One Piece: The Crew of the Axe

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The sea. One of the many famous, and unexplored wonders of the world. It covers most of the planet, gives us food, gives us fortune...and it gives us death and thievery. Pirates, one of the most dangerous forms of men and beasts that ever roamed the sea. These men, women, and creatures sail across the vast waters, pillaging, stealing, and killing anyone that gets in their way.

Well not all pirates...


On an island, in a small village, two young girls ran around playing tag while the adults went about doing their chores or trading. One girl had green eyes and dark blonde hair while her twin had dark brown hair and dark greenish/blue eyes. The latter had a book in her hands and she was teasing the girl that was chasing her.

"Kyra! That's my book, give it back!" the blonde girl pleaded. The dark haired girl, Kyra, stuck her tongue out as she ran, "No way, Kirsty! My book now!" she giggled. Her sister, Kirsty, growled and leapt into the air. "Eh?" Kyra murmured right before Kirsty tackled her to the dirt. Kirsty grabbed her book and held it close to her, "Don't take what isn't yours, Kyra! What are you, a pirate?" she asked, glaring at her.

Her sister shoved her off and rubbed her back, "It's just a medical book...I don't see why you're so damn interested in looking at people's insides," she muttered. Kirsty stuck her tongue out, "Because I wanna help people get better when I'm older...I mean the village already has an old doctor...and Lord knows when he's gonna pass on," she explained.

They both sat on the edge of a small cliff nearby, legs dangling over as they gazed out towards the glittering blue beauty. "...sorry 'bout calling you a pirate," Kirsty said quietly. Kyra smiled, "No worries...actually, I've been planning on becoming one!". Her sister turned and looked at her in disbelief, "Please tell me you're not serious!" she said in a shocked tone. Kyra nodded, "Yep, as serious as a heart attack, sis. When I become of age, I'm getting on the first boat outta here, gettin' myself a crew, and make a name for myself! Wanna join?".

Kirsty shook her head, "No! Kyra, pirates are nothing but cold-blooded people that leave death and destruction in their footsteps! Why on earth do you wanna be one?" she asked, still stunned. Kyra shrugged, "Cuz it's cool. Get to see the world, have adventures, and get an assload of gold and jewels in the process!" she cried, pumping her fist into the air. Kirsty frowned, "You could do that in the Navy...," she offered.

The dark haired girl shook her head, "No not gotta follow all these rules and stuff and know me!". Sadly, Kirsty knew her sister very well. While Kirsty was someone who cared mainly for other people and tried to help out as much as she could, Kyra was the complete opposite. She usually stole from people (though she never admitted it), she lied constantly, and had gotten into more fights than all the boys of the village combined.

"You're an odd know that, Kyra?" Kirsty asked, sighing. Kyra chuckled and put her arm around her sister's shoulder, "Damn straight!" she said laughing her head off.


That night, while Kyra and Kirsty slept peacefully in their homes...something dark was heading towards their village. A large ship, with sails that had large crossbones painted onto them, made its way silently onto the beach. As the anchor dropped, dozens of figures left the ship, weapons in hand. One of the figures turned to one figure wearing a black cape and a hat, "What're yer orders, Cap'n?". The captain chuckled and pulled out a long blade, "Kill all...and take as much as you can carry!".

It was the screams that woke the twin sisters from their slumber. Kirsty shot straight up, scared out of her mind while Kyra peeked out her window. "What is it? What's going on?" her sister asked worriedly. She could see Kyra's eyes grow dark and sharp, "Pirates...," she hissed. Kirsty felt her heart jump into her throat, "That's not funny...,".

Kyra turned and glared at her, "You think I'd be kidding about pirates?" she snapped. Kirsty gulped, knowing that she wouldn't joke about that topic, "Well...what do we do?" she whispered. Her sister looked once more out the window to see flames erupt from nearby houses, "We need to hide...,".

The two of them slowly made their way downstairs, quietly as possible. "You think they'd come here?" Kirsty asked. Her sister shrugged, "Hard to tell...they usually come after all the buildings to loot what they can," she said in a hushed voice. The front door burst open, and the twin sisters ducked behind the flight of stairs they had just come down. They watched as three pirates, covered in blood and their blades dripping with it entered the dark home and looked around.

