Not Just a Date.

"Just get the bad guy and let's get home. I'm tired and we have homework to do." Yawned Sam.

Danny sucked Klemper into the thermos and changed into Danny Fenton. He walked beside his two friends towards his house to do homework. It was Friday night and Sam and Tucker were sleeping over Danny's house. They decided to do their project first. They finished it quite quickly, to their surprise.

"Kids, teas ready!" called out Maddie.

"Coming mom!"

Danny, Sam and Tucker raced down the stairs to eat. They were starving. Sam was happy that Maddie acknowledged her right as a vegetarian and gave her pasta. The other five had chicken pasta. They ate their dinner quickly and raced off upstairs to play on Danny's X-box. It was the normal weekend of no sleep, ghost hunting and fun.

Monday Before School:

"Danny, hurry up or you'll be late for school!" Maddie called out to her son.

She didn't know that he wasn't actually in his room. Suddenly, he ran through the front door and grabbed an apple.

"Danny, how did you get outside? Have you been climbing out of your window again?" asked Maddie.

"Uh, I was outside before." Stuttered Danny.

"Well, have a fun day at school." Maddie waved as he walked out of the door.

When he was gone she sighed. Her son was slipping away from her, more and more every moment she spent with him. Coming home with bruises and scratches, rushing about not telling her where he was going and suddenly appearing at the front door when he was in his room before. Surely her son was hiding something, why wouldn't he tell her?

"Hey Danny, we thought you wouldn't make it in time." Tucker said as Danny caught up with him.

"I almost didn't." puffed Danny.

"Hey Danny." Sam brushed dirt off his back and then blushed.

Danny blushed and looked away. Tucker laughed. He had always thought those two were in love but he didn't know the truth.

Danny: YEH… I have come rushing here to interrupt the story and tell you the truth. Anyway, the reason Sam and I blush a lot is because when we first met, we had a secret affair. We were going to tell others but it didn't work out. We didn't want it to get in the way of our friendship so we have just forgotten about it. I don't feel that way about her and she doesn't feel that way about me. Well, now that you know, I better let Kirstyn write the rest of the story. See you guys later!

They arrived at the school about a minute later. For once, they were at school just as the bell rang. They quickly got their books out of their lockers and ran to English with Mr. Lancer.

"On time, for once... now, take a seat, we have a new student today." Lancer announced.

Tucker, Sam and Danny exchanged glances. They took a seat in a row of four. The seat next to Danny was empty and Danny just knew that the new kid would have to sit there. He was kind of hoping she was hot. If it was a girl, that is.

"Attention! Now, today we have a new student. Class, this is Kelly Stager. Kelly, would you like to tell the class about you?" asked lancer.

"Um, alright then. Hi, my name is Kelly. I moved here from Wisconsin with my mom, my dad and my older brother. Uh… I have heard there are a lot of ghosts here, my parents love hunting them. That's why we moved here." Explained Kelly.

"Fenturd, looks like you have yourself a geeky friend." Whispered Dash.

"Shut it." Danny whispered back to him.

"Would you like to take a seat next to Mr. Fenton?" asked Lancer.

"Sure." She muttered and Danny stuck his hand up.

She walked over to her desk and sat down. She set her books up and wasn't paying much attention to Lancer talk about the great poems in the world. To tell the truth, she found them extremely boring.

"Hey, I'm Danny, this is Tucker and that is Sam." Danny said.

"Hey." She answered.

Lunch Time At Casper High:

It was lunchtime and Danny, Sam and Tucker were sitting at the usual table, eating the usual lunch. It was then that Kelly stepped into the cafeteria with her lunch. She saw Danny and walked over to them .

"Hi, can I sit here?" asked Kelly.

"Sure." Danny said, moving over.

Danny liked the new girl. He really liked her, a lot, if you catch my drift. He was falling in love with her and she seemed to be falling in love with him. Suddenly, a blue mist came out of Danny's mouth. Sam and Tucker were watching Kelly and saw a blue mist come out of her mouth. They looked over at Danny and saw he had noticed his own ghost sense.

"Guys, I kinda have to go…" muttered Kelly, running for the toilets.

