Written by my brother, Kakuri-nii-chan. He's only seven. Please, don't tease him.

Disclaimer: Me and my brother don't own Fruits Basket. If we did, there would be lots of crossovers, explosions, partial nudity, gay sex and no woman. Do you think we own it?

Once, YuGiOh saw Inuyasha. He didn't like Inuyasha though, so he blew up his master deck. Inuyasha cried.

Then another time, Yuki saw a gorilla. It ate him. Then Kyo came along and laughed, because the gorilla was his friend. Yuki cried.

Then YuGiOh and Kagome came along and saw Kyo laughing, so they threw a stick at him. He cried. Then, Inuyasha ran away with Kagura, who happened to be standing there at the time.

Then Shippo saw a gorilla with a Yuki voice.

"Help" He said, "I am being eaten. Maybe I will get sticky"

But Shippo just laughed and blew up Yuki's master deck.

Then, Shigure did a dance and got drunk.

Yuki then lived and blew up the world.

Which came back again.


He re wrote chapter one because I told him I didn't save it.

He re wrote it all, actually.

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