"This place is abandoned...let's try somewhere else," one of them growled. The second nodded, "Yeah...this ain't worth our time," he agreed. The third one looked around and slowly sighed, joining into the agreement and the trio turned to leave. Kirsty sighed silently, but dropped the medical book she carried from downstairs.

Kyra snapped her head to look over the side of the stairs, hoping that the intruders didn't hear the dull noise the book made when it hit the floor. Unlucky for the both of them, the three pirates did hear the noise and stopped in their tracks. "Looks like we were the place," the third one ordered.

The two sisters watched as the pirates stalked around the home, ripping everything open in search of loot. "Kyra...," Kirsty whimpered. Her sister clamped a hand over her mouth and pulled her into the shadows of the stairs. The biggest of the trio came to a desk and yanked open a drawer and pulled out a large, finely wrapped package. "Oy! Check this out!" he barked to the other two. The twins peered through the darkness and watched as the pirate ripped open the package.

While the wrapping fluttered to the floor, the pirates held up four beautifully ornate Sai. Two were gold, the other black. "Mom and Dad's weapons...why were they wrapped? Kirsty wondered as the pirates twirled them around. "Woo boy! Looks like we hit it the mother lode, boys! The cap'n is gonna love us for this!" the big one said gleefully.


The trio of intruders turned around to see a very mad looking Kyra, crouched with her fists in front of her, "Drop the goods and you may live...," she threatened. The pirates looked at her and laughed, "Oh...a little lass! She thinks she can take on all of us huh? Give us your best shot, girly!" the first one challenged.

Kyra grinned evilly and cracked her knuckles, "Bring it on, loser!". She ran towards the first one and leapt over him, executing a roundhouse kick to his head in the process. With a groan, the pirate fell over in a slump onto the floor. Kirsty's eyes widened I didn't know she could do THAT. Her sister turned to the other two and shuffled her feet around, like a boxer in the ring, "Anyone else?" she asked, giggling.

The biggest pirate dropped the Sai and the remaining pirate moved away to make room. He let out a roar of fury and brought his huge fist down on her. "All brawn and no brains...," Kyra muttered as she easily dove out and under him. "Huh?" her opponent slowly turned around, trying to catch sight of her again. When she came into view, Kyra was holding the pair of black Sai, grinning from ear to ear.

"Down boy!" she laughed as she kicked the large man in the groin. He gasped in pain and fell to his knees, holding his now sore area. She took this opportunity and placed the sai in a cross formation against his neck, "You lose!" she smirked as she cut the pirates throat. Kirsty watched in amazement and horror as her own sister killed someone.

Kyra whirled the Sai around, flinging blood onto the walls and looked around for the last one. "C'mon out, big bad pirate...," she taunted. Kirsty looked around, and after not seeing a thing, she crept out from the shadows. "I can't believe you just killed someone in cold blood, Kyra!" she scolded. Her sister shrugged, "Hey, it wasn't cold was self defense," she protested.

"That's right...what I'm about to do will be in cold blood," a cold voice said.

The two of them turned to face a figure in a cape near the front door, a large sword in it's hand. "You've managed to take down some of my best men, girl...I must've got potential," it hissed, slowly advancing towards them. The twins backed away, terrified of the new person. Sure the first three were scary, but this one seemed to give off an aura that would send the toughest man into a state of utmost terror.

"Kirsty...I want get out of here," Kyra ordered. Kirsty looked at her, "Forget it! I'm not leaving you here!" she yelled. Kyra glared at her, the dark look appearing again in her eyes, "Do it! I'll distract this creep and you can make your way to the door!" she whispered as the pirate captain came closer. Before Kirsty could protest, Kyra went off to the side, Sai gripped tightly, "Come get some...,".

The figure turned and started walking to her and Kirsty took this chance to escape. She ran as fast as she could to the door, but she wasn't fast enough. As though sensing exactly where'd she be, the pirate captain spun around, slashing her deep across the back, sending blood flying everywhere. The blonde girl stumbled, feeling the blood pour out of her wound.

As she hit the floor, she heard Kyra screaming at the top of her lungs. Her vision began to grow dark as she heard the her sister's Sai clang loudly against the captain's fearsome blade. Soon, she was bleeding and dying.


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