, like he was nothing but a little bug.

Lily used the palm of her hand to wipe her tears from the corners of her eyes. "Damn you, Ray…"

Rose looked over at her and removed one earphone. "What's wrong, Mom?" She asked.

"Nothing, Sweetie," Lily replied, keeping her eyes on the road.

"Okay." Rose was about to put the headphone back on when Lily said, "Honey…"

"What?" She replied.

"We're here." They drove past the Welcome to Roscoe sign. "Welcome to Roscoe."

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