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The town of Pahrump, just sixty-three miles northwest of Las Vegas, is a fast-growing town. The town has a country-like atmoshere with clean air, good water, and plenty of friendly people to call neighbor. Life here is a lot more slowly paced than in Las Vegas, yet close enough that the residents can visit during weekend or holiday outings by car or bus.

Inside the precinct which serves as the Nye County Sheriff's Department's base of operations for Pahrump, a deputy is entering a scanned fingerprint into the database system. The precinct is small, so the deputies had heard of the horrific crimes which the suspect was accused of.

"Here we go," he says. "Let's see what we come up with."

As the system searches fingerprint databases across the nation, the deupty can only think of watching a nice football game when he gets home. He lives not far from the precinct, in fact he only lives a few blocks away.

He then takes a glance at the screen, which shows a hit.

"So he's a Marine," says the deputy.