Not the End but Still the End.

Keira and Fiona were watching the fight and had bet ten dollars that Danny would win. They were right and got back twenty dollars which they spent on ice cream. They were worried about Danny but the news lady said that the rescue workers were going to get him out. The started to lick their ice creams when their world also went dizzy and started spinning around. They closed their eyes and opened them up when it stopped. They took in their surroundings and noticed that they were in some sort of tower.

Maddie, Jack, Valerie, Sam, Tucker and Jazz:

Jazz ran up onto the stage and went to see if her family was okay. They had just woken up and were looking around.

"Did we win?" asked Maddie.

"Yeah, but they could find out Danny's secret if they manage to drill a hole through the stage." Jazz told them.

"We need to stop them or get to him before they do!" Sam cried out.

They got up and noticed that the world started to spin and they were spinning with it. They saw spots and green and suddenly it all slowed down. They found them in a tower which was familiar to Sam and Tucker but the rest hadn't been there before.

"Clockwork…" whispered Tucker.


Danny opened his eyes and saw a little hole on the stage on top of him. He heard people talking on top of him and slowly figured out that they were going to rescue him. He quickly transformed and was about to get up when pain shot through his head once again. He could hear that the voices were now squeaking and he couldn't concentrate.

He found himself in an open space and recognised it instantly. It was clockwork's time tower. He got up and saw a few faces that he also recognised instantly. They looked at him and now their faces lit up. They ran over to him and hugged him, all except for Valerie.

"Thank you so much Danny, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have a secret anymore." Kelly thanked him.

"Guys, a little TOO tight." Danny choked.

They backed off a little bit and then started to speak.

"I'm so glad you're okay!" cried Maddie.

"I was scared we lost you and the rescue workers would find out who you are!" cried Jazz.

Everyone all had their chance to talk to Danny, all except Valerie who was sitting in a corner, crying uncontrollably. No one noticed her and that wasn't the reason that she was upset. She was glad no one noticed that she was crying because she didn't want to look like a little cry baby.

Clockwork suddenly appeared in front of everyone except for Valerie. He noticed her but didn't want to draw attention to her, he knew what would happen if he did.\

"Hello all! I have brought you here because I thought you needed a little bit of a break to sort things out or something. I am really proud of you Danny, I couldn't have done better myself. I knew you could do it if you set your mind on it. Would you care to take a peak at your future? It has changed quite a bit." Clockwork offered.

"No thanks, I want to be surprised." Danny told him.

"I like your decision, that way no one could mess it up." Laughed clockwork.

He was right, no ONE could mess it up, but what about a couple of hundred ghosts? This was one thing clockwork didn't know, or expect. But it may not happen, Danny could once again make sure nothing happened.

"So, what happened to that other ghost?" asked Fiona.

Danny pointed to a window and everyone in the room ran over to it, except for Valerie. They saw Plasmius in a cage, floating around the ghost zone.


"HEY! DON'T DISS ANIMALS!" yelled Sam.

"I reckon he deserved the cage." Laughed Danny.

"Normally I oppose these things but in this case, he should STAY in the cage forever." Sam said.

Everyone agreed to this.

"It's time for you to go home now, have fun and try and stay out of trouble unless it is meant to happen!" clockwork advised.

This time they didn't go dizzy or anything, they just found themselves in the Fenton's house. Fiona and Keira were the only ones who had never been inside before.

"Well, I better send all you guys home." Danny sighed.

"Don't bother, they can stay for a while. Hmm, I wonder if Danny got up this morning." Said Maddie.

Everyone laughed at that and looked at the time. It was 1:13pm.

"Well, I better head off, see you kids later!" Danny said.

He disappeared from human eye sight and went up into his room. He transformed and sat on his bed, wondering what to do.

"I better be going too, I have to uh… buy something from the ghost zone mall." Kelly excused herself and joined Danny.

She sat on his bed with him and transformed. They decided that to look like they had been there all day they would put on a movie and some headphones so it made no noise. They fast forwarded the movie until it was halfway through and Maddie and everyone walked through the door.

They looked at them and Kelly and Danny took off the headphones.

"Hey! Did you have fun today?" asked Danny.

He winked and only his friends, family and Valerie realised. Valerie ran downstairs, crying. Danny looked out the window and saw her running off, still crying. What was up with her, he didn't know.

"You will never believe what happened today…"

The End.

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