"Danny, can we see you for a minute?" asked Sam.

"But, there's a gho…" Danny said.

"SIT DOWN!" yelled Sam.

"Alright, what?" asked Danny.

"Did you notice anything weird about Kelly?" asked Sam.

"No, did you?" asked Danny.

"Dude, she's a ghost. We saw her ghost sense." Explained Tucker.

"Impossible, I bet you guys are seeing things, I have to go." Danny ran into the boys toilets and went ghost.

Tucker and Sam looked at each other and couldn't wait til he found out so they could tease him about it.

Danny flew to where the ghost was.

"Oh, it's only you Klemper." Sighed Danny.

"GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!" yelled a girl ghost.

"Sure, stay out of the way though. Klemper, want to be my friend?" asked Danny.

Klemper ran up to Danny with open arms. Danny dodged the hug quit easily and got out his Thermos. He sucked the needy ghost inside and shook it up, just to annoy him.

"Gee, thanks." Thanked the other ghost.

"I see you're new. Hi, I'm Danny Phantom and you are?" asked Danny.

"Oh, sorry. Hey, I'm Kelly-Go-Boom. Well, that's my ghost name." laughed Kelly.

"Ha! I love you're name. So, you aren't trying to attack me?" asked Danny.

"No, why? Do most ghosts attack you? Are you evil?" Kelly asked Danny.

"In order; normally ghosts hate me because I'm a one of a kind, they either want me to join them, hang my pelt on their wall or destroy me. And no, I'm not evil; I protect this town, even if they don't notice it." Danny explained.

"What do you mean by one of a kind?" asked Kelly.

"You don't know what I am?" asked Danny.

"Yeah, you're a ghost, right?" asked Kelly.

"Oh my gosh, you're the first one who doesn't know!" laughed Danny.

"What aren't you telling me?" She asked.

"I'm a halfa." Danny said.

"Halfa? Is that where you are ghost AND human?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, how'd you guess?" He asked

"Oh, I'm one too." sighed Kelly.

"Really? Who are you?" Danny asked her.

"Why should I trust you?" Kelly asked Danny.

"Hmm, I just saved you butt, I'm a halfa too, I haven't told anyone and I would tell you who I am. But you don't HAVE to trust me, I understand." Danny told her.

"Fine, I will show you." She mumbled and two rings appeared around her waist.

They revealed her human form. Danny was embarrassed. Tucker and Sam knew and he didn't believe them, they would totally never let him forget.

"Hey, they were right!" laughed Danny.

"Who? Who know about me?" asked Kelly.

"Oh, just Sam, Tucker and I." muttered Danny.

"How… how did they know?" asked Kelly.

"Well, let me see. They are best friends with a half ghost, they help him fight ghosts all the time and did I mention, they are best friends with a half ghost. They aren't blind, they know what a ghost sense is. They know the excuses." Danny told her.

"But Danny is… you're Danny Fenton, aren't you?" asked Kelly.

"Wow, it took Jazz longer to figure it out, lucky guess. I guess I kinda hinted too big, seeing as I said something about me being their best friend." Danny laughed.

Danny landed on the roof with a quite loud THUD! The blue rings appeared around Danny's waist and Danny Phantom turned into Danny Fenton.

"Danny Fenton! I should have guessed it. You two look awfully familiar." She blushed.

"Kelly, I really like you, I was wondering if you would… if you would… if you… IF YOU WOULD BE MY GIRLFRIEND?" asked Danny.

"I'd love too." She smiled and they walked back into the cafeteria.

"Oh my gosh, you guys are totally not as blind as I expected you to be. I'm sorry, please just let me forget it." Danny said to Sam and Tucker.

"Gee tuck, we are better than we thought." Sighed Sam.

"DANNY! DANNY! There's a…" Jazz ran over to him yelling.

"What Jazz?" asked Danny.

"Oh, hi, I'm Jazz." Jazz greeted Kelly.

"Hi, I'm Kelly, you must be Danny's sister." She smiled politely.

"Danny, there's something in the hallway." Jazz whispered.

"Ghost?" asked Danny.

"NOT TOO LOUD! Yeah." Whispered Jazz.

"Settle Jazz, she knows." Danny told her.


"Hey, she's my girlfriend. Settle, she's a halfa too." He whispered.

"Oh…" she muttered.

Jazz looked at her as Kelly sat down opposite from Sam and Tucker. She forgot what she was talking to Danny about until he rushed over to Kelly.

"Sorry to interrupt but Kelly, we are needed. In the hallway, we have a date with a ghost." Danny told her.

"Oh, I get you. We will be back soon." Kelly and Danny ran off.

They ran outside and changed behind a tree. It was kind of weird seeing your girlfriend or boyfriend turn into a half ghost. They flew into the hallway, invisible. They saw the other ghost and Danny recognised him instantly.

"So, who's he meant to be?" asked Kelly.

"Oh, I thought you came from Wisconsin." Whispered Danny.

"Yeah, but I never saw him around. Come to think of it, my family came here because the ghosts were all coming here. See, they know about my powers." Kelly whispered to Danny.

"Ah, Daniel, I know you are around here somewhere." The ghost called out.

"Who's Daniel?" asked Kelly.

"That's what he calls me, he's a halfa too. Pretend your not a halfa and you know him. His name is Vlad Plasmius and Vlad Masters." Danny informed her.

"Ok." She muttered.

"Daniel, come out now!" called Plasmius.

"Hi Vlad, want to meet a friend?" asked Danny.

"Come on Daniel, I know all your lame friends." Moaned Vlad.

"One thing; they are not lame and secondly; you don't know her." he informed Vlad.

"Whatever. I have come to make a deal with you, want to join me? It will be so much fun!" Vlad tried to convince Danny but it didn't work.

"Um, no thanks old man. I think you need a cat, your like totally hanging onto me." Danny laughed.

"Very well, I will have to beat it out of you." Yelled Vlad.

"Hold it old man, no one hurts MY boyfriend!" yelled Kelly.

"Oh, and who are you?" asked Vlad.

"I'm Danny's girlfriend, Kelly. Well, my full name is Kelly-Go-Boom but who cares. KGB for short." She said.

"And what, you are meant to be a threat? Do you even KNOW what Danny is?" asked Vlad.

"Yeah, I even know what you are, Vlad Masters." She said, confidently.

"Please, don't tell anyone, I give up!" begged Vlad.

"Alright, don't tell anyone about Danny and I and we have a deal." She offered.

"Fine, I wont tell anyone about your relationship." And with that, Vlad was gone.

"I didn't mean the relationship, but who cares?" Kelly said aloud.

Danny smiled at Kelly and knew what she meant. They were about to change back when someone came running up to them.

"INVISO-BILL! INVISO-BILL!" cried Paulina.

"Ugh, I need a publicist. Please, call me Danny Phantom. What would you like Paulina?" asked Danny.

"You are SO cool! By the way, who is she?" asked Paulina.

"Uh, thanks… I think. Who?" Danny asked, forgetting.

"Her, the one with the K on her chest." Paulina pointed to Kelly.

"I'm KGB." Answered Kelly.

"Danny Phantom will you be my boyfriend?" asked Paulina.

"Uh… Paulina, I already have a girlfriend." Danny told her.

"WHAT? WHO?" asked Paulina.

The bell went and people started to walk down the hall. Danny saw them so he and Kelly disappeared out of sight. They changed into humans and ran to their next class. They were done all their classes. Luckily, they both had science. It was so boring so Kelly had a little chat with Danny.

"So, Danny, do your parents know?" asked Kelly.

"What? Oh, nah, they don't have a clue. They are ghost hunters." He whispered.

"Same, except they only became ghost hunters when I told them. They promised not to tell anyone though. They were with me when I fell into the sewer and got blasted with ectoplasmic energy. Ever since they have been helping me hunt ghosts." Explained Kelly.

"Nice…" muttered Danny.

"Okay class, I want you to have those reports in by Thursday, plenty of time. Since you all have been doing good, I am going to let you go early for a change." Announced their science teacher.

The class packed their books away and headed home. Kelly decided to ask Danny over for tea.

"Hey, Danny! Wait up!" Kelly called out to him as she watched him heading for an alley.

Danny turned around and waited until Kelly caught up with him.

"So, do you always fly home?" asked Kelly.

"Sometimes, sometimes I don't." answered Danny, smiling.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over for tea?" asked Kelly.

"Sure, I'd love too." Danny and Kelly transformed and Kelly showed Danny the way to her house.

"So, how did you become a ghost?" Kelly asked Danny.

"Oh, my parents built a portal that was meant to go into a different dimension, the ghost zone. It didn't work at first and I showed Sam and Tucker. Sam convinced me in going inside and my hand must've slipped because next thing I knew, I was falling to the ground and into darkness. I woke up and Sam and Tucker screamed. Luckily my parents and sister weren't home and no one heard. I looked in a mirror and noticed I was half ghost…" Danny explained.

"Wow, that's amazing!" giggled Kelly.

They landed in an alley near Kelly's house and changed back into humans. They entered the house to find two adults, dressed normally. They were cooking something for tea.

"Hey mom, hey dad, this is Danny. He is staying for tea." Kelly kissed her mom and dad on the cheek.

"Hey Kelly, hey Danny! Kelly how was your day?" asked Kelly's mom.

"Pretty good, I made friends with some nice people. Although there were a few ghosts…" Kelly was cut off by her mother.

"Kelly, not in front of him!" she whispered.

"Danny, can I tell them?" Kelly asked, quietly.

Danny nodded and hoped that they could also keep his secret.

"Well, Danny knows what and who I am." Said Kelly, looking at her parents shocked faces.

"YOU TOLD?" they both asked, quite loudly.

"No, he found out…" Kelly told them.

"Danny, please keep our daughters secret!" begged her father.

"Don't worry; I can keep her secret if she keeps mine." He ensured them.

"It can't be as big as Kelly's secret." Laughed her mom.

"Well, no, it isn't. It's bigger." Danny told them.

"Well, can we know?" asked her father.

"Sure, just don't tell my parents." Danny transformed into Danny Phantom.

"You're half ghost too? How can this secret be bigger?" asked her father.

"Well, I'm not just any ghost. I'm ghost public enemy number one. Even though I try to do well, people see it as bad. Ghosts hunt me, humans hunt me, I'm not safe ANYWHERE! Well, some places I am safe. Only my sister, Kelly, Sam and Tucker know. I don't know what my parents would do if I told them I was the ghost boy they hunted and hated…" Danny explained.

"We promise we won't tell. If we can keep Kelly's secret, we can keep yours." Her mother said truthfully.

"Thanks." Danny thanked them and followed Kelly upstairs.

He didn't realise he was still in his ghost form when they went up. Kelly's older brother walked out of his room at the moment Danny floated upstairs.

"Whoa Kelly, leave the ghosts in the ghost zone!" laughed her brother.

"TIMOTHY! He is not an ordinary ghost, show him Danny." Kelly yelled.

"Um, okay…" muttered Danny, realising he was still in ghost mode.

The rings appeared travelling up and down his body, revealing an average 15 year old boy.

"Oh, so you're like her?" Timothy asked.

"Yeah, but don't tell anyone!" Danny pleaded.

"Sure, whatever. I'm going to Moe's." Timothy walked downstairs and out of the door.

"Don't worry, he won't tell anyone. Who's Moe?" asked Kelly.

"I think he dated Jazz once…" mumbled Danny.

"Want to go for a fly around town, check for ghosts?" asked Kelly.

"Sure, it might be fun with another ghost." smiled Danny.

They transformed and flew off. People started to point and look at them. They didn't mind and actually like flying around in the sky. It was fun until Danny got shot down.


"Yeah, just a hit, probably my parents." He muttered.

"Are you sure? They look like mad scientists." Kelly sounded confused.

"Yep, that's them." he laughed.

"Give up ghost boy and girl, we have you now!" yelled Maddie.

"Um, no you don't, KGB and I are leaving!" yelled Danny, flying off.


"Duh, I'll see you at breakfast, or after tea." Danny muttered.