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Pit Stop

The music is what first got my attention. He pulled up next to me in the parking lot, Pink Floyd blaring out of his speakers. Not many people I know really listen to Pink Floyd. Sure, they all know of him and if I asked they'd be all "Oh, yeah. Pink Floyd is awesome." But ask them to name some songs and they're lucky to get past Dark Side of the Moon, and The Wall. But he was actually blaring it, which made me look over at him. My eyes roamed appreciatively over the car before focusing through the open passenger window on the driver. That's when my eyes got stuck and I couldn't look away. Not only did he listen to good music and drive a cool car, but he was drop-dead gorgeous. I swear my heart skipped a beat and I forgot to breathe for a second. This must be love. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little bit, but damn, he was hot, sitting there all relaxed in his car, occasionally mouthing some of the words.

Suddenly, he looked over at me, probably feeling the weight of my stare. I'm not one for blushing, but I must have turned a little red as I quickly looked away, pretending to be preoccupied with pulling a map out of my glove box. Which is why I stopped at this gas station, really, to get my bearings on this god-forsaken impromptu road trip. I hurriedly unfold the unnecessarily confusing guide and search for the blip that is this town I'm driving through. When I think it's safe, I sneak a glance back over at the Pink Floyd guy. He's returned his attention to the music, his hand tapping the rhythm on the window frame as he leans back in his chair. I quickly remind myself that I don't have a shot in hell with guys like that. They're way out of my league. He could have his pick of girls much prettier than I am. Besides, I don't even know him. In a few seconds, he'll pull out and drive out of my life forever. It's not like this moment is meaningful. I'm just letting myself get distracted again. Then again, who wouldn't be distracted with personified hotness in the car next to them?

My mental dispute is interrupted by another young guy walking out of the gas station and over to the car, momentarily blocking my view of the eye candy and making me resent him immensely for it even though I don't even know him.

"About time, Sammy!" hot guy yells over the music.

"What?" better door than a window yells back.

He opens the door and slides into the passenger seat as hot guy shakes his head in frustration and reluctantly turns down the volume.

"I said, what the hell took so long?" he says, "And why are you coming back here empty-handed? I specifically requested junk food."

"Yeah, well. Get it yourself. The guy in there is creepy as hell."

"Don't tell me another hillbilly hit on you."

"Just shut up."

"Did you at least find out about this house?"

"Why don't you go talk to him, Dean?" Sammy asks angrily, but I perk up as my eavesdropping pays off. Hot guy has a name.

"Nah. I'm sure I'm not his type." Dean replies with a cool grin.

I can't help, but smirk myself at his answer. Good one.

"Can we just go? Please?" Sammy whines.

"Whatever, Sam." Dean says, leaning forward and putting his car in reverse.

I give up all pretense of looking at the map as his car starts to pull away.

"Hey, Sam. You ever see Deliverance?" Dean asks as his car pulls around mine.

"Go to hell, Dean." Sam snaps.

Just before the car drives off I hear Dean break into an imitation of Dueling Banjos. I smile, giving a short laugh, that turns into a kind of sigh as I see the black car pull out onto the road in my rearview mirror.

I glance heavenward.

"God, if you're up there and you exist and all, can I have one of those, please